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Pens, Pens, and More Promotional Pens

Posted on 01/24/19

Okay, so maybe having cool pens with your company's name and logo emblazoned on them won't actually pave the way to riches and glory all by themselves. But they can't hurt either!

Why Pens?

Why not!!!

Pens are great! Everybody loves a nice pen, especially when they do not have to buy it. Having pens around that

customers, vendors, and others can grab and take with them is a fantastic way to get your company's information out there floating around in the world. Moreover, this type of marketing campaign - in some form - is often easy to fit into any budget.

The ingenious minds at FarfromBoring have more than 3,000 different pen options from which you can choose. All you have to do is decide which pens are the ones that will get your company's name out there for the world to see.

Basic Ballpoints

The vast majority of the pens offered for promotional branding through FarfromBoring are ballpoint pens. They come in a wide variety of different ballpoint options including plunger action, twist action, and rollerball as well as those with a grip section, gel ink, and a stylus.

Furthermore, they are available in a wide selection of materials. These include the standard plastic, acrylic, and metal pen tubes as well as those made of rubber, wood, and even covered in suede or other materials. The selection does not stop there either, FarfromBoring offers much more in their writing instrument selections.

Cool Colorful Pens

FarfromBoring promotional pens also come in every color of the rainbow, fun shapes, and other unique varieties. Some of these pens light up, have fun spinners, faces or animals on the end while others have transparent barrels, brightly colors, and fun designs and shapes.

Regardless of which design you choose; these pens are sure to be conversation starters. People are drawn to the bright colors, fun shapes, and interesting extra features. This is beneficial to your business in two ways.

First, it creates an opportunity for potential new customers to learn about you. Second, your name and logo will be connected in consumers' minds with fun, innovation, and a unique style all your own.

Something Extra

These pens all serve at least one other purpose other than just writing. FarfromBoring has a number of these "Swiss Army" style pens. Among the most popular are those with a built-in highlighter, flashlight, or USB flash drive.

These exceptionally unique pens are sure to get people talking. Choose from one of the options above or dig through FarfromBoring's hundreds of options to find the multi-use pen that best represents your company.

Pens That Aren't Pens

Some of the pens that FarfromBoring offers to brand for promotional purposes are not pens at all. The selection available includes markers, mechanical pencils, and highlighters.

Think about it, there are lots of companies out there handing out pens with their company logo and name. However, how many have you seen offering these options? Stand out from the pack by offering something a little less traditional while keeping your costs within whatever budget you have for marketing.

The Point

Promotional branding affords your company with the opportunity to reach customers - both established and new - in affordable and unique ways. All of FarfromBoring's pens - and other products - are of the highest quality possible. They provide smooth writing while getting the name and logo of your company out there into the hands of the public. When a customer helps themselves to a pen from your office, they will be "borrowing" the best.

Author: Josh Esposito FarfromBoring education provider

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