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Pedometers and Promoting Health

Posted on 05/07/14 in Health and Wellness Products
Walking PedometersThere are numerous strategies for promoting health and fitness, such as personal trainers, exercise programs, buddy systems, and much more. But one of the simplest ways to encourage someone to move is by giving them a pedometer - a small device that records the number of steps they take each day.

How do Pedometers Work?

There are two types of pedometers and each one records steps with a different methodology. Spring-levered pedometers use a system with a spring and a lever. If you were wearing this device, the spring and lever would respond to each step taken by opening and closing a circuit to digitally record (and display) the total number of steps. The second type is the piezoelectric pedometer. These devices work with a beam that generates a small electrical response with each step. The accuracy depends on the exact pedometer used, but most models are fairly accurate.

How to Use the Pedometer

There are a wide range of pedometers on the market to fit anyone's tastes. Some clip onto a belt and others can be attached to the arm with an armband. Some models are even key chains so you can easily keep them in your pocket at all times. Simple models only record the number of steps taken and allow the user to reset it whenever they want. More advanced models keep track of the steps taken each day or week.

After finding a pedometer, measure your stride length and input the information into the device. For the first week, monitor your normal number of steps for a baseline. Then, set goals and work up from this estimate. A good strategy is to increase the number of steps by 20% each week until you reach 10,000 steps per day.

What are the Benefits?

By getting an accurate measurement of the steps you take each day and setting goals, it becomes much easier to get sufficient movement. Moving more burns calories, tones muscles, and decreases the risk of disease. Many pedometer users form small groups of friends and coworkers to compete and see who can take the most steps. Pedometers are also a great device to use as part of a fitness program.

Many companies have even used pedometers as a gift for their customers and employees. What better way to promote health and wellbeing than by having your brand name or logo attached to such a great device?

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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