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Posted on 05/15/14
CalendarsOne item that can be found in most gift shops in nearly every tourist location around the world is the calendar. Usually these calendars feature beautiful pictures of what the tourist came to see: the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid or the ruins of Ancient Rome. However, calendars offer numerous advantages far beyond visual aesthetics.

A Look at Calendars in Numbers

Almost 80 percent of the population considers paper calendars an important part of their daily lives, with most households relying on at least two paper calendars for organizational purposes. Perhaps this is why the sale of paper calendars accounts for over $1 billion in promotional revenue within the United States alone. Successful businesses know promotional calendars offer a simple, yet effective way to endorse a business while helping clients stay organized.

The Popularity of Customized Calendars Continues to Grow

Despite the digital age and our love for all things electronic, sales of calendars continue to increase. The variety of beautiful pictures, inspirational quotes and the array of motifs available on calendars has added to the continued sales, as have the numerous benefits paper calendars offer:
  • Ease of use. People still seem to enjoy the organizational ease paper calendars offer. Electronic calendars often provide too much hassle, as people must swipe back and forth from one event to another. Paper calendars, however, allow for a comprehensive overview of events in one quick glance.
  • A touch of individuality. Paper calendars have a way of expressing an individual's identity that cannot be achieved electronically. People choose calendars that speak to them, and they put a small part of their lives on display every time an event is marked on them.
  • Decorative. Nothing spruces up a blank wall as easily as a beautiful calendar. Attractive and inexpensive, calendars can add a little bit of flair to even the most mundane of rooms or offices.
  • A go-to gift. People continue to consider calendars the ideal gift for any occasion. Offices and households alike appreciate the advantages paper calendars can bring and many can be easily customized to encompass specific styles, colors, or even pictures.
Great for the whole family. When trying to keep a busy family organized, paper calendars are key. Each family member can easily view all events while adding his own. Keeping the whole family on the same page avoids unwanted scheduling conflicts often created when electronic calendars are used.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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