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Supersize Your Brand

Posted on 06/03/14
Promotional products vary in size and impact, and the two are not always correlated. In fact, there are a ton of promos that fit in a pocket and contribute immeasurable to business success. But, there's also a time when your brand needs to heed these words of this competitive statement: "Go big or go home!"

What can your brand do with oversized promotional products?

giant margarita glass promo
Quench someone's thirst - take this Giant Margarita Glass for example. Here's a dramatic way to bring attention to your party's theme cocktail. sponsoring ingredient brand or party host. Made of food grade acrylic, it's safe for poolside fun and you can even use it to serve a supersized beverage up to 35 Liters. It's a conversation piece and party catalyst for certain. Cheers!

supersized golf umbrella2. Save the day! There you are, caught in a rainstorm with your companion. You turn and say, "No worries, I've got us covered." Then you prove it, grabbing an unusually large great looking branded golf umbrella. Sure, there are plenty of large 60" and even 62" umbrellas that do the trick nicely. But a brand that cares enough to provide 68 inches of coverage is a brand that's making a really BIG statement! Such a brand is not soon forgotten.

Ovresized carry all bag3. Be a favorite possession
- this oversized Carry-All Tote puts the funk in functionality. Made of 600 denier polycanvas, this bag is as strong as it is big. Like all large promotional products, there's more than ample space to display your brand message. This bag is so useful that it's likely to earn a permanent spot in the car trunk, office, home or garage. It will also be seeing its share of the beach, park and favorite picnic spots. That's a ton of brand exposure.

giant pencil promotional product
4. Open doors
- send this extra large pencil to a prospective buyer and ask if she can "pencil you in" for a meeting. Who could resist? It's clever, it's thoughtful and it works. This giant pencil is not an oversized replica, it's the real deal. It's a large lead pencil that writes and erases in a big way. The only thing it can't erase is the impact that this gift makes on a surprised recipient.

promotional blimp5. Take flight
- brand exposure can sometimes be hard to measure − but not when your brand message is on two sides of a 17 foot helium blimp 125 feet above ground. When your special event needs to be easily spotted by those within striking distance, this is how you get it done. There's nothing like a large yellow blimp with red tail fins to say, "we're pretty serious about this offer!" Perfect for launching a new retail retail brand or helping people pinpoint a new location too.

oversized sunglasses6. Make someone smile - no one can resist putting on colorful oversized sunglasses. Sometimes seriousness is seriously overrated! When someone suffers from the somber and sobering symptoms of seriousness − a simple solution is to supply a sufficient sum of silliness. Your brand teamed up with a pair of giant sunglasses will do the trick! When's the last time your brand made someone smile? If it takes you more than a moment to remember, it's time to get some extra large sunglasses.

It's obvious that oversized promotional products help brands make a big statement in a big way. Such products are far from boring and they give your brand an enormous chance to stand out. If you're looking for a custom oversized solution, contact us. We're here to help and we know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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