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Sensational Seating and Perfect Product Placement

Posted on 08/14/14 in Professor Farbo
It's hard to imagine life without chairs, the furniture of choice for work, play, and relaxation. Thanks to the ubiquitous comfort and convenience they provide, chairs present a perfect promotional product opportunity for virtually any business. But first, a quick contemplation of the chair's evolution - and how our beloved chairs can be used to bolster business.
Chairs: A Brief History

We've all seen those infamous "evolution of man" images - from the hunched ape to the human standing tall. Ever since we've learned to stand up, humans have also been looking for ways to sit back down.

There is archeological evidence of sculptural Neolithic relics, suggesting the use of chair-like areas near building sites. Between the last Ice Age and the "dawn of civilization," it's not clear where the seat with a back, a platform, and legs originated. One thing is clear. From 10,000 BC and beyond; chairs not only elevated human bodies, but also served as a way to distinguish humans of elevated status.

Further, for several millennia in China and Mongolia, seats were left in tombs and they did not
change in design until the 16th century, when woodblock prints were first depicted in carpenters' manuals. In ancient Egypt, ornately decorated chairs were left in the tombs of Pharaohs.

In the Roman Empire, chairs experienced a "dark era." During the years of Rome's conquer, the bed took the reins as an all-purpose piece of furniture where Romans would sleep, eat, socialize, write, and - of course - sit.

Thrones began to show the divine authority of royalty in 15th and 16th century western society, establishing the power of historical figures like Louis XIV. By the 17th and 18th centuries, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, and other styles incorporating intricate carvings and decorations began making their way into chairs.

promo-directors-chairChairs became more widely used than ever in the 19th century in the U.S. as factory production became commonplace. Today, chairs offer a number of ergonomic options, from office chairs to barstools to handcrafted artisan items. Nowadays, even the "tacky" ubiquitous polypropylene plastic chair that appears all over the world takes its place within a longstanding history of chairs.

Options for Promotional Chairs

With such a rich (though often unexamined) history, it's no wonder chairs are such a popular promo product. With options like beach, directors, and camping chairs, it's easy to enjoy the pleasure of sitting while on the go.

promotional-cooler-seatCooler seats offer a useful travel item, providing a way to keep lunch cold while offering a sturdy seat. Inflatable chairs are a great for lounging indoors or out, while gaming chairs enable consumers to sit back and enjoy their favorite video games.

Whatever you choose, a well-made chair will offer a permanent solution to any consumer's sitting needs, wherever they may be.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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