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Tell Your Marketing Strategy to Take a Hike with Promotional Shoelaces

Posted on 05/22/14 in Apparel
Not a lot of thought goes into shoelaces. They're the type of thing people don't really appreciate until they're gone…or broken. They sure do get around, however. Everyone who has ever worn a tennis shoe, a running shoe, a football or soccer cleat, or a hiking boot has handled shoelaces countless times without ever thinking about it.

Most shoelaces are plain and boring, being purely functional. White or black, occasionally striped, their only purpose is to keep your shoe on your foot. However, think about the times that someone you knew had brightly colored shoelaces. You noticed it almost immediately, correct? For some reason, something as ordinary as a shoelace can become a topic of conversation simply by being different.

Brightly colored shoelaces draw the eye, as do coiled shoelaces or laces with wild patterns. It is an interesting fact of human nature that we don't tend to pay any attention to what people are wearing on their feet unless it is different or eye-catching in some way. A pair of loafers, for example, will be forgotten in an instant, but if they have a cross-hatch leather pattern, the wearer will be complimented on his shoes multiple times in an evening.

Similarly, a job applicant wearing a pair of loafers with bright blue laces will catch the eye of most everyone he walks past. A potential employer will notice the laces and may question the businessman on his choice of shoelace. This is sure to be an interesting conversation piece in some way, and the interviewer will likely not soon forget that particular applicant.

It is for this reason that promotional shoelaces can be so effective. The things that we generally notice the least are the things that capture our attention the most when they are different from the norm. By sporting customized shoelaces, wearers can spread a brand's message at soccer games, shopping trips, conferences, dinners, and even the dog park. They can be conversation starters between total strangers, and the company that provided the shoelaces will be the focus.

How many times in your life has a shoelace broken and left your footwear option of the day out of commission until a replacement shoelace could be found or purchased? No matter the count, it is almost certain it will happen again. And next time, a pair of promotional shoelaces will be waiting to fix your problem; they can also spark a conversation between you and just about everyone you meet.

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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