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Talking Trash on Earth Day

Posted on 04/22/14 in Eco-Friendly Promotional Products
April 2014 saw its first radical uptick in trash talking as the NBA Playoffs began this past weekend. As a precursor to Earth Day on April 22nd, the world's elite basketball players recycled favorites from years past. "Not in our house!" and "Serving you up all day!" were upcycled in San Antonio and Oklahoma City respectively. Yet, these disparaging remarks pale compared to those flung at certain corporate targets during the Earth Day fervor.

As alarming statistics on climate change continue to be published, the public looks first to government and big business for answers. Words like "corporate responsibility" and "reducing our footprint" will likely get their share of the spotlight this week. If history proves to be a trustworthy barometer, actions on follow through will be minimal. There is nonetheless a sustainable silver cloud in this Earth Day scenario. Mindful individuals and small business owners across the globe will indeed step up to the plate!

Earth-Day-Seeded-PaperMost of us care deeply for Mother Earth and seek new ways to enhance our green practices. Embrace any of these three simple concepts and set in motion a "pay it forward" green campaign that makes a difference.

1. Precycling - Over the past decade or so, recycling has gotten easier for most of us, at least at home. In large part, this is due to curbside pick-up of blue, yellow and green bins. But while we're doing some good by keeping these items out of landfills, we could do better to reduce the need for such items. That's what precycling is all about! Being mindful in consumer mode − about strategies for purchasing items containing fewer unnatural components. For example, at the market, it's a matter of choosing fresh produce over canned or packaged products. When we do so, we slow down the demand for packaged materials, reducing need for production in the process.

2. Recycling+ - Taking recycling to new heights is attainable for the majority of us as well. We may recycle at home, but there are still plenty of workplaces that don't recycle due to cost. Somehow, we accept this as a fact of life. We need not! Working as a team, we can share the recycling efforts at work, bringing items home for recycling or to a local recycling center. Such a bold move not only empowers us as individuals, but as a capable and determined team. The teamwork and the conscious green practice will also inspire others around us. A win-win-win!

3. Eco-Friendly Products - Revisiting and expanding our appetite for eco-friendly products transforms self-serving needs into green living. Within the promotional products industry, many cool options exist. Seeded paper that bears your brand message and is also planted to produce flowers or trees is one of them. Reusable shopping bags made from 100% recycled and certified 140g non-woven PET is another. PET is the plastic material made from reclaimed plastics, such as those used for plastic soda bottles. Additionally, there are tons of sleek reusable drinkware products that help to relieve the need for buying bottled water. By placing your business logo on items that foster a healthy planet, your organization gets to do well by doing good.

If you're looking to do some championship level trash talking this Earth Day, be ready to back it up!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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