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Why People Still Love Handwritten Letters

Posted on 07/08/14
WritingWhen was the last time you received a handwritten note? If you can't remember, don't be surprised. With the advent of electronic communications like texting, social media, and email, delivering messages on paper is quickly becoming a relic of the past. When recipients do receive correspondence in print, it's often a form letter with a stamped signature.

Although the convenience and instant delivery of emails and the like are undeniable, sometimes they don't quite fit the gravity of the occasion. From job interview thank-you notes to politicians' correspondence with constituents, letters written by hand show that the writer took the time to create a special message just for the recipient.

Why Handwritten Letters Still Have an Impact

You don't have to consider yourself a "throwback" to create the occasional handwritten communication. Consider the many reasons for sending letters to your most important correspondents, including:

  1. People rarely receive "snail mail" they want to read. Some people dread opening the mailbox, knowing it will be stuffed with undesirable sales circulars, bills, and credit card offers. When sifting through snail mail yields a personal message from a person they know, it can make someone's day.
  2. Letters carry inherent sentimental value. People might file emails away in virtual folders or print them out for easy reference, but letters carry a different type of significance. Throwing away a handwritten item isn't as easy as hitting the "delete" button, which is why many individuals keep written communications for years - maybe even for a lifetime.
  3. Your handwriting reveals your personality. No two people share the same writing style. Whether you use an untidy scrawl or an elegant script, recipients will feel you've revealed something of yourself to them. (Just try to keep that "chicken scratch" legible!)
  4. Every feature makes a unique statement. The stationery, color and type of ink, postage stamp designs, and address labels you choose combine to create a one-of-a-kind product. Select your implements accordingly to make a distinctive impression.
  5. Craft a heightened sensory experience. Paper and ink provide olfactory and tactile sensations that computers cannot. Smells can often enhance and invoke memories! That's much more compelling than gazing at the glare of a computer screen.

We'll never ask you to give up on technology completely, but in some instances, handwritten notes are best. Send your next heartfelt message in writing, and your recipient will be surprised and pleased by your old-fashioned gesture. It's the perfect way to make a statement they won't soon forget.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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