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Toys to Relieve Stress

Posted on 05/15/14
Office toys found on desks can be excellent promotional items. These simple toys are great in the hands of hard-working employees because they give the employee something to do as the creative brain is at work. Toys also make good stress relievers and can help prevent bad habits like nail biting and finger picking. Plus, promotional office toys can ensure a business' name is front and center on the desks of countless people.

To help assist in deciding which promotional toys businesses should invest in, here are the top ten most loved office toys:

  1. Slinkey. This little toy presents many play possibilities in one springy package. Watch it walk down a bookcase, hook a co-worker with it, or try to flatten it out only to have it recoil yet again.
  2. Stress ball. Stressed? Just take a deep breath and squeeze. Stress relieving balls are great for releasing tension, all while helping to strengthen those hand muscles.
  3. Lasers. A game of laser tag with your co-workers could be the fun five minute break everyone needs to recharge. Just point and play, but watch the eyes!
  4. Magnetic spheres. These small circular magnets lead to hours of creative possibilities. Make countless shapes and other designs, only to take them apart again and start all over.
  5. Lava lamp. Is there anything quite as relaxing as the lava lamp? Sit one of these little wonders on a desk and be mesmerized for hours as it shifts into all sorts of possible shapes. A little imagination goes a long way.
  6. Rubik's cube. Only the very intelligent among us can solve a Rubik's Cube, so show colleagues you have what it takes. Twist and turn the day away until the colors are lined up, and proudly display your accomplishment where all can admire your skills.
  7. Silly Putty. Nothing says fun like Silly Putty. Mold and shape away while you feel tension dissolve as the putty heats in your hands.
  8. Koosh Balls. Perhaps the most loved office toy of all time, the Koosh Ball is sure to please. Dangle it by its stretchy rubber bristles or fling it across the room at an unsuspecting coworker.
  9. Newton's Cradle. Revisit your high school science class, as you watch the law of momentum conservation in action.
  10. Stretch toys. Pull, tug and bend your way to calm. These toys can be stretched to their max while seeming impossible to break. The first person who does so may want to consider a new career.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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