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Why a Watch Is Still a Classic Retirement Gift

Posted on 06/29/14
retirement watchesWatches may seem old-school because they are, and in many cases, that's a good thing.

For generations, companies have given watches to employees - particularly at retirement- to symbolize the many years spent with an employer. Although this is becoming less and less common, it used to be the norm for employees to remain with the same employers for their entire careers. When they retired, the gift of a quality timepiece represented the individual's hard work with top-notch craftsmanship while acknowledging the passage of time.

Why Classic Timepieces Haven't Gone out of Style

With the introduction of clocks to almost every room in a home or office - from computer screens to landline phones to mobile phones - you might think the traditional watch would go out of style. Surprisingly, it hasn't. People still wear watches for many reasons, including:

  • Sentimental value. Perhaps a watch was a gift from a family member or employer, or the individual purchased it with earnings from their first big sale. Whatever the reason, a quality watch can signify more than timekeeping.
  • Convenience. Not everyone chooses to carry a mobile phone with them everywhere, and when they find themselves in a room without a clock, a watch can be a lifesaver.
  • Style. For many people, a watch is an essential accessory or a status symbol, without which their wrist would feel bare.

Occasions for Giving a Timepiece

Considering the many reasons people still wear and treasure watches, employers should not hesitate to present distinctive timepieces to their valued staff members. Their wearability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal make them a special gift for numerous occasions, including:

  • Retirement. Call them "throwbacks" if you will, but we think employers should stick to the classy, traditional gesture of giving out watches at the end of a valued employee's tenure.
  • Milestones. Some individuals can make a significant impact on an organization in 5, 10, or more years. Why wait for retirement when you can demonstrate appreciation now?
  • Special achievements. Employees of the year, top sellers, superlative leaders, and other high performers may also merit the gift of a timeless timepiece.

When it comes to recognizing the loyalty and accomplishments of your staff, watches are a gift that aptly reflects the gravity of their contributions and your regard for them. As you consider items to present at your next employee recognition event, retirement party, or other office occasion, don't hesitate to choose the traditional timepiece.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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