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Find Your Urban Zen

Posted on 05/07/14 in Health and Wellness Products
Stresses WorkerThe office and home office are two of the most stressful places where we spend our time. There are usually deadlines, challenges, and a variety of tasks that need to be done. Many people have their own strategies for staying calm in the office, such as listening to calming music, using stress balls, and getting up to walk around occasionally.

One strategy that is often overlooked is the desktop water fountain. It can help to create a feeling of Zen even in the office. Listening to the flowing and bubbling waters gives the feeling of being outside, next to a lake or river. Here are some of the other benefits of using an indoor fountain.

Adding Moisture to the Air

In addition to their ability to calm, indoor water fountains can also add moisture to dry air. Dry air can dry out your skin and eyes, which leads to burning and itching. Many people experience this in the winter when humidity drops and their skin becomes chapped much more frequently.

The low amount of moisture in the air can also dry out the mucous lining of the respiratory tract. This is a protective layer that acts as a barrier to the cold, flu, and other ailments. When it becomes dry, the risk of catching these increases. Indoor fountains can improve health and protect the immune system, all while alleviating stress.

Eliminating Silence

Some office and home office environments are extremely quiet. Too much noise isn't advisable for productivity, but a very quiet office can be almost as distracting as a loud one. Indoor fountains are a great way to incorporate a little bit of calming noise into the setting. If you put one of these fountains on your desk, you may have coworkers complimenting you on how the calming noise helps them focus on their work.

Improving Mood

Many studies have demonstrated that sound can have a huge impact on our mood. You've probably noticed in your own life that certain music has a way of making you feel happy or calm, while other music leaves you sad or stressed. Indoor water fountains are a great way to improve your mood at work, which is good for proper health and productivity. A fountain can help improve the mood of your colleagues too, which is beneficial for office morale. Many managers have invested in a desk fountain for this reason alone.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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