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Posted on 05/15/14 in Professor Farbo
A significant problem facing our society today is the rate of illiteracy. Millions of Americans are living without the capacity to read, which is severely limiting their independence and quality of life. Illiteracy is a frustrating condition but can be easily overcome when the right tools, treatments, and guidance are made available.

How a Company can Help

A company can show its commitment to help end illiteracy in the United States by investing in promotional bookmarks which further communicate the importance of reading. These bookmarks are available in a variety of eye-catching colors and themes guaranteed to tantalize even the most hesitant of readers into enjoying a good book.

Show Your Company Cares about Literacy

Over the past ten years in the United States, literacy rates have failed to increase. Sadly, 14 percent of our population cannot read, which means over 30 million adults in the Unites States are illiterate. Illiteracy has a widespread negative impact, which will continue to grow unless something is soon done to help alleviate that rate. Some of the surprising consequences of illiteracy include:
  • Economic impact. Over $200 billion is lost each year due to illiteracy in America. Illiterate citizens are less productive and therefore fail to contribute to the nation's tax system. Many welfare benefits are also paid to those illiterate within our society.
  • Health. Illiteracy contributes to poor health. The inability to read medical literature or follow prescription labels leads to serious problems. Chronic diseases are not well monitored by illiterate patients, as they are unable to provide sufficient documentation of disease progression or treatment.
  • School. A startling fact is that 19 percent of high school graduates are illiterate. They are sadly shuffled through the public school system without ever learning this essential skill. An opportunity to attend college for these students is nonexistent and they oftentimes find themselves on the wrong path in life.
  • Crime. A direct correlation exists between crime and illiteracy, with the majority of crimes being committed by those unable to read. In fact, 60 percent of Americans currently incarcerated are considered illiterate.
Generational impact. Millions of children in the United States today are living with illiterate parents. This gives children a significant disadvantage when entering into the school system. They lack the at home educational support children of literate parents often receive. As a result, they progress through their years of schooling continuously falling behind their peers in levels of achievement.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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