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No More Lost or Forgotten Flash Drives

Posted on 05/19/14
Flash drives contain a plethora of valuable information, yet they are small and can be easy to lose. Countless crises can occur if you leave flash drives in work or home computers, lose them at the bottoms of overstuffed purses, or drop them at random. Despite the incredible usefulness of the tiny gadgets, keeping up with a flash drive sometimes seems like more trouble than it's worth.

No matter the difficulty of keeping track of flash drives, they are extremely common, and they can make great promotional items. In this day and age, however, it is often not enough for businesses to simply provide a generic-branded memory stick for their current and prospective customers. A better promotional product is a small storage device that won't get lost.

Below is a list of some creative ways companies can help end the dilemma of the perpetually missing flash drive and get their name and brand noticed at the same time:

  • Keychain flash drives - Perhaps the most common method for keeping up with a flash drive is to keep it on your keychain. That way, you have it with you wherever you go. As long as you have your keys, then the memory stick will never be lost.
  • Creative flash drives - Eye catching flash drives, customized and shaped like cartoon characters, animals, or a variety of household objects, are quickly spotted and memorable. If you have a flash drive that you view not only as a digital storage device, but also as a keepsake of some sort, then you will be less likely to forget it.
  • Flash drive bracelets - Having a flash drive that is attached to your wrist makes it pretty secure. The chances of it falling out of your backpack or your pocket are reduced to zero, and it is difficult to forget a piece of plastic wrapped around your wrist.
  • General USB Flash Drives - In keeping with both modern times and craft-based tradition, the Swiss Army Knife has come out with a new pocketknife that has a flash drive. It is a typical pen knife, with the scissors and nail file, but it also includes a flash drive and in some models, a small LED flashlight. Having a flash drive that you can connect to your key chain and use to open cardboard boxes or inspect the inside of a CPU is handy and considerably harder to lose.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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