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5 Fabulous Promos for Creating Trade Show Engagement

Posted on 09/30/14 in Trade Show
As anyone who's ever exhibited at a trade show will attest, the right promotional product makes a huge difference in creating engagement. Smart promos help to stop people in their tracks so that they take notice of the booth that your marketing team worked hard to design. The best promotions also succinctly communicate one or more benefits associated with your brand. Promo companies such as Farfromboring are the experts when it comes to matching your brand messaging to the right product, at the right price.

Here are 5 Trade Show Promos that we love because they excite trade show visitors and keep your exhibiting staff focused on key points of communication.

light-up-bouncing-ball-promo1. LightUp Bouncing Ball - Regardless of whether your company promotes laboratory testing, legal services or private label dietary supplements, this is a universally attractive trade show winner. Why? Let's break it down. It's visually stimulating, which helps to grab attention. It's unique, so there's inquiry about why this relates to your brand − which means it's also a conversation starter. Then there's the fact that it's plain fun, so any trade show attendee will want to bring one back to the office or home to a family member. Either way, you're brand becomes memorable. And brand recognition is the name of the game!

2. Hot/Cold Packs - Odds are pretty good that you're exhibiting to adults, and that said adults experience aches or pains from time to time. That's why it's hard to resist an attractive and highly useful product such as this. Aquabead gel packs look cool, feel cool (actually they're irresistible) and work on sore muscles. They can be placed in the microwave for hot pack therapy or in the freezer, to be used as a cold pack. And once again, this is a promo that stops people in their tracks, as it's visually appealing and intriguing.
3. Stylish Tote - "Oh my goodness, I was just saying that I need a bag for all these things in my hands," said everyone who's ever walked a trade show floor. So they happen upon your booth, and stop to discuss your business, because you not only have a useful bag for the moment, but one that they'll actually enjoy using during their travels and once they're back at home. Bingo! The really great thing is that this highly impressive promotional product has a perceived value of about five times what it costs your company to acquire with handsomely imprinted logo. And there are literally thousands of custom tote bag options!

4. Microfiber Cloth - Few promotional products are as beloved, lightweight, inexpensive, terribly attractive and useful as microfiber cloths. If you're among the billions of folks who have taken notice of the fact that mobile devices are ubiquitous these days, then you'll likely agree that there's an abundance of screen smudges that need to be addressed. Not only is microfiber excellent for cleaning electronic screens, they're great for cleaning glasses and sunglasses too. Therefore, more people will choose to stop and engage at your trade show booth when you're providing complimentary microfibercloths that just so happen to have your brand messaging in beautiful full color design.

soy-candle-promo-heart-shaped5. Soy Candle - Absolutely perfect for a high touch brands seeking to connect on a human level. Soy candles makes a number of strong statements about a company, especially those that operate in the health/wellness, natural products or hospitality industries - just to name a few. The hearttin soy candle pictured here also implies that this is a company driven by human connection. Southwest Airlines is a great example of a company that's literally "pouring their heart out" to get customers to realize the passion they bring to their people-oriented business practices. Not only will this product create excellent engagement at your booth, it will land on desks and other high profile places in workspaces and homes - guaranteeing your brand some prime advertising real estate.

Whether your company is launching a new campaign or simply working to increase mindshare among the target audience, trade shows can be invaluable - provided that you have the tools to ensure success. At Farfromboring, we have decades of experience helping businesses in every industry to achieve their trade show goals and we'd sure like to help you too. If you need assistance to get the right promo for your upcoming conference, try our Idea Generator or call us at 866-751-7766.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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