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Are Americans Hungry for Low-Tech?

Posted on 05/22/14
We think yes. The Internet is wonderful. It's brought us tons of opportunity to connect − with more people, more often. Yet we remain cognizant of the fact that technology is a double-edged sword. During the early part of this century, when the Blackberry morphed into the Crackberry, we could start to feel the blade's sharp cut. That was the beginning. It was actually a more simple time, when email overload was our biggest problem. Now, the information overload has gone viral...and social. Blackberry-guy

Here's a trend prediction! In the future, Americans will actively seek low tech environments. We'll choose to dine in establishments that require patrons to turn off devices, or better yet, leave them at home. It just makes sense that at some point, we come to realize that it's our choice to opt for comfort of low tech periodically.

This brings us to advertising. Question: When is "free" a terrible value? Answer: When it doesn't work. Marketers fell in love with email marketing because of its free delivery. But, the time spent to craft clever and attractive email content is not free. And the outcome is that people are becoming more enamored with snail mail promotions. Email solicitation is just another piece of email to review. It's a burden. The digital world is so noisy that we now crave low tech objects!

hot-cold-packWhat are the best tangible objects for branding? You guessed it - unique promotional products. Why fight for attention on the super-crowed Internet highway, when you can make real inroads in the physical world? This is why promotional items work better now than ever before. There are other reasons. One is the evolution of sophisticated promotional products. Like other thriving industries, the promotional products world has become more specialized.
While traditional promos remain effective, new products focused on the needs of the target audience are a big hit. Chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers advance relationships with customized hot/cold packs.Attorneys, accountants and assorted service professionals personalize mobile phone accessories to stay relevant. While branded sunscreen, lip balm and hand sanitizer products help health professionals teach preventive care.

The point is that simple solutions with direct messages get the job done best. Even when the goal is to drive website visitation, promotional products present a clear advantage. Imprinting a website on an item with tangible value is like using a Trojan horse to gain entry. Useful physical objects initiate relationships that are worthy of taking it digital. Not only do they provide great introductions, they demonstrate that even digital brands serve the needs of people living in the physical world.

The bottom line is that whether we appreciate technology or feel burdened by it, we're still sorting it out. There's much about the digital world that makes us uncomfortable. By living through the current high tech tidal wave we are part of a Guinea pig generation. As we ride this wave, it's only natural that we yearn for brands with tangible benefits. That's why customized promotional products are refreshing. When selected and designed with care, they create an awesome first impression. Low tech and high value wins every time!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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