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What's Hot: Top 10 Promotional Products Trending Now!

Posted on 06/05/14 in Best Promotional Products
We say often that the best promotional products satisfy needs. Consumer needs tend to associate with lifestyle trends. For example, when hand sanitizers first became popular, a new need arose - to have hand sanitizer available when and where we may need it - the car, the travel bag, the purse. As such, any item worth purchasing is worth receiving as a free gift. That's why branded hand sanitizer is still a popular and effective customized promotional product.

As arbiters of promo trends, we take pleasure in illuminating unique products that we see trending. Here's a list of 10 Unique Promotional Items that you should know about.

fruit infusion water bottle1. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle - health and wellness is more than a trend, but infusing your beverage with natural fruit products on the go is growing in popularity. As promotional products, these are especially great. They're cool-looking, modern and they promote a healthy lifestyle. They also come in great colors and have large imprint areas. Even the available colors sound nutritious. They include orange, pear, pineapple and aqua. Your brand is guaranteed a fresh look.

smart wallet promo2. Smart Wallet - needless to say, we love all things mobile. Most often, when we think mobile, we're talking about items like phone chargers and headphones. Until someone devises a really "smart" low tech accessory for the one high tech object we keep close to us at all times. People love the customized smart wallet! Since we always need our smart phone, the smart wallet allows us to travel light, bringing just a few key objects, like an ID, credit card and maybe a few business cards. Available in a plethora of great colors, this product is now being made in a variety of different materials, and there's even a glowing smart wallet option too - very cool!

promo power bank3. Power Bank
- because we live in a mobile world, sometimes we need a extra power available remotely. Putting your brand on a rechargeable power bank means you'll stay top of mind because this product is never too far out of reach. If your clients enjoy traveling, they'll value having a product that gives them peace of mind - knowing that they have a backup source of power should they run low at a critical time. It's hard to beat a customized product that makes this type of statement about being dependable and reliable. Power banks are available in a large array of sizes, styles, colors and capabilities.

personal food container promo4. Personal Food Container - on the go health-oriented people need to be prepared with food that suits their diet. Placing your brand messaging on a product like this handy three-piece salad shaker means you'll not only enhance your brand reputation, you will receive a ton of recognition over and over again. Another reason that personal food containers are becoming more popular is food allergies, such as sensitivities to gluten and peanuts. For people with food allergies, personal food containers are must. Feed this need and you'll be stoking the fires of brand loyalty in a very big way.

promotional product mug5. Unique Branded Mug
- who wouldn't want their best customers to begin the day thinking of their brand? This is why we continue to see customized mugs trending. As we say, promotional product trends mimic and complement lifestyle trends. Coffee use and travel mugs have been on the rise over the past several years. A great looking mug like this ceramic and stainless steel model, with no-spill lid, is a smart choice for the office. Lids are becoming increasingly required in offices that seek to protect company-owned electronics.

promo oversize beach towel6. Oversized Beach Towel
- beach towels have been around for quite some time, but the trend is to go BIG with branded beach towels. This one is 50" x 60" so there's ample room for sharing. What's the best thing about oversized promotional products? That's right, oversized room to promote your awesome logo, tag line, slogan or campaign. If you've ever received a nice plush 100% cotton beach towel, odds are that you know where it is right now and you'll be using it this summer. Shouldn't your brand be a staple in beach towel collections belonging to members of your target audience? A truly great summertime promotion!

acrylic drinkware promo7. Acrylic Drinkware - if you have a pool and/or children, then you can fully appreciate the value of acrylic drinkware. This acrylic tumbler may look like a handsome rock glass, but as soon as you handle it, you'll appreciate the difference. BPA free acrylic drinkware is an elegant step up from disposable cups and a necessity around pools or anywhere else where glass is forbidden. For brands looking to stay top of mind for family-oriented consumers, the odds are strongly in favor of customized non-glass drinkware receiving plenty of use and enjoyment.

microfiber promo cloth8. Microfiber Cloth - when it comes to a combination of practicality, portability and value, it's hard to beat microfiber promotional products. Here's a product that everyone needs, whether it's used for cleaning eyeglasses, smart phones, tablets or computer screens at home and office. Lightweight and folding into a small square, they're easy to keep available for impromptu give-aways. Best of all, they're imprinted with stunning patterns. Create your own design or customize an eye-popping pattern that best communicates your unique value proposition. Truly a product that every brand should own!

Promo Stylus Pen9. Stylus Pen - custom pens with stylus have been trending for well over a year now and continue to be top performers. Due to the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, the need for stylus products is growing. Place your logo on a unique promotional writing instrument combined with a stylus and it will be well-received indeed. Best of all, these products are available in a huge variety of styles, colors and prices. This is a truly smart promo for trade shows and events - ensuring that your brand continues to receive exposure long after the event has ended.

mizrahi designer bag promo item10. Custom Designer Products - brands swiftly enjoy elevated status by placing their logo on name designer items. As is the case with this really attractive Isaac Mizrahi (TM) grace lunch cooler. The bag is more than stylish, as it features a separate zippered front compartment and spacious heat sealed interior space. Farfromboring works with a number of the world's largest designer, luxury and sports brands - so your company's identity can share space with a quality brand that share's targeted consumer mindshare.

With literally hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, what's featured here only touches upon the unique promotional items we see trending. If your brand is looking to catch some of the attention surrounding today's hottest lifestyle trends, contact us and we'll make sure that you do. We know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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