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Is Your UVP a Secret?

Posted on 09/22/14 in Best Promotional Products
When you discuss your brand with a marketing professional, one of the first questions you'll encounter is, "What's Your UVP?" I usually say 150 over 90, but I take medication to control it - because it's fun to mess with marketing folks. But truthfully, at Farfromboring we ask people about their brand's unique value proposition all the time. New clients come to us with questions like, "What's the best promotional product for my business?" So naturally we need to know what it is that makes their business different from the competition. Recently, I asked a dry cleaning client about their UVP and the response was, "We're environmentally conscious and most dry cleaners are terrible polluters, and we have same day service - drop off your garments by 9am and we'll have them ready for pick-up after 5pm." That's what we're talking about!

Once we know about your brand's UVP, we can recommend products that best convey the distinct brand messaging. Depending on other parameters and logistics, we'll suggest a promo that complements the unique aspects of the brand, or a universally desired product that works as an efficient vehicle for broadcasting the brand message. Either way, the brand essence has a chance to resonate!

Here are five excellent examples of promotional products that carry unique value propositions beautifully:

hand-sanitizer-promo1. Hand Sanitizer - for a health and wellness company, the opportunity to present a branded product that fights the spread of germs is a natural. During the fall months, as cold and flu season looms large, there's an even stronger need to keep hands free of harmful germs. Obviously, hand sanitizer is a really smart promotional product for doctors' offices, but it's an equally strong promo for personal trainers, schools, banks and various organizations that support the local community.

usb-promo-product2. USB Drive - digital marketing firms, those savvy business consultants who provide website development, search engine optimization and email marketing stay top of mind thanks in part to these highly coveted devices. Likewise, an advertising agency account representative or graphic designer who's dedicated to servicing clients better than competitors can simply hand off a USB drive with the latest digital files and when the client says, "I'll get this back to you," the response is, "no need, it's got 8 gigabytes of memory - keep it, it will come in handy!"

promo-cap3. Apparel - whether it's a snazzy baseball cap, a dry-fit golf shirt or a handsome embroidered jacket, outfitting people in good-looking garments that display your brand messaging is genius. Just ask Ralph Lauren or Nike what this practice has done for growing awareness for their brands. Too often, businesses miss the opportunity to turn their best brand ambassadors - staff and loyal customers - into walking testimonials. Most people are thrilled to receive a gift bearing the brand name of a company that they wholeheartedly endorse. Each and every time they wear it, it's another opportunity to communicate your brand's UVP and increase ROI on your advertising spend.

dog-flyer4. Fitness-related Promos - Americans are getting serious about fighting obesity and being physically fit. If your brand is related to healthy lifestyle choices, then a promotional product that supports active living is one way of "walking the walk." Imprinted sports water bottles, flying disks, foam footballs and golf accessories help your brand to be part of the action. Place inspired messaging and taglines on promos that spread the word that your brand is a leader in the world of better living through physical fitness.

promo-coffee-mug5. Travel Mug - why shouldn't your brand be the first thing that people see when they prepare a cup of coffee for their morning commute? Personalized travel mugs are as good a promotional product as the world has ever seen, because they, well, they travel. Thanks to the growth of single-cup coffee machines and coffee shops that provide discounted refills when you bring your own mug - there's more need than ever for these travelling billboards. Just think about how many daily impressions your brand receives when the imprinted travel mug goes from home to auto, to coffee shop, to office. That's a lot of visibility, turning a small investment into a really strong use of advertising budget!

These are five great ones, but as you can imagine there are tons of other brilliant promos that will help you clearly communicate your organization's unique value proposition.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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