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What's the best way to promote my business during travel season?

Posted on 06/09/14
The summer season makes us think of getting away. Travel, like everything else, makes us think of promotional products - particularly travel related promotional items.

Here's our list of Top 10 Promotional Products for Travel this summer!

promo sun glasses1. Sunglasses - you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, since your favorites are bound to be misplaced periodically (and swiped by envious friends). On a bright shiny day, sunglasses save the day. What's more - sunglasses make everyone look and feel cool. Promotional sunglasses come in every style and color you can imagine, so there's bound to be a pair out there that's worthy of your brand's logo!

luggage-strap2. Luggage Strap - helping your clients identify their luggage is the type of assistance that engenders loyalty. With a personalized bag identifying colorful strap, your brand is certain to be along for the trip. A heavy duty adjustable luggage strap, like the one shown here, also has an ID card pocket and a strong buckle. Your company's logo or brand message is tastefully imprinted, creating a gentle reminder that you've got their best interest in mind. This helpful travel tool is a perfect promotional product for limousine companies, travel agents, hotels and any hospitality company or luxury brand.

travel mub3. Travel Mug - you'll always be a welcome travel participant when you are a sleek and attractive customized travel mug. Travel mugs are more popular now than ever, likely due to the increased use of single-cup coffee makers at home and the workplace. Travel mugs are eco-friendly promotional products since they replace the need to use disposable coffee cups. Of course, they're considerably more stylish, which is why your logo should adorn such a clever promotional item.

pet travel bowl4. Travel Pet Bowl - some of the best trips include our small furry friends. Imprinted collapsible food and water bowls are a must for pet owners. With the warm summer weather upon us, traveling pet bowls are increasingly important, to keep pets well-hydrated. The fastest way to an animal lover's heart is to advocate for the well being of their pet. This poses an awfully good opportunity for any brand seeking to strengthen its relationship with loyal pet owners!

travel bag5. Travel Bag - here is another way to make sure that your brand gets in on the travel fun. Promotional travel bags come in a huge assortment of styles and option − from full size luggage to functional smaller bags. One can't miss strategy is to arm your best clients and staff members with a checkpoint friendly computer bag like this one. It has a "laptop only" section that accommodates a device up to 17" and unfolds to lay flat on an x-ray belt. With so many handy compartments for keys, electronics and business cards, this travel bag is likely to turn into an everyday bag. That's a ton of exposure for your prominently displayed brand messaging.

shoe tote6. Shoe Tote - personalized shoe bags are often used as handsome give aways for golf tournament organizers and sponsors. Yet, the truth about this highly valued promotional item is that it's perfect for travel too. Extra pairs of shoes, sandals and sneakers require a compartment of their own when packed with clothes. That's why branded shoe totes are cherished by travelers. Of course, these stylish totes are likely to also reside in car trunks − storing running sneakers, golf shoes, tennis sneakers and the like. Shoe totes generate an enormous amount of brand exposure!

promo hand sanitizer7. Hand Sanitizer - if ever there's an exceptional time to be prepared with hand sanitizer, it's travel time. As any travel expert would recommend, staying healthy on your trip is a paramount concern. That's why we stay hydrated, try to get a fair amount of sleep and ward off exposure to unwanted germs as best we can. Place your company's brand messaging on a fresh-smelling germ fighting hand sanitizer and you'll be fondly remembered for it. Branded hand sanitizers come in many unique shapes, sizes and scents, so you'll have no problem finding one that best suits your brand.

promo sunscreen8. Sunscreen - similar to hand sanitizer, sunscreen promotional products are so well received because they replace the need to purchase an item. Obviously, for medical practices such as dermatology offices, there is a crystal clear statement being made, "We really care about your skin health!" But the same goes for any community-oriented brand − including insurance agents, lawyers and school staff - each effectively making a strong statement about their desire to protect the well being of those they serve.

promo collapsible cooler9. Collapsible Cooler - for car travel, a sizable cooler presents incredible efficiency and cost savings. Of course, space is at a premium when traveling. That's why a collapsible cooler, one that takes up little space when not in use, is perfect. A folding cooler like this branded Dobby-Tec model can hold twenty four 12-ounce cans, making it a valuable tool for picnics, beach outings and tailgating too. Few things are cooler for your brand then to be a part of the good times that this cooler will attend.

promo rechargeable powerbank10. Rechargeable Power Bank - odds are pretty good that your smart phone and mobile devices are making the trip with you. That's why you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having extra power on hand, for circumstances where you unexpectedly run low. Of course, if your company's brand is on the power bank that saves the day, you'll be generating the type of goodwill and brand loyalty that's invaluable. Available is different shapes, sizes, colors and capacities - your brand can easily find the right product and become a travel hero.

If you're hitting the road this summer, please travel safely. If you're looking to grow your brand, give us a call. We have access to the very best unique promotional items and we know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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