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"Totes Adorbs": Adorable Totes for Everywhere

Posted on 05/04/14 in Bags and Totes
Woman at the Marina with Tote BagTote bags sporting your company's name and logo are a great way to advertise your business, but they also have a number of other uses. Both practical and fashionable, totes serve many purposes beyond simply being a portable nameplate. They can be reusable shopping bags, car carryalls, or even a favorite fashion accessory.

Touting the Tote's History

According to the dictionary, a tote bag is different from a purse in that it is an open handbag. Its original definition included "packages or small items," though now we usually think of a tote as a large, roomy shopping bag or handbag.

Of course, the definition of "tote" also means "carry" - and these types of bags have been used to carry items for centuries. However, the term "tote bag" arose right around 1900. The traditional tote was a simple, large jute bag with a handle on each side. Later on, however, factories would begin producing them en masse made out of materials like canvas and nylon.

The tote bag really took off in the United States around 1944 when L.L. Bean released their classic Boat Bag. While the Boat Bag was designed just for boaters, the bag's properties - including simplicity and sturdiness - meant it was soon commonly used among the general population, especially women. These bags quickly turned into popular handbags in the 1950s, and would become fashionable a decade later.

Bonnie Cashin, one of the pioneers of designer ready-to-wear items, released a line of totes called the Cashin Carry Tote Bags in the 1960s. These bags bore classy labels for those who wanted both practicality and style. Today, by carrying a bag emblazoned with your alma mater's logo or from a high-end fashion company, totes are a way to show off your values and lifestyle.

Uses for Tote Bags

Tote bags can be used to carry just about anything that'll fit inside - but that's not all. Here are some of the most popular uses for totes:

  • Taking the place of a large, cumbersome backpack, a tote bag can hold everything needed for the workday, and then some.
  • Tote bags are cute, fashionable, and serve as a great accessory.
  • Since they're reusable, tote bags make great eco-friendly shopping bags, no matter what store you're shopping at.
  • Do you have a hobby that requires space? Use a tote for knitting accessories, beach gear, a laptop, or gym clothes.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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