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Patriotic Promotional Products: Made In the USA by Union Workers

Posted on 12/03/14 in Made In The USA Promotional Products
There are certain days of the year that we can count on Americans to feel and act especially patriotic - Memorial Day, July 4th, Veteran's Day and 9/11 - just to name a few. For a growing number of American businesses, patriotism is a core quality that's intrinsic to the definition of the organization's mission, brand identity and culture. For these businesses, Made in the USA is a must in the branded promotional products that they shop and ultimately purchase.

made in the usa union scraperFarfromboring is tickled red, white and blue to offer a variety of products that are not only Made in the USA - they're Made in the USA by Union Workers. Now, I know you're thinking, "Sounds pricey!" However, despite the fact that these products are of exceptional quality and made by union employed U.S. citizens, they're actually priced competitive to their imported counterparts. When you consider the time and additional resources required to manufacture and ship goods from other parts of the world, you'll realize that the effiiencies built in by buying domestically often outweigh all other options.

made in the usa union sports bottleTake for instance, custom branded bottles Made in America by union workers. 16- and 20-ounce Sport Bottles begin as low as 79 cents each - that's right, made in the USA and imprinted with your company's brand message! What's truly spectacular is the additional messaging that comes with the Made in the USA label. Talk about generating good will and showing support for American workmanship.

made in the usa union hatThere's a sense of pride that we, as Americans, feel when we own products that are made domestically. In part, because the market is flooded with cheaply made imported goods, it's a rich feeling to place a branded Made in America hat on your head or to wear apparel that's manufactured in our own back yard. While it's hard to imagine an American brand that wouldn't benefit from owning such impressive promotional items, for some brands it's an absolute necessity. Local and federal government agencies and organizations, as well as other unionized labor forces, are often required to shop for Made in the USA products.

made in the usa union travel mugFrom custom made tote bags to full color imprinted travel mugs, Farfromboring can help your brand source the right Made in the USA by Union Workers product for your next promotional campaign. Eco-friendly promotional items are even more environmentally responsible when they're sourced domestically, reducing the amount of fuel required to transport them to a final destination.

made in the usa union bagPerhaps most important, is another message implied by buying Made in the USA by Union items. The message received by your own staff - from top to bottom. Communicating a sense of loyalty and appreciation for the American worker is sure to resonate with the American workers committed to the success of your company. As a famous quote goes, "You'll never regret doing the right thing," and making this type of purchase certainly passes the "right thing" sniff test.

For schools, financial institutions, community-based programs and even luxury brands, this is a strategy that pays off big time. If your company needs help sourcing a Made in the USA promotional product that suites your brand, contact us. We're Farfromboring and we know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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