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Branded Bundles Make Stellar Welcome Packages

Posted on 12/17/18

Do you like to get useful branded giveaways? What kind of a psycho says "No" to that question? Everybody likes getting giveaways that are useful and interesting, including that new executive your company just hired, the hard-won client that just signed with your firm, and the vendors that keep your company or business stocked with what it needs to thrive. Providing bundles of branded products specifically chosen as a kind of "sign on bonus" can help your company to stand out from the pack.

What Is the Point?

There is nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion and that is exactly what these welcome bundles are. By providing clients and vendors with handy gifts that bear your company's name and logo, you keep your name in front of their mind every time they use them. Moreover, if they use them anywhere that others may see them then you just got yourself some free advertising.

When a bundle like this is given to a new executive with your company, it serves a couple other purposes. First, it shows that new hire that they are valued and part of the team. Second, if properly arranged, it can provide a fledgling executive with the necessary tools to look like a competent professional to clients and customers.

FarFromBoring Bundle Options

FarFromBoring has a plethora of premade bundles that can be branded and given out. None of these bundles are uniquely designed for a specific recipient in mind, however, they are a quick and effortless way to provide branded welcome bundles. Among these are:

Coffee Lover's Gift Boxes

These Coffee Lover's Gift Boxes are generic boxes that provide a small package of gourmet coffee and some sort of drinking vessel, often a mug or insulated cup. Some larger sets also contain candy and other little additions.

Journal & Pen Sets

From quite basic and simple to extravagant, FarFromBoring offers a multitude of Journal & Pen Sets. The journals range in size, composition, and paper type but are all high-quality products. Likewise, the pens that are included may be ballpoint, gel, or felt-tipped but each is designed to cast your company in a good light.

For those who would rather build their own bundles, there are a number of quality products from which to choose. The composition of the bundle depends largely upon who it is meant for - executive, vendor, client, etc.

Bundled packages for new executive might contain basic items such as:

However, why not show them that you really understand the pressure they are under ... give them a stress ball. Better yet, give them something to squeeze that will really provide some cathartic release. Try a stress ball shaped like a cell phone, a computer mouse, or one of the dozens of other items from hot dogs to real dogs!

Moreover, anyone that you are building a bundle for would appreciate a useful item like a USB Flash Drive. FarFromBoring offers a number of assorted designs and storage sizes for their brandable USB Flash Drives.

Sell real estate? Give new clients one shaped like a key with your name and logo stamped in the middle!

Travel agent??? Try one shaped like an airplane!!!

And last but not least, every welcome bundle is better with a tumbler or insulated cup thrown in. FarFromBoring has hundreds to choose from ranging from high end to downright thrifty.


It all comes down to who you are welcoming and what you want them to remember about your company when building a bundle like these. The possibilities are nearly endless with the wide variety of items that FarFromBoring offers for branding with your company's logo and name.

Author: Kim Ciampa Literary Genius

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