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What are the best Eco-friendly promotional products for Natural and Organic brands?

Posted on 07/07/14 in Best Promotional Products
To dial in on a strong answer, I conferred my close friend, Captain Obvious. Here's what he said, "The best promotional products for natural and organic brands are those items made from natural and organic materials." It's almost impossible to stump The Captain! Drum roll please…here is our list of the 10 Best Eco-Friendly Promos for Natural and Organic Brands.

soy candle1. Soy Candle - promote the soothing essence of your brand! Clean-burning soy candles are appealing to senses and that equates to deep-tissue impression massage for your company. They're available in a variety of natural colors and scents − including Green Apple, Cinnamon, Ocean Mist, Vanilla, Lilac, Mango/Papaya and more. Imprint your company's logo on a 4-color process decal or 1-color direct imprint on the lid. Soy candles are a perfect solution for promoting holistic services such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and other alternative medical therapies. They also work like magic for any women-focused campaign.

jute-tote2. Natural Jute Tote - handsome, functional and environmentally responsible. Made with sustainable jute fiber, this duo-tone tote is durable and comes with a handy inner hanging pocket for quick access items. Separate your brand at trade shows and corporate events by providing this fashionable high quality bag. The tote sports a wood button, loop closure and 21" handles, not to mention a large imprint area to showcase a smart brand's commitment to preserving the environment.

organic-lip-balm3. Natural Lip Balm with Organic Ingredients - for a clean lip-smacking promotional campaign. Farfromboring features a number of high quality lip balms made from natural ingredients. This lip balm one takes it a step further, containing Certified Organic ingredients. The simple white tube is a perfect backdrop for promoting your brand in vibrant color. The natural peppermint flavor ensures that your brand will taste as fresh as it looks. You'll also feel good about the fact that it's Made in The USA.

kite-natural-silk4. Natural Silk Kite -promote outdoor health and let your brand soar. Brands committed to family-centric outdoor fun will make a variety of beneficial statements with this natural silk bodied kite. The kite is supported by natural bamboo struts and is made with 90% biodegradable materials. One hundred feet of string and handle are included- so your brand will have ample room to fly high! The large imprint area means that your brand will receive maximum visibility at any height.

eco-pen5. Eco-Green Paper Barrel Pen - an environmentally conscious version of the world's most successful promotional item. This Earth-friendly promo pen is made with a recyclable paper barrel that demonstrates your company's desire to conserve the planet's resources. The natural colored pen barrel presents a perfect backdrop for your company's logo, so that each recipient remains mindful of your brand's thoughtfulness and commitment to good causes. This green pen is sure to be well-received at corporate events and trade shows - and it's sure to spend quality time in offices, cars and homes belonging to members of your target audience.

lucky-bamboo6. Lucky Bamboo
- a living promotional item that promises good fortune and prosperity! These 6" to 12" stalks feature one spiraling bamboo that lends a touch of flair to a highly-cherished organic gift. Lucky Bamboo plants have traveled from Eastern culture to become a well-known symbol of good luck that any recipient in the Western world will surely appreciate. What better way to communicate the goodwill associated with your natural brand? Lucky Bamboo plants can thrive for years with little care, so your brand is sure to receive a ton of impressions.

seeded tree card7. Seeded Plant-A-Tree Card - fuel your campaign with a gift that keeps giving - to the planet and its inhabitants. These unique customized seeded Tree Cards represent a keen initiative to pay it forward. Plant-A-Tree seeded cards empower recipients to actively partake in enhancing the environment, and that's a gift that's hard to top! These cards do exactly what they imply - seeded paper is planted and produces new plant life. The information printed on the back of the card allows the recipient to redeem a code online and plant a tree in a country of choosing. If this sounds amazing, it's because it is. Of course, accompanying the Seed Our Future message on the front of the card is your company's logo. It's a win-win-win promotional product.

desktop garden8. Desktop Garden - let the growing begin at once! Sometimes you just can't wait to get outside and garden, so this promotional gift brings the garden inside. The SproutScape desktop garden allows anyone to grow a fun mini garden in days, on their own desk. Your brand is imprinted on one of five different pop up display cartons that gives this plush landscape just the right backdrop. You can even create a unique pop up display of your own! Growing tray, organic sprout seeds and instructions are included. This promo is sure to land your brand some highly coveted desktop real estate!

cork flash drive9. Cork Flash Drive - uncork your next campaign in eco style. Whether you're exhibiting a trade show, pitching the media or sending files to your clients − they'll appreciate and reuse this clever green cork flash drive. Not only is this item a real head-turner, it's a perfect way to communicate that your brand is environmentally friendly. Perfect for natural and organic brands!

organic t-shirt10. Organic Cotton T-Shirt
- soft, strong, smooth and natural, just like your brand. When you're proud of your brand message, it's only natural to want to show it off. If you're really proud, put it on this high quality 100% organic ring spun cotton T-shirt and others will show it off for you! Also available in a men's version, the one pictured here is contoured for a feminine fit. Available in stylish colors that include Jet Black, Light Blue, Daffodil Yellow, Candy Pink, Natural, Lime, Red and Navy - so your natural brand is sure to grab the attention it deserves!

If you're looking for something else to promote your natural and/or organic brand, contact us. We've got tons of unique ideas and we know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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