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Camping Essentials: How to Make Roughing It a Bit Less Rough

Posted on 05/22/14
An upcoming camping trip is the perfect excuse to invest in an assortment of fun and intriguing gadgets. Flashlights, backpacks, grills, space heaters, chairs, pocket knives…oh my! Each of these items - and more - can be customized, so offering these as promotional products will ensure your brand reaches into the deepest woods and onto the highest mountains.

Below is a compilation of the most basic and essential camping items, some of which are cheap and great choices for promotional camping equipment:

  • Tents are perhaps one of the most basic items on a camping trip. A tent is important for keeping you safe from the elements, including rain and wild animals. It is also a good place to store your belongings.
  • Sleeping bags are necessary for camping, and they are perhaps even more important than a tent, especially if you're sleeping in a colder climate. Even without a tent, a bed of pine needles will be soft enough to lay on, and your sleeping bag will keep you warm through the night.
  • Matches or lighters are small and cheap. They can also be great promotional items; no camper goes into the woods without a means of starting a fire. Fire is vital for warmth, safety, cooking food, and boiling water. Campfires have also become unequivocally associated with the tradition of camping, to the point that no camping trip is complete without a fire.
  • Camp chairs are a comfort that many people choose to forego only because they can be cumbersome. But some camp chairs, designed in a tripod shape, are lightweight and comfortable, and they would undoubtedly be appreciated and used by a camper if offered as a promotional product.
  • Flashlights are another of those camping necessities that no camper would ever travel without. Especially if a camper is unable to get a fire started, a flashlight may be the only source of light once the sun goes down.
  • Water bottles are a necessity for every camping trip, especially for traveling to a place without a safe water supply. Like matches or a lighter, a water bottle is something that no responsible camper would leave behind.
  • Multipurpose tools are usually pocketknives with other tools built in, such as pliers, scissors, can openers, or screwdrivers. Two of the most popular multitools are the Leatherman and the Swiss Army Knife. Once again, this is a product that is beneficial for every camping trip.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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