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6 Automotive Promos to Get Your Marketing Motor Running

Posted on 09/08/14 in Automotive Accessories
Since the first Fords rolled off the assembly line, cars have represented something more than a faster way to get from here to there. For most of us, our car is a multitude of things - including a status symbol, a significant investment and our mobile home away from home. Every organization can increase their brand presence when they capitalize on opportunities to land some valuable real estate on the inside of an automobile.

Six promo ideas that put your brand in the driver's seat:

  • Suction cup smartphone holders. As anyone on highway traffic patrol will tell you, distractions are dangerous. A smartphone holder takes your phone out of your hands, mounting it securely onto the glass of your windshield and offering a touch-free GPS display.
  • air freshener promoAutomotive air fresheners. There's a good reason that convenience stores sell air fresheners - people love them! That's why a promotional air freshener makes perfect sense. Your brand gets to sponsor a fresh scent - and it doesn't have to be pine-scented or pine tree shaped either. The latest air freshening technology clips right onto the air conditioning vents and comes in a number of fresh, pleasant aroma choices. You may also choose to go with a natural automotive air purifier, which filters CO2 (just like trees do) and keeps the interior of the car feeling good as new.
  • Windshield shades. It's a match made in heaven. Your customer needs a windshield shade to keep the sun from overheating the interior of their car and weathering upholstery - at the same time, your brand loves the opportunity to help out and also get some face time with consumers in the parking lot. It's a branding home run!
  • Magnetic bumper signs. Bumper decals can be a fun way to show personality, values, and brand loyalties - though they also pose a problem of sticking - making them difficult to remove should you wish to sell a car or return it off lease. Magnetic bumper signs offer all the perks of stickers without any of the gluey residue, with excellent brand representation to boot.
  • ice scraper mittens promoIce scraper mittens. It's never too early to start preparing for winter - especially with a doozy like last year's. Having an ice scraper handy when needed is really good. Having an ice scraper with mittens handy is appreciated in a big way. Off your customers and staff a branded product that shows how much you genuinely care for their health and comfort.
  • Tire air gauges. Driving with fully inflated tires is safer, more energy-efficient, and makes for a smoother ride. Your clients are sure to keep a tire gauge tool handy, and if your brand is on it, you have a continuous stream of brand impressions coming your way. That's great advertising ROI.

Car accessories can be fun, practical, or both - making them perfect for promoting your company. Those you seek to influence have plenty of need for auto-related products - and they may as well own one with your brand messaging!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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