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8 Unique Promotional Products for Making a Big Impression

Posted on 07/17/14 in Best Promotional Products
Sometimes your brand needs something extra special to get a foot in the door and differentiate yourself from the competition. Bringing our clients the most unique promotional items is something we do best at Fafromboring. Here are 8 Unique Promotional Products that you'll be glad to have in your bag of tricks:

MoMA Paperweight1. MoMA Architect Paperweight - an unforgettable and stylish conversation piece. Whether you're launching a new brand, thanking a client for their business or marketing to a design-focused audience, this MoMA paperweight will keep your brand top of mind. One of the rare promotional products we recommend that is without a company imprint; this artistic product is valuable for opening the door to increased sales and strengthening strategic relationships. For those unfamiliar with the acronym, MoMA is the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and this promotional item is from the museum's Design Store Collection. This product is a game changer.

stackable fish bowl2. Stakable Fish Bowl - an upscale abode for discriminating fish, and more. This is one fish bowl that's destined to garner plenty of attention. Considering the fact that it has your logo imprinted on it, that's a very good thing! The inner glass bowl is removable for easy cleaning. As if this isn't cool enough as a singular gift, you can add to it. You'll have the opportunity to create a thematic incentive, so that everytime you land another referral − the recipient gets an addition for their ascending modern fish building. Keep this one in mind for a truly unique promotional opportunity.

bowling bag lunch bucket3. Bowling Bag Lunch Bucket - a fun promotional product that certain to get plenty of use. Thanks to the sizable imprint area on this fashion-forward item, your brand receives prime exposure every time this lunch bucket leaves the house. Some lunch bags are simply cooler than others and this bowling bag-shaped lunch bucket is almost too cool for words. It keeps food cool too - or warm - with its insulated main compartment and dual zipper closure. Made from durable 600 denier gray polyester, it features a bold handle, just like the ones a traditional bowing bag.

Gap Stick4. The Gap Stick - an innovative product that's a total keeper. A first glace at The Gap Stick sometimes leaves a viewer unaware of its full value. Once someone grasps the utility of ths versatile tool, it's destined to become an automobile staple − gaining favorable impressions on a daily basis. "The Gap" is not just a place for cool jeans, it's also the name of that magical place between your car seat and center console. The place where your coins, keys, earings, mobile phone and just about every small item around is bound to fall. You can try to reach down and get your hand stuck, or you can use The Gap Stick with it's built in magnet to retrieve your cherished items. Pretty cool, right?

5 in 1 pen5. Bettoni 5-in-1 Pen - anything but your average pen, this 5-in-1 Pen is a substantial tool that will be cherished and used time and again. Aside from being a high quality writing utensil, this pen's capacitive stylus top is handy for navigating mobile device screens with comfort and accuracy. Lift the style to conveniently access a Philips and a flathead screwdriver. The barrel has 3" ruler markings and is shaped with flat sides, to resist rolling away when placed on unlevel surfaces. This pen will become a cherished possession of any contractor, designer, carpenter or new home owner.

lunch box set6. Lunch Box Set - healthier living made easy, thanks to your brand. As we say often, the best promotional products are those born of necessity. This appealing Lunch Box Set helps people have what they want and for many, what they need. For those with food allergies and sensitivities - including people who eat gluten free - this promotional item will get regular use, which equates to a serious number of brand impressions for your organization. It's also valuable for those complying with diet restrictions for calorie and nutrient managment. Complete with a fork/knife/spoon cutlery set and three-section compartment, this product promotes healthy living and demonstrates a serious commitment from your lifestyle-oriented brand.

canvas yacht tote7. Large Canvas Yacht Tote - even the name of this stylish tote speaks to it's elegance. There's a reason people love boat totes - primarily that their easy to pack in a jiffy. The construction of this product is such that it beckons you to throw in a bathing suit, towel, water bottle, change of clothes, snack and really anything you desire, as you've got plenty of room to spare. This Large Cotton Canvas Yacht Tote distinquishes itself from others boat totes with its deep rich colors and solid construction. This is where your brand belongs! After all, boat totes are nice, but a Yacht Tote alludes to an outing of a different sort.

stadium seat8. Modern Stadium Seat - a beautiful marriage of practicality and style. Proving that there's always room to improve on a good idea, this stadium seat provides a more substantial custhion and a steel frame that offers five reclining position adjustments. Made of 300 denier polyester and sporting a carrying strap, this modern stadium seat is durable and convenient. Best of all, it's a way to earn your brand entry to stadiums, where less savvy brands pay millions to advertise!

This is a merely a sampling of eight great promotional products that you now have in your arsenal of tactics. If you're brand is in need of a custom solution, feel free to contact us. Our promo nerds have been studying far from boring solutions for decades and we know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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