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Guy Favorites: Top 10 Manly Promos

Posted on 07/08/14
If your brand appeals to a target audience highly saturated with men, you'll appreciate this handpicked list of promotional products that are certain to impress. Here's our current Top 10 Promotional Items for Men.

Fisticup1. The Fisticup - what could make a man feel manlier? This Fisticup is for men who like their coffee strong; and it's a guaranteed conversation starter. Any man fortunate enough to own one is certain to be the envy of his coworkers and friends alike. Of course any business cool enough to imprint their brand on this classic macho mug will reap equal praise. This is manly branding at its finest!

camo-cap2. Camo Apparel
- some guys like to hunt and some guys just like to look cool - and most of us guys really like camo! We realize that when out of the woods, it's pretty easy to spot us, but there's something about wearing camo that feels darn good. Don't ask us to spell the word "camouflage" and please don't' remind us American guys that the word is of French origin. But do put your cool logo on something camouflage and you can be sure that you're brand exposure ROI is heading through the treetops.

foam-football3. Foam Football
- throwing a football is fun and throwing a foam football is more fun for everyone. Put your brand message on this 8" Spyro Football and your company will be part of the good times spent on the beach, at the park and even in the pool. It's also the quintessential tailgating pastime − significantly more parking lot-friendly than a traditional football. There's just so much more that you can do with a durable foam football that requires no inflation and travels well. Available in attractive colors, this promotional product is a proven winner. Its aerodynamic grooves enable anyone to toss an impressive spiral.

arctic zone manly cooler4. Big Manly Cooler - the man with a cooler this large is most definitely in charge. There are a ton of reasons that insulated cooler bags of all sizes are coveted by men and women alike, but an oversized rolling collapsible cooler is a prized possession! Once your brand is silkscreened or embossed on this Arctic Zone cooler, you'll be making lasting impressions for years to come. How often do you purchase advertising that consistently promotes your brand over the course of years? This durable rolling instrument of fun, food and drink is capable of holding up to 50 cans!

cargo-box5. Trunk Cargo Box - a trunk organizer and so much more. One of our favorite promotional products this year is the sturdy collapsible cargo holder. It's the perfect tool for transporting groceries, organizing athletic gear, and storing a huge variety of items that we like to keep handy in our vehicles. This cargo box comes with a PVC-free thermo cooler too, with 30-can capacity! When beverages and ice cream require temperature maintenance, the owner of this organizer is extremely well prepared. This promo ranks incredibly high within the usefulness, gratitude and shelf-life categories.

thermal bottle6. Thermal Insulated Bottle - once again, it's your brand that's there when needed. It's now well over a century since men began their love affair with insulated beverage holders. Here is a modern 24 oz. vacuum bottle that's sure to accompany any man on the move. This is precisely where you want your brand standing out and looking sharp - at sporting events, the office and the morning commute for starters. Dual wall stainless steel construction allows beverages to maintain desired temperatures while the sleek design helps your brand maintain its cool at all times.

bluetooth speaker7. Bluetooth Speaker - if we're talking men, we're talking wireless electronics. In this age of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablets and laptops, there's never been greater need to have high-performing speakers ready and waiting to stream rich sound. This impressive Brookstone (R) model is just one of many Farfromboring options that are certain to place your brand at the center of attention. This Bluetooth speaker features two full-range speaker drivers, a down-firing subwoofer and a passive radiator - it's the real deal! The sound is luxurious and it's exactly where your impressive brand belongs.

directors chair8. Game Day Director's Chair - a sleek and sturdy updated version of the highly coveted tailgating chair. Undoubtedly, the owner of this chair is keeping it handy for all occasions - from sporting events to the beach, parks and concerts - this trusted chair is making the trip. Made with strong 600 denier polyester and a simple, yet really comfortable design; this version of our favorite mobile chair comes with handy side pockets and beverage holders to boot. Put your brand on this chair and you'll never miss an outing.

road star9. Road Star - yes, men are just grown up boys and we love our cars. We really love vintage cars, like this chrome-plated 1950's Road Star convertible, with a friction motor and a hidden magnet for attracting paper clips. Guaranteed to earn your brand some valuable desktop real estate! The recipient of this thoughtful paperweight will reminded of your generosity day in and day out. That's the kind of performance your brand deserves.

golf umbrella10. Handsome Golf Umbrella - a gentleman is prepared for anything, and that includes rain. Most people keep an umbrella handy, but a man of substance keeps a large golf umbrella nearby for those occasions that require such protection from the elements. This luxurious Slazenger 60" vented golf umbrella does the trick and makes the right kind of statement about the man who carries it too. With its golf club styled handle and made with lightning-resistant fiberglass, this is the right tool for the job. Best of all, there's ample room for your logo to make a big statement - about commitment to the comfort, health and wellbeing of those you serve.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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