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Identifying Your Brand to the World Through Bumper Stickers

Posted on 05/16/14 in Vroom!!!
Bumper stickers have long been a way for drivers to express themselves. But, how exactly did the concept of the bumper sticker begin? Furthermore, what are the elements necessary for the creation of a great promotional bumper sticker?

When did Bumper Stickers Begin?

In the 1920s, cars were becoming more accessible to the general population thanks to Henry Ford. However, once these cars became increasingly common on our roads, accidents began to happen. Ford remedied this by placing a bumper on the front and back of the car to allow for a little extra protection.

It was not long after, that American's realized these bumpers made for an ideal advertisement location. The original bumper stickers were not stickers at all, but rather made from a collection of metal and cardboard connected to the bumper with wires.

However, as the advertising industry grew, new methods were employed. The use of canvas in advertisements proved to be ideal as it was weather resistant and extremely durable. Some people began attaching these canvas signs to their bumpers in hopes of getting their message across.

The Bumper Stickers of Today

A few years later, new ink in a variety of bright, vibrant colors was created. At the same time, self-adhering paper was headed to the printing presses. These two inventions were combined and the bumper sticker made its debut.

The first of these bumper stickers proudly displayed the names of tourist destinations to which families had traveled. But in time, they began to evolve to include humorous messages, inspirational quotes, political affiliations and more, making them the bumper stickers we know and love today.

Creating a Good Bumper Sticker:

  • Known the Target Audience. Determine who is most likely to be drawn to your business' products or services and design your bumper stickers accordingly.
  • Create a Message. Create a message with which your customers will identify. Your bumper sticker can be funny, inspirational, informative, or anything that will help further the reputation of your business.
  • Demand Attention. Ensure your bumper sticker will not be overlooked. No matter how great the message, an unattractive or bland design can cost you customers. Include design elements and colors sure to catch the eye.
  • Locate a Promotional Company. Creating promotional bumper stickers on your own is difficult. Locating a reputable promotional company can help you design the perfect bumper sticker guaranteed to advertise your business with ease.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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