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Do Office Promo Products Still Work?

Posted on 10/16/19

You should hit your prospects where they spend the most time. Outside the home, this is probably at work. If you can position one or more of your promo products in this place, you have a premium location for an ongoing marketing campaign.

The big question is this: Do office products still do what they are supposed to do in terms of ongoing promotion? Here are the best practices you should look at to determine success here.

Stats About Promo Products

80% of consumers in the United States have at least one promo product somewhere in their office or home. 60% of these people keep their promo products with them for two years. What does this mean for your promo campaign? It means that you need to have products with the ability to last two years on a desk somewhere. The question really isn't if office promo products work-the question is whether you are picking the right products to correspond with the stats you see.

You should also note that 63% of people give away promo products that are no longer relevant. This is not necessarily bad because that product still ends up on someone's desk. Keep in mind, however, that this second person may not be a prospect you precisely target.

Low-Cost Marketing

Promo products are an incredibly low-cost way to market at scale. Most companies are unaware of how much money they can save buying products in bulk. The perception of a sophisticated product like table awards or computer accessories is that they are incredibly expensive. This is not the case, especially when you are doing business with a company like FarFromBoring.

Office promo products work because you can play the numbers game. Because the cost per unit is low when you purchase in bulk from the right promo partner, you can spread your message around a bit more than with other marketing methods.

High Brand Recognition

You might think the desks of prospects would become cluttered with promo products over time. This is true, but people have a knack for remembering the companies they allow on their desks. A Sageworld study showed that 57% of people were able to instantly remember the advertiser on a promotional cup. This makes for a great marketing opportunity you really should not pass up, especially if you are using mugs to deliver your message to your prospects.

Technomarketinginc agrees with Sageworld that high brand recognition is a characteristic of good promotional items. They find that 89% of prospects can easily recall the brand behind a promo product that they had used within the past two years.

High Exposure

TV ads and billboards stay in front of a prospect for a matter of seconds, if that. Office promo products stay there on the desk while they are used and while they are not being used. What's more, the product gets shown to everyone walking by the desk. This audience might include clients of the prospect, who may also have a need for your products.

The reasons above are only a few of the ways office promo products work in your favor. You are basically giving yourself an ongoing business card that works for you while you are doing other things. You get more value for your money than with traditional advertising, and you form more of a relationship with your customer. If you are looking to move in this direction, FarFromBoring has the inventory you need for a successful marketing campaign.

Author: Josh Esposito FarfromBoring education provider

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