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To the Rescue: Survival Kits to Get You through Minor Malfunctions

Posted on 06/08/14 in Safety
Emergency First Aid Kit It always happens at the worst time: while driving to work, you spill coffee on your shirt. Half an hour before an important presentation, a button pops off of your trousers. As you stare in dismay at the minor catastrophe that has just occurred, two words come to mind: "What now?"

While many of us have considered the importance of having a first-aid or car emergency kit, not everyone remembers to carry basic essentials to help you tackle embarrassing or unpleasant situations like wardrobe malfunctions, broken nails, or bent glasses. Both men and women should create "grooming survival kits" to keep on hand for such occasions.

What to Include in Your Grooming Survival Kit

When considering what items you should incorporate into your survival kit, think about any accidents or near-misses you or your acquaintances have had when away from home. Men and women have unique needs as per gender, but several items come in handy for either.

Useful tools to put into your personal toolkit include:

  • Sewing kit. This essential accessory should contain needles, thread, miniature scissors, safety pins, and an extra button or two to get you through clothing tears, splits, or gaps.
  • Nail repair kit. Whether you have an elaborate manicure or short, plain nails, breakages happen. Having nail clippers, a file, and - if necessary - nail glue will save you from snagging that nail on everything you touch.
  • Breath fresheners. Avoid going into your next one-on-one meeting with coffee breath by keeping gum, mints, or a small bottle of mouthwash handy.
  • Compact brush or comb. You never know when a freak gust of wind is going to knock your perfect coif out of place.
  • Mirror. Don't put someone else in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you there's something in your teeth! Discreetly find out for yourself using a miniature mirror.
  • To-go detergent pen. These really do remove stains immediately, preventing you from having to douse your entire shirt in water from the bathroom sink.
  • Feminine hygiene products. This goes without saying for most women, but a reminder never hurts. It's also nice to have extras on hand for a friend in need.

While no way an exhaustive list, these are some of the most essential items most people need to have on hand in case of an "emergency." A spill, tear, or broken nail may not be a life-threatening situation, but being well prepared will make every day go a little more smoothly.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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