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The Many Applications of Promotional Lanyards

Posted on 05/16/14 in General
Lanyards are commonly used for hanging ID badges or passes around the neck so as to identify the wearer and determine their position. However, lanyards have many uses beyond this, and promotional lanyards are a great way to reach a large audience while popularizing your business' name.

What are Lanyards?

Lanyards are a type of cord, normally worn on the neck or wrist, attached to an object in order to prevent its loss while ensuring it remains noticeable. The lanyard made its appearance in 15th century France where it was originally employed by sailors for use onboard a ship to prevent items from shifting or falling overboard.

Today, lanyards are most commonly found attached to identification badges. However, they may also serve as a means of attaching valuable items, such as a wallet or electronic devices, to one's self. Lanyards can also be used for safety purposes when connected to an emergency off switch, which is triggered when the lanyard is pulled. Lanyards are available in a variety of designs, from the practical to the fashionable, to suit the style and needs of all and have a surprisingly large range of uses.

The Top Five Uncommon Uses for Lanyards:

  1. Camping. Lanyards can be a camper's lifesaver. Attach all those must-need tools to a lanyard and find them with ease.
  2. Boating. If the boat happens to capsize, your equipment will be long gone. Attach all of your valuables to yourself or the boat with the help of a few quality lanyards.
  3. Home use. Organize your life with the help of lanyards. Attach those easily lost items to a few lanyards for quick access. Another idea? Hook jewelry onto a few lanyards then hang them on a closet rod and viola — your jewelry box just got an organizational makeover.
  4. Keys. Never lose your keys again. Attach them to a lanyard and hang it on a hook by the front door. This will shave minutes off your morning as you no longer turn the house upside-down looking for those keys.
  5. USB sticks. These little devices have a way of getting lost in all of our clutter. Attaching a lanyard to one can alleviate this problem. Lanyards make USB sticks easier to find when kept in drawers and they can also be easily worn around the neck so the USB shows up for that important presentation right along with you.

    Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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