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Promotional Awards and Recognition in the Workplace

Posted on 04/24/14
Glass AwardsAny good company will recognize its employees for a job well done. Often, companies choose to reward employees with plaques, beautifully engraved pieces of crystal, or other pieces of "award hardware," but what really happens when we give awards to great employees? Read on to learn how long companies have engaged in this practice, the overall effect of awards and whether they lead to better performance in the workplace.

A Brief History of Awards

Awards, trophies, and other forms of recognition have been around for thousands of years. Consider the etymology of trophy, which in the 1500s originally came from the French trophée, meaning "a prize of war," which in turn came from the Latin word trophaeum, which means "monument to victory."

Ancient Greek trophies were made on battlefields themselves from captured arms that were dedicated to the gods and inscribed with heroic tales of brave warriors. In the Middle Ages, awards took the shape of chalices and were given to the victors of athletic events such as horse or boating races, a practice that endured well into the 1600s. The rest, as they say, is history; awards are a form of recognition for true greatness.

Award Psychology

If you're a business owner with top-of-the-line employees who exemplify continuous excellence, you've got a great setup, right? You might be thinking you don't need to change a thing, but you couldn't be more wrong. No matter how many employees work under you, it's still critical to reward them the right way for a job well done.

Employee rewards not only motivate recipients to continue working hard and doing their best, but also provide a bit of incentive for the rest of the team. Do you need your employees to work harder? An explicit rewards system may help them pick up their feet and work at full capacity, making the workplace more productive overall. The promise of rewards can help foster community in the workplace through friendly competition that could potentially lead to higher employee retention. Now that's a reward that affects everybody!

Trophies Here and Now

Trophies can take the shape of mass-produced plastic awards or they can be a little more meaningful. Consider, for example, high quality crystal awards, glass trophies, or plaques. There are many options available for promotional awards, so feel free to get creative. If you're rewarding several employees at once, a unique reward for each person can help everyone feel as though their individual talents are being well recognized.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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