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7 Promotional Products Worthy of a Nickname

Posted on 07/21/14
As any sports fan will attest, great performers earn the nicknames worthy of their talents. LeBron "King" James, "Iron" Mike Tyson and "The Great One" Wayne Gretsky have all lived up to theirs! It's no different among the promotional products that achieve greatness too. Here are 7 Promotional Products Worthy of Their Nicknames.

keychain bottle opener1. "Boyscout" - always prepared! It's one of those things that make a powerful lasting impression. Someone hands you an imported bottle of beer and you give the cap a twist, just to confirm that it's not a twist off. Then your friend pulls out her key ring with sleek bottle opener and promptly removes the cap without skipping a beat. Like the Boyscout motto encourages, "Be prepared." These are words to live by - in the woods and in the vicinity of quality imported beverages. Some of the best promotional products are those that "lay in wait," knowing that their opportunity to save the day is coming - time and time again. The keychain bottle opener is so legendary that it's been created in every shape, with every sturdy material you can imagine.

Shoe Door Jam2. "The Jammer" - odds are that you've never seen a door jammer look this good! Incredible promotional items frequently grab you by surprise and this chic Foot In The Door doorstop is no exception. Sure to be an attention-grabber around the office and a conversation starter for its proud owner. Of course, the question, "where did you get such a cool item?" is answered on the instep - it's your ultra-cool brand! Firm grip rubber coating securely maintains doors in an open position. It's available in vibrant red and sophisticated black.

messenger bag promo3. "Extrovert" - a messenger bag that carries its strongest message on the outside. Messenger bags are extremely popular because they're fashion-forward and provide their owners with comfortable options for carrying. For many, that means securely crossed over the outside shoulder. The messenger bag pictured here is made of durable 600 denier polyester, features a matching striped strap and multiple pockets, including two side pockets that provide convenient access to a water bottle or mobile phone. A bag this popular morphs into a valuable walking billboard for your brand message.

dual port USB car adapter4. "RT" (or "Artie") - short for the "Road Tripper" - refers to products that are bound to improve the quality of road trips for drivers and passengers alike. The Dual-Port USB Car Adapter is most definitely an RT promotional product. Best of all, it delivers incredible daily impressions for any brand smart enough to land this prime auto interior spot. With companies paying $10,000 and up for billboard space that drivers see for an instance, here's an opportunity to outsmart that medium by commanding attention over and over again, every road trip.

chocolate covered pretzel promo5. "Babe Ruth" - whether you choose to send a Royal Tin or an Executive Pretzel Box like the one pictured here, decadent chocolate covered treats hit a home run every time. In addition to chocolate covered items, premium mixed nuts, jelly beans and other enticing confections − beautifully package − are also known to sport an incredible lifetime batting average. Such promotional products are often sent as a "thank you" to one person, yet they generate goodwill for an entire office or department as they're usually shared generously. That's enhanced reputation management for any brand.

power bank promo6. "Money" - mobile power banks score so much goodwill, it's like putting money in the bank. They're so well received, cherished and utilized - that your brand's ROI is something your brand can bank on. In our evolving mobile world, the only thing that can interrupt us from instantaneous access to a world of information is battery power. Imprinting your brand message on a mobile power bank means you'll accompany your target audience on every road trip. In the famous words of 1970s TV cop Tony Beretta, "You can take that to the bank!"

stress reliever love seat promo7. "DP" - promotional items with dual functionality earn the nickname "Double Play," shortened to DP in our office. DP promos such as the Loveseat Desktop Stress Reliever are doubly hard to resist. Truth is there's more than two ways to value and enjoy this stress reliever and desktop holder of items. As the image indicates, it's often used to hold business cards and mobile phones, but it's equally equipped to hold paper clips, wrapped candies or any number of smaller office desktop items. As with most stress relief products, there are various complementary style statements made with shape, color and imprint as well.

Farfromboring clients coin a fair number of nicknames for the promos that work best for their branding needs. "Winner," "closer" and "savior" are recurring terms for many of them. If you're looking for a promotional product star for your upcoming campaign, feel free to contact us for assistance. It's the reason our clients come to us - we're Farfromboring and we know what works!

Author: Robert Stillman CEO

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