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Liquid Assets: 10 Top Brand-able Tumblers

Posted on 06/26/14
In 1983, when Boy George and his British new wave band Culture Club sang, "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" it's unlikely that they were singing the praises of branded tumblers. This may be only one blogger's opinion, but had they been, that the song would have had a bit more oomph! It feels good to get this off my chest.

Here is our list of the TOP 10 TUMBLERS you should consider for your next promotion!

promotional-tumbler-vino2go1. Vino2Go (R) - one of our absolute favorites! Elegance meets sensibility, as this 10-ounce insulated tumbler has all the features you'd want in a promotional wine glass for the pool or boat. So smart is this drinkware that it eliminates the potential for broken glass, insulates your wine beverage from warm hands and eliminates spills (your white linen dress will thank you!). Best of all it preserves the fashion statement of an attractive traditional wine glass; and it's adorned with your brand's logo. This clear tumbler is available with a variety of lid colors to ensure that your branding accents are complemented.

promotional-tumbler-infusion2. Infusion Tumbler
- a healthy trend that's here to stay, this type of promotional tumbler not only encourages proper hydration, it suggests adding nutritious fruit into the picture by way of the infuser. The recipient of this thoughtful gift will enjoy the benefits of turning plain water into melon-water, citrus-water or any other naturally flavored beverage. In addition to gaining nutrients, a more flavorful beverage is sure to be more consumable - with healthy hydration as the result. Best of all, your brand message gets prime exposure and is associated with a smart wellness solution. Of course, the fresh-looking color options make your brand pop too!

promotional-tumbler-tea-infusion3. Tea Infusion
- for those steeped in the tradition of enjoying tea on the go, here's a tumbler that satisfies this need fashionably. The 16 oz. tea infusion tumbler pictured here features double-wall insulation, ensuring that it can be comfortably handled when hot water is added. This on-the-go solution saves time, as there's no need to wait around for the steeping process to take place. Simply add tea leaves, add hot water and go. Of course, what's great for your brand is that when this tumbler heads to the car, the office, the golf course or wherever - your brand message accompanies it.

promotional-tumbler-color-changing4. Color Changing
- a stylish addition to your branded message. This 16 oz. color changing tumbler has temperature sensitive dots that change color as the beverage chills (and warms). It's BPA free and meets all FDA requirements, so you can be assured that this quality product is a healthy choice too. The colors that subtly accentuate your brand at room temperature blossom into a more robust design as this tumbler is chilled. The change in design draws even greater attention to your brand imprinted on the side of this great-looking tumbler.

promotional-tumbler-hot-cold-double-wall5. Hot and Cold
- versatility is a big win for your branded promotional tumbler. That's why this 16 oz. double-wall tumbler is such a big hit. This dual functionality of this tumbler guarantees more face time for your brand. As a hot beverage tumbler, the double-wall construction enables comfortable handling and keeps hot drinks hot longer. Likewise, the same insulation attributes ensure that hands don't warm the cool beverage contained within the inner wall. Of course, like all Farfromboring promotional products, it looks great with your brand messaging on it!

promotional-tumbler-eco-pint-tumbler6. Eco Pint Tumbler - made from bamboo fiber, this product says as much about your brand as the handsome messaging imprinted on the side. The 16 oz. Eco Pint Tumbler is not only eco-friendly; it's downright cool-looking! It's a conversation starter, and fortunately for your brand, it's a conversation that you clearly want to initiate. Available colors are as organic sounding as the tumbler itself - natural, khaki, apple, carrot, avocado, sunflower and storm gray, among others.

promotional-tumbler-26-ounce-tumbler7. 26 oz. Double Wall - because tumbler size matters! Along with its sleek long lines, there are a ton of attributes that make this large 26-ounce double wall tumbler special. Made of BPA free, durable Tritan (TM), this tumbler is impact/shatter resistant, doesn't retain odor or taste and is freezer-safe! The double wall insulation reduces condensation, enabling it to be used without requiring a coaster. The brand decoration is placed between the clear double walls and the tumbler is then sealed ultrasonically. We also love that this handsome product is Made in the USA!

promotional-tumbler-melrose8. Melrose Double Wall - the style and function your brand deserves. This double wall 16 oz. acrylic tumbler has a dual purpose lid that enables drinking from a straw or spout. If you're taking notice of the popularity of double wall construction of products on this list, you're right on the money. The insulation keeps beverages at their preferred temperature longer and enables more comfortable handling. We really like the bold color accents of the Melrose tumbler. Available colors include: White, Fuchsia, Red, Orange, Apple Aqua, Purple Blue, Graphite and Black - so chances are strong that you'll find one that best complements your brand messaging.

9. Bottoms Up Tumbler - talk about a tumbler that's a conversation piece! Whether you're serving beer or soft drinks, the upside down beer bottle design of the inner wall is sure to make heads turn. This unique double wall 15 oz. tumbler keeps your beverage cool, insulated from warm hands. Available in clear, red and blue inner colors - get all three and carry out a patriotic theme in high style. Great for tailgating, pool parties and barbecues!

promotional-tumbler-neon-led10. Neon LED Tumbler
- when the lights dim, light-up tumblers bring the party to the next level. These neon colored 12-ounce tumblers have three light setting - steady lighting, fast flash and slow flash. Your brand message is sure to grab everyone's attention with this festive drinkware setting a chic tone for your event. Batteries are already installed, so these cool customized tumblers are ready to rock.

Looking for another type of Farfromboring tumbler for your get together? Contact us. We're the tumbler experts and we know what works! We'll tumble 4 ya.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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