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Picture Perfect

Posted on 04/24/14
Digital Picture FramesPicture frames often encase a photo of someone or something we hold dear. These keepsakes remind us of some of our greatest memories, including weddings, special vacations, and moments of childhood bliss. You might even want to use them to display irreplaceable works of art. What better way to promote a feeling of warmth around your brand than with picture frames? It is equally important to hang images properly which means considering spacing, among other factors. Read on for some advice on how best to hang promotional picture frames and the keepsakes they enclose in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Taking the Measurements

Many of us have heard how important it is to hang pictures at eye level, but what exactly does that mean? Here's a quick trick: always hang important photos and works of art at 57 inches on center. The phrase "on center" refers to the exact center of the picture itself, which means you'll need to measure the size of the frame as well, as the hook will be a bit higher than the 57-inch mark, which is measured from the floor.

To follow the process step-by-step, first measure 57 inches from the floor and place a light mark on the wall for the center of the picture. Next, measure the height of your frame and divide it by 2, and measure the top of your picture to the top of the tightened wire. Subtract this small measurement from the half-height of your frame, and you'll be able to measure how high your hook should go. Make one more light mark before you place the hook, nail, or other hanging implement at that measurement. You should have a perfect measurement, with the center of your frame exactly at typical eye level.

Other Tips for Hanging Frames

If you've got a ton of wall space and few pictures, it leaves got a bit of figuring out to do. It can help to spread out your images on the floor to decide how to space them. That way, you can measure how far from the edge of the wall your pictures should be, as well as how much space to leave in between. For hanging images, try a picture-hanging kit from your local hardware store, which will include hooks or even decorative screws.

If you'd rather see how they would look on the wall, you can easily create templates out of craft or construction paper and place them on the wall with reusable mounting putty. This will help you move pieces around to decide on spacing, especially if you want to check the layout in comparison to any furniture placed against the wall.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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