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Promotional Koozies: Keeping Your Drinks Cool

Posted on 05/15/14 in Summer Products
Keeping a drink cool on a hot day can be difficult, especially when that drink is in a can or a bottle. Ice cubes won't fit and would make the drink watery. So how does one ensure a beverage stays cool as it is being enjoyed? The go-to method has always been the Koozie. These little wonders can help keep drinks cold for hours while adding a bit of style and flair to any beverage.

What is a Koozie?

The Koozie was introduced in 1980 by Radio Cap Corporation and was designed to keep drinks cool. Radio Cap Corporation was proud of the invention and decided to trademark the name. The company was overtaken by Norwood in 1989 and Norwood trademarked the name once again in 2004, after it had lapsed three years prior. The name has caused some disagreements with many companies claiming it has become standard lingo for the device.

Since its inception, the Koozie has gained worldwide fame and people all across the globe are aware of its beverage benefits. Not only does the Koozie help keep drinks cool, it also serves as an instant drink identifier, preventing the dreaded, "Which drink is mine?" scenario. The name varies across regions and countries and some variations include "coldy-holdy," "stubby holder," and "bottle jacket." The Koozie can now be found at parties, barbeques and sporting events around the world, helping to keep spectators happy as they enjoy a cool beverage nestled nicely into a Koozie.

How does a Koozie Work?

Koozies work by offering insulation properties which protect a drink from heat transmission. Drinks can become warm quickly due to hot summer air, holding it in one's hand or even direct sunlight. A Koozie prevents this by lowering the speed at which a beverage warms by half. Koozies are made of varying materials from neoprene to leather. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost every bottle shape on the market today, from four to forty ounces, and may even include zippers to ensure a tight fit around the trickiest of bottles.

Why is the Koozie a Great Promotional Product?

Koozies make wonderful promotional products. In addition to the range of styles, colors and designs available, the frequent, practical use of a promotional Koozie means a business' name can easily become an everyday presence while simultaneously being linked with the idea of enjoyment, relaxation and a little bit of fun.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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