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Health and Fitness Products Perfect for the New Year

Posted on 12/26/18

After the Christmas holidays, people start making New Years Resolutions. Every year getting more fit and healthy are at the top of the list. In fact, in 2018, over 40% of women and 30% of men said their resolution was to get more healthy and fit.

You can capitalize on this post-holiday trend with promotional products that will help people with these goals. In addition to being something people will be likely to use, you are also giving them something related to a current passion or focus. Hopefully, this passion and focus transfer to their feelings about your business when they use your promotional products.


A pedometer is a simple device that counts your steps. It's recommended that people get in at least 10,000 steps each day. However, the average person is far from that goal. They can be worn throughout the day or when you are going for a walk so that you can measure your progress. Pedometers are an effective tool for increasing physical activity, with people that use them walking an average of one mile per day more than those who don't.

Pedometers can fit easily into any budget. You can select from an inexpensive basic model that simply counts steps, or one with more advanced features. Advanced features can include measuring heart rate, distance, activity time, and calories burned. They also come in many different shapes and sizes. Pedometers are likely to be used on a regular basis, allowing your brand to be seen often.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands have grown much more popular in recent years, with good reason. They are relatively inexpensive, and may be better at muscle building than a weight machine. Exercise bands have made their way into most of today's fitness programs, from home workout programs to pilates class. They are easily portable, and many people consider them an integral part of their workout routine. Branded exercise bands may be seen by others on walking trails, the gym, or exercise classes, in addition to being seen by the owner on a regular basis.

Exercise Mat

Exercise mats or yoga mats are used during yoga and pilates, as well as standard floor exercises. They are more costly than some promotional products, but they are also likely to get noticed. Take a nice exercise mat to the gym or yoga class, and people notice. Perhaps its an odd quirk of human nature, but its one you should consider taking advantage of.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is inexpensive and something most people keep with them, particularly in the winter months. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles, including hand sanitizing wipes. It's used often, and many times in public or passed around among friends. This makes it a great simple promotional item.

Health Books

Health books are a great alternative to those calendars everyone always receives too many of. Choose from heath organizers, walking logs, books on how to live healthier, and healthy cookbooks. Consider giving them out as promotional products, or leaving them in your place of business for people to read.

Boost your brand visibility and sales with these FarFromBoring promotional products. There will be a high focus on health and wellness for the next few months, and potential customers will be happy to receive these types of items.

Author: Kim Ciampa Literary Genius

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