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Are Promotional Products Right For You? Check Out The Fun Facts

Posted on 03/24/20

At FarFromBoring, we are all about promotional products. You already know that. One thing you may not know, though: just about everyone around you is really into promotional products as well.

In fact, most people underestimate just how much promotional products shape their lives. Don't believe it? Don't worry: we've done our homework and found five fast facts about promotional products that will blow your mind (and possibly leave a branded bag in its place).

Wearing Things Out

Many individuals and companies try to "crack the code" when it comes to promotional products. What is it that people care about the most? Believe it or not, it's all about the wearable promotional products. Things like promotional t-shirts and hats are deeply popular with customers. And this is great for businesses as well: word of mouth remains the most persuasive way of converting customers, and t-shirts turn happy customers into walking and talking marketing for the products they really love. 

Customers Really Dig It

It's easy to feel cynical about promotional products. In fact, you may even think about the old Mitch Hedberg joke about people handing out promotional flyers: "I don't want to throw this away, you throw this away." However, this couldn't be further from the truth. As it turns out, customers really go ga-ga for a good promotional product. The vast majority (over ninety percent) of consumers have promotional products in their kitchens. And over seventy percent of consumers have promotional items at their workplace. What does this mean? Customers are all too happy to make promotional products a regular part of their lives and lifestyles.

A Real "Write Off"

Of course, t-shirts aren't the only super-popular promotional product. What else do customers absolutely love? promotional Pens and pencils. The best promotional products serve as solutions to problems that customers have. In some cases, customers don't even know they have a problem until it's too late. It's like that with writing utensils. No one ever worries about not having a pen on least, until they have to sign a check or an important document. The equation here is simple: companies giving away branded pens are helping to take care of customers and inspire customer loyalty. And businesses love promotional pens because they are crazy cheap to make!

All In the Bag

Earlier, we mentioned how businesses love t-shirts because they turn customers into free advertising. What is another way to do this? Simple: promotional bags. Most people don't like to be bogged down by baskets or shopping carts when they can avoid it. However, before they know it, they'll have more things in their hands than they can easily hold. The bags help customers avoid this embarrassing situation while maintaining their speedy shopping. And everywhere they shop, other shoppers will see their branded bag and develop interest in the business. Promotional bags are also on the rise because many stores no longer use paper or plastic bags. Some of these stores will sell a bag for a nominal fee, but customers rocking a promotional bags are already covered.

All About Relevance

You've probably noticed a trend when it comes to the most popular promotional products. However, we'll spell it out just in case: customers want products that are relevant and useful. The most popular items are also the most useful. Everyone could always use a comfy t-shirt, a new pin, or a handy shopping bag. Companies that provide these things send a clear message: they know how to take care of customers.

Author: Josh Esposito FarfromBoring education provider

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