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Health Promotions and Safety Programs are increasingly on The Rise. Save Time and Money By Adopting Health And Safety Awareness Programs into Your Corporate Culture.

Posted on 02/19/14
Some Of The Biggest Corporate Costs are Absent Employees Due To Health And Safety Issues. Programs That Include Branded Health And Safety Tips Show You Care for Both the Employees and Customers.

Wellness and safety programs, customized personal care products, health and safety promotional products, branded spa items, Etc. The list is long and exciting when looking for the right products to promote a Health and safety program for your company.

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Most companies encourage their employees to participate in wellness and safety programs. Wellness programs not only boost moral and camaraderie, they also feature enticing incentives for increasing company-wide participation. Usually monetary incentives for quitting smoking or joining a fitness center or eating healthier are offered to employees.
Conversely, comprehensive safety programs enable companies to keep its workforce, customers and general public out of harms way. Larger companies may even require mandatory participation in training programs designed to prevent accidents. Custom printed first aid kits can be found everywhere from warehouses and vehicles to the main office and service departments. Employees who are healthy are more productive. Therefore, reducing injury and illness case rates are top priorities for large corporations and small businesses alike. Many insurance companies lower premiums to organizations that have strong safety records. Safety program incentives have saved companies millions on their insurance costs and made for a better work environment.

In order to promote wellness and safety programs internally promotional products are used to spread the message and get people involved. Promotional items such as debossed silicone bracelets (awareness), hand sanitizers & lip balm (personal hygiene), logo pedometers & fitness items (exercise) and custom printed flu prevention kits (health care) along with branded first aid kits are typically handed out by human resources or at company sponsored events.
The fact is, most employees care about wellness programs. According to a recent survey
conducted by the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc (AAOHN), nearly 60% of wor
kers who were questioned indicated they are more likely to remain with a company that employs a wellness programs than that which does not. These findings aside, managementunderstands getting employees to enroll in a wellness program requires promoting it effectively.

When used properly, imprinted promotional items can increase participation in wellness and safety programs. FarFromBoring Promotions can customize thousands of personal care and safety products used to supplement seminars and expos, fitness programs, disease management workshops, health screening, health insurance education, medical clinics, hazard identification and inspection programs and newsletters & surveys.

For years, FarFromBoring Promotions has been providing branded wellness and safety promotional items for corporate safety programs, traveling employees, safety and prevention programs, attendees at healthcare events, expos & trade shows, hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices & rehab facilities, universities and schools and fitness centers.

Some of our custom printed promotional items include:
  • hand sanitizers and lip balm
  • sunscreen
  • fitness balls, pedometers and jump ropes
  • flu prevention kits, first aid kits & cold packs
  • car safety and emergency kits
  • pill boxes, pill cutters & home healthcare items
  • safety equipment and apparel
  • safety whistles
  • awareness silicone bracelets
  • manicure and grooming & bath and body
  • spa and relaxation branded products

Let us help you make your wellness and safety program more effective and widely adopted.

Author: Farbo "The Legend" Shapinski Leader

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