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Entrepreneurs and Green Thumbs: More in Common than They Realize

Posted on 05/23/14
It's not exactly possible to cultivate plants and flowers that bear the name of a company or a business logo. However, there are plenty of ways to come close! Flower pots, watering cans, and seed matchbooks are just a few of the ways to simultaneously encourage green thumbs and brand engagement. Reaching out to gardeners is a great way for a company to get their products used and their brand noticed, as most people enjoy having a few flowerpots around the house.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs and small business owners often have a fondness for plants and those who cultivate them. The businessmen see the similarities between growing a garden and growing a company; they even use the same language!

When avid gardeners prepare to plant their garden, they take several different factors into account. The location of the garden and the surrounding environment obviously comes first. The gardener must choose a spot where the flowers will receive the proper amounts of sunlight and water, while also choosing a place safe from natural predators and weeds.

Business owners must be mindful of the same things when planting new offices. They have to pick a location where the competition is not too high, but where there is a large enough demand and customer base for the company to thrive. And, they must ensure the employees they hire are all upstanding and likely to add to the company's success.

As a garden grows, it must be constantly cared for: watered, pruned, and fertilized. Dead matter must be removed, and any weeds that do crop up must be pulled. At a growing small business, the owner must make sure profits are growing, expenditures are kept low, employees are kept happy, and any superfluous spending is cut. Bad employees must be weeded out to ensure the company will grow.

Clearly the metaphor could be carried on even into the harvest that the plants and the business provide, but the point has been made. Providing promotional seeds, watering cans, trowels, and flowerpots is a way for businesses to acknowledge the kinship they feel with gardeners and the fruits of their labor.

Distributing products that allow green-thumbs everywhere to successfully cultivate their plants is more than just a creative way to spread a company's name into households across the country. Businesses and gardens are far more similar that people realize, and it makes a business proud to be reminded, and to remind others, of that similarity.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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