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Hats Off to Your Marketing Campaign

Posted on 07/10/14 in Apparel
Promotional HatsHats have become a ubiquitous accessory for men and women over the years. In their various forms, they provide warmth and protection from the elements, while also accentuating the wearer's outfit and facial features.

The versatility and usefulness of hats makes them an ideal promotional item for any company. Printed with your logo or customized with your unique branding characteristics, hats grab the attention of passersby while providing protection and style to the recipient.

Read on to learn more about the history of hats and how they can top off your marketing campaign.

A Brief Historical Timeline of the Hat

Hats have existed in various forms for hundreds of years. Some significant dates in headwear history include:

1400: Women begin wearing hennins, tall and "impractical" headdresses.
1529: Millaners, the first known tradespeople to specialize in hats, emerge in Northern Italy.
1760: The Tricorne, or three-cornered hat, gains status among gentlemen, horsemen, and pirates.
1840: The long reign of the top hat begins.
1865: John Stetson invents the cowboy hat in - where else? - Texas.
1900: Fashionable women distinguish themselves with elaborately-adorned hats.
1961: Jackie Kennedy popularizes the pillbox hat.
2011: "Fascinators," or stylized women's hairpieces, come into fashion after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in England.

What Type of Promotional Hat Should I Choose?

Whatever your company's unique aesthetic and marketing goals, promotional hats exist to meet your needs. Consider fun and functional headwear, such as:

  • Baseball caps. An American classic, baseball caps showcase your brand while lending sun protection to the wearer.
  • Trucker hats. Not only for truck drivers anymore, trucker hats are a variation on the baseball cap that give your company a trendy vibe.
  • Ski caps. Perfect giveaways for the winter months, ski hats can be customized with embroidery or patches that bear your logo.
  • Beanies. These fun, floppy hats come in a variety of colors and patterns recipients will love.
  • Novelty hats. Planning for an upcoming party or holiday? From reindeer antlers to hardhats to American flag hats, find headwear that captures the spirit of your event.

Whether you seek a promotional product for your next industry event, a gift for your employees, or a memorable party accessory, look no further than the hat. Your recipients will enjoy a shield from the sun and rain, and they'll display your brand every time they wear it.

Have no doubt: by adding promotional hats to your marketing strategy, you'll place your business a "head" of the competition!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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