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Are Promotional Products Right For You? Check Out The Fun Facts
At FarFromBoring, we are all about promotional products. You already know that. One thing you may not know, though: just about everyone around you is ...READ FULL POST

Top Promotional Products for Small Business
The present days' economic situations have necessitated smaller businesses to look for alternative and exciting ways to save some bucks while trying t...READ FULL POST

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Use Promotional Products
According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 94% of people vividly remember where they received a promotional product gift. Thi...READ FULL POST

Promoting Your Business With Unique Promotional Pens From FarfromBoring Promotions
When you think of promotional products you usually think of pens since they are so flexible in style and in price. Promotional pens are not only popu...READ FULL POST

Does My Company Need Promotional Business Products?
Do I need promotional business products? That depends on how serious you are with your business venture. Is this a de facto hobby, or a true business ...READ FULL POST

How To Impress Everyone At Your Next Trade Show
Gone are the days when trade show bags look like an old, small version of a cheap suitcase. Today conference bags come in many styles, various combina...READ FULL POST

How Can Promotional Products Benefit Your Business?
Managing a business can be a very daunting task and one of the most challenging aspects of the job is to improve brand awareness among consumers. This...READ FULL POST

Increasing Your Brands Visibility With Promotional Key Rings
Promotional activities are practiced by all companies to improve brand image and promote sales of their products. Among all the promotional gifts offe...READ FULL POST

Promotional Bottle Openers | Are They Right For You?
Choosing products to use in your business can be a bit daunting. After all, because you buy these items in bulk, you'll spend a lot of your budget on ...READ FULL POST

How Promotional Products Can Help Your Business
Managing a business can be a very overwhelming task and one of the most challenging aspects of the job is to improve brand awareness among customers. ...READ FULL POST

Promoting Your Online Business with Branded Promotional Products
Online shopping has taken over the retail landscape over the last decade and shows no sign of slowing down. Social media provides an indispensable...READ FULL POST

The Importance Of Using Branded Promotional Items
After deciding to sell some products or services, it is wise to promote everything accordingly.There are many ways of doing this and using branded pro...READ FULL POST

Branding Your Craft Beer for Business
    It must be a dream to work and drink beer at the same time. For those who work in the brewery industry, it's an everyda...READ FULL POST

Promotional merchandise is proven to be the most powerful & effective marketing tool. Even though it's a traditional marketing method, promotiona...READ FULL POST

Now Available: Fidget Spinners
Spinning their way into people's hands across the world, this new gadget has gained a ton of popularity due to its immediate addictive nature. The...READ FULL POST

Eco-friendly Promotional Products
It’s time to put your paper-based marketing tools to better use. With the warmer months approaching, what better way to start than with a cou...READ FULL POST

Your Brand Deserves a Great Warm-up Act!
As the weather begins to chill, it's time to think about promotional gift items that keep your crowd warm and cozy. As we say often, the best promos...READ FULL POST

Is Your UVP a Secret?
When you discuss your brand with a marketing professional, one of the first questions you'll encounter is, "What's Your UVP?" I usually say 150 over ...READ FULL POST

Promotional Products for Real Estate Brokers and Agents
According to Bloomberg news, the residential Real Estate market is on fire! With the housing market recovering and lending banks regaining their...READ FULL POST

Handsome Bastard: Offline Marketing for Online Companies
As an online company, you're likely spending thousands, if not millions, in electronic media - Web, radio and television - and supplementing it with...READ FULL POST

Back to School: Perfect Promos for College Career Fairs
University and college career fairs are an ideal way for recruiters to meet hundreds of bright, ambitious students in one place. Many career fair at...READ FULL POST

10 NEW Promotional Products that Excite Us
When you've been around the block a few times as we have, not every product that comes along will blow your skirt up (especially if you're a pants k...READ FULL POST

7 Promotional Products Worthy of a Nickname
As any sports fan will attest, great performers earn the nicknames worthy of their talents. LeBron "King" James, "Iron" Mike Tyson and "The Great On...READ FULL POST

8 Unique Promotional Products for Making a Big Impression
Sometimes your brand needs something extra special to get a foot in the door and differentiate yourself from the competition. Bringing our clients t...READ FULL POST

Branded Blankets Create Cozy Customers
Few things are more soothing than a warm blanket. After a long day at work, running errands, on the slopes, or meeting their numerous responsibiliti...READ FULL POST

Guy Favorites: Top 10 Manly Promos
If your brand appeals to a target audience highly saturated with men, you'll appreciate this handpicked list of promotional products that are certai...READ FULL POST

Why People Still Love Handwritten Letters
When was the last time you received a handwritten note? If you can't remember, don't be surprised. With the advent of electronic communications like...READ FULL POST

What are the best Eco-friendly promotional products for Natural and Organic brands?
To dial in on a strong answer, I conferred my close friend, Captain Obvious. Here's what he said, "The best promotional products for natural and org...READ FULL POST

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Product
No matter how long you've been in business, you understand the importance of staying on top of your marketing game. Customers locate and patronize c...READ FULL POST

The Top 5 Promotional Gifts Attorneys Should Give to Clients
Attorneys in any practice area are well aware that their clients represent the lifeblood of their business. Clients often approach lawyers in times ...READ FULL POST

Liquid Assets: 10 Top Brand-able Tumblers
In 1983, when Boy George and his British new wave band Culture Club sang, "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" it's unlikely that they were singing the praises of bra...READ FULL POST

Why Personalized Promotional Items Make Memorable Gifts
What's in a name? In his pivotal leadership tome "How to Win Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie observes that "a person's name is to that...READ FULL POST

10 Really Cool Red, White and Blue Promotional Products
Summer is officially in full gear, so it's time to flex your brand's patriotic muscles! Here are the top 10 promotional products that will place your ...READ FULL POST

Working it Out: Tips for Staying Fit in the Workplace
With sedentary (desk-based) jobs increasing every year, a greater number of Americans face the health risks of prolonged sitting, including obesity,...READ FULL POST

Baby, it's Cold Outside: The Top 5 Promotional Items to Beat the Elements
Depending on where you live, weather can be highly unpredictable. Just when you thought you could get away with wearing a light jacket to work, a co...READ FULL POST

What's Hot: Top 10 Promotional Products Trending Now!
We say often that the best promotional products satisfy needs. Consumer needs tend to associate with lifestyle trends. For example, when hand saniti...READ FULL POST

Top 10: Stress Relievers
Custom stress balls and unique stress relief products are among the best promotional items that help our clients get a leg up on the competition. He...READ FULL POST

The Very Best Real Estate Is Inexpensive
How fortunate are those businesses that acquire prime real estate? For retail brands, the exposure of being in a high-traffic location is invaluable...READ FULL POST

What is the best cheap promotional product for a trade show?
First off, please tell me that this question is mis-stated. Surely you're not seeking a "cheap" item to represent your brand (I am seeking a cheap i...READ FULL POST

Blow Your Business Up with Branded Beach Balls: A Unique Promotional Product
When it comes to clever marketing, it's hard to beat the value that comes from having your brand on a beach ball promotional product. Beach balls ar...READ FULL POST

Beautiful Imprinted Pens are Effective and Popular Promotional Products
A pen is just a pen…unless it's a really great-looking Imprinted Pen with your sharp promotional message. And when such a cool looking branded...READ FULL POST

Branded Phone and Tablet Holders Are A Unique Promotional Item
When it comes to handing out promotional products, daily-use items take the gold. They are the best way to build brand recognition for the long-term. ...READ FULL POST

Branded Dog Bowl - A Doggone Smart Promotional Product!
Here's the scoop on this scoop bowl! Interestingly, great marketing and great pets have much in common − and when you combine these two loyalt...READ FULL POST

Customized Fiesta 20-oz Ball with Straw − A Unique Promotional item
If you're planning an awesome event complete with unique promotional items that make a big impression, you'll want to give serious consideration to ...READ FULL POST

LED Backlit Auto Window Decal
If Window Decals are the promotional item you are interested in, if you want to place your logo on the road, then place it in cars! This Promotional L...READ FULL POST

​Business Card Magnet and Calendar
Magnets are great because they hold things up, yes, that much we know. In almost any home, you will see magnets, with useful need-to-know information...READ FULL POST

Saturday Evening post Spiral Appointment Calendar.
Can we talk Calendars? When are they useful? Appropriate and exactly what you needed? The answer is always. For any person who has work to get don...READ FULL POST

Choose this Custom Tea Infusion Tumbler 16 oz
Your clientele is health conscious; your customers take excellent care of themselves. Perhaps you have a yoga studio, health food or something of the ...READ FULL POST

Use a Custom Stainless Travel Kit
There is no limit to the useful nature of this product. It allows you to take warm beverages with you and keep them hot, it is spill proof as well as...READ FULL POST

Custom Drawstring Sports Pack
When promoting your company, there are insider tricks that are tried and true. The goal is to remind customers of your company. There are promotional...READ FULL POST

Trail Loop Drawstring Backpack
If you are looking to impress your clients, we recommend this useful product. The Trail Loop Drawstring Backpack is a great way to promote your compan...READ FULL POST

Branded Nike Golf Shirt - Dri-FIT Heather Polo
If you're charged with sourcing a great looking golf shirt for your company's golf tournament, look no further than a branded Nike Golf Shirt âˆ...READ FULL POST

Branded Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Amazing Sound Quality
If you're looking to make sweet music with your company's messaging, place it on a high quality branded Bluetooth multipurpose speaker. Due to the e...READ FULL POST

Branded Mini Basketball and Hoop Set is a Unique Fun Promotion
Why not use a big event like March Madness to promote your brand! With March Madness and the Final Four kicking off this week, basketball fe...READ FULL POST

Personalized Glow Products Take Your Party Higher!
Try adding promotional products that glow to your nighttime occasions and see what happens, because there are parties and then there are PARTIES - and...READ FULL POST

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