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Letting Your Employees, Customers and Family Know You Care About Their Health and Safety During These Trying Times
For most people, what seems to be the most frustrating aspect of the global health crisis we are now facing is the fact that they are separated from l...READ FULL POST

How Promotional Masks Keep Your Companies' Name on Your Client's Lips
In these unique days that we now find ourselves in, there is always something comforting about seeing the businesses and brands that you are familiar ...READ FULL POST

How Promotional Products Can Help Promote Your Business After Quarantine
As companies and offices begin to reopen in various phases all across the country (and the globe) there are a number of new challenges, as well as new...READ FULL POST

Helpful ways to remind your employees and customers that you are thinking about them during these changeling times.
Unprecedented is a word that we are hearing thrown around a lot of these days. "New normal" is another term commonly uttered as well. But the fact is,...READ FULL POST

How to Keep Your Employees and Clients Happy and Comfortable While Sheltering in Place
There is no doubt that people all over the world are experiencing a new and very unfamiliar way of life during these difficult and unprecedented times...READ FULL POST

Are Promotional Products Right For You? Check Out The Fun Facts
At FarFromBoring, we are all about promotional products. You already know that. One thing you may not know, though: just about everyone around you is ...READ FULL POST

Top Promotional Products for Small Business
The present days' economic situations have necessitated smaller businesses to look for alternative and exciting ways to save some bucks while trying t...READ FULL POST

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Use Promotional Products
According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 94% of people vividly remember where they received a promotional product gift. Thi...READ FULL POST

Building Your Brand Recognition Through The Use Of Promotional Products
Building a company's brand recognition is getting tougher every year. The current economic environment makes it necessary to create brand awareness fo...READ FULL POST

Promoting Your Business With Unique Promotional Pens From FarfromBoring Promotions
When you think of promotional products you usually think of pens since they are so flexible in style and in price. Promotional pens are not only popu...READ FULL POST

Does My Company Need Promotional Business Products?
Do I need promotional business products? That depends on how serious you are with your business venture. Is this a de facto hobby, or a true business ...READ FULL POST

Do Office Promo Products Still Work?
You should hit your prospects where they spend the most time. Outside the home, this is probably at work. If you can position one or more of your prom...READ FULL POST

How To Impress Everyone At Your Next Trade Show
Gone are the days when trade show bags look like an old, small version of a cheap suitcase. Today conference bags come in many styles, various combina...READ FULL POST

How Can Promotional Products Benefit Your Business?
Managing a business can be a very daunting task and one of the most challenging aspects of the job is to improve brand awareness among consumers. This...READ FULL POST

Increasing Your Brands Visibility With Promotional Key Rings
Promotional activities are practiced by all companies to improve brand image and promote sales of their products. Among all the promotional gifts offe...READ FULL POST

Promotional Bottle Openers | Are They Right For You?
Choosing products to use in your business can be a bit daunting. After all, because you buy these items in bulk, you'll spend a lot of your budget on ...READ FULL POST

Marketing Through the Use of Promotional Pens
There are a lot of promotional items that serve to improve brand awareness for the companies they represent. The most popular ones in the market today...READ FULL POST

Promoting Your Business with Promotional Umbrellas
When you heard the word "umbrella", what immediately comes to mind is rain. Umbrellas, however, are designed, not for protection against the rain, but...READ FULL POST

How Promotional Products Can Help Your Business
Managing a business can be a very overwhelming task and one of the most challenging aspects of the job is to improve brand awareness among customers. ...READ FULL POST

Promoting Your Online Business with Branded Promotional Products
Online shopping has taken over the retail landscape over the last decade and shows no sign of slowing down. Social media provides an indispensable...READ FULL POST

The Importance Of Using Branded Promotional Items
After deciding to sell some products or services, it is wise to promote everything accordingly.There are many ways of doing this and using branded pro...READ FULL POST

Bull's-eye! 5 Promotional Items for Outdoor Adventures
Some of the most effective promotional items are targeted directly to your customers' personal interests. Nature lovers and adventurous customers who ...READ FULL POST

How Do Your Promo Products Fit Your Greater Marketing Strategy?
Doing promo is one of the most important aspects of marketing regardless of your industry. The way that you negotiate your promo products will determi...READ FULL POST

Stressed Out! 6 Stress-Relieving Promotional Products for an Overworked Day
Everyone is talking about burnout and stress and how to keep life stress-free. Your company can be the super-hero with customized fun and stress-relie...READ FULL POST

Holiday Branding Throughout the Year
The calendar is full of holidays that provide ample opportunity to connect with your customers. FarfromBoring offers thousands of items that reflect ...READ FULL POST

How Promotional Products Can Make You the Best Boss Ever
Being the boss may sound good, but it's actually tough work. Even if you're keeping all of your customers happy, there's one more group that's even ha...READ FULL POST

Branded Promotional Ideas for American Heart Month
Every year since 1963, the United States Congress asks the president to designate February as American Heart Month. Based on data from the Centers for...READ FULL POST

4 Ways That Promotional Products Have Changed Marketing
Here at FarfromBoring, we love promotional products. Unfortunately, many customers don't know how important these products are! For instance, did you...READ FULL POST

Promote Healthy Living with These Branded Items
Savvy business owners understand the benefit of healthy living for productivity, employee attendance, and employee engagement. With that in mind, it...READ FULL POST

How Promotional Products Can Help Your Small Business Grow
No small business wants to stay small forever. The trick is finding the best way for that small business to grow large and successful. If you own a s...READ FULL POST

Pens, Pens, and More Promotional Pens
Okay, so maybe having cool pens with your company's name and logo emblazoned on them won't actually pave the way to riches and glory all by themselves...READ FULL POST

Using Branded Promotional Graduation Gifts to Recruit the Industry's Newest Members
The key to success for any business lies in the people who work for it. From the lowest entry level position to the CEO, the people of a corporati...READ FULL POST

Branding on a Budget: Promotional Products to the Rescue
Building your brand is the most important part of building a business. There's just one problem: building a brand can be very expensive! At the end o...READ FULL POST

4 Things You'd Never Guess About Promotional Products
There is a lot the average person doesn't know about promotional products. And as for what they do know? Well, it's usually wrong. That's why we're h...READ FULL POST

The Best Promotional Products for All Four Seasons
Promotional products are awesome for a few reasons. One of our favorite reasons? They are never "out of season." What do we mean by this? Simple: no ...READ FULL POST

Branded Gear for the Desk
Regardless of the industry, if you have a desk then there are certain items that are needed to make that desk effective. FarFromBoring Promotional Pro...READ FULL POST

Inspire with These Must-Have New Year's Promotional Products
Whether you need products with your brand logo to give out in-house for employee appreciation or you're handing them out to consumers to create brand ...READ FULL POST

The Best Tech Gifts and Accessories
Tech gifts and accessories are always great promotional items. They see a lot of use, which means your brand is seen often as well. Technology is a pa...READ FULL POST

Health and Fitness Products Perfect for the New Year
After the Christmas holidays, people start making New Years Resolutions. Every year getting more fit and healthy are at the top of the list. In fact, ...READ FULL POST

How Can Promo Products Help You in the B2B Marketplace?
Everyone loves a free gift. This is true in the consumer market and in the B2B marketplace - perhaps even more in B2B. The buys are much bigger here, ...READ FULL POST

Branded Bundles Make Stellar Welcome Packages
Do you like to get useful branded giveaways? What kind of a psycho says "No" to that question? Everybody likes getting giveaways that are useful and i...READ FULL POST

10 Branded Corporate Holiday Gifts That Don't Suck
The holidays are around the corner (again), which means it's time to decide on employee gifts. Branded gifts are a great way to advertise your busines...READ FULL POST

From Head To Toe You Name It: Customized Wear To Your Name Everywhere
Your customers are your best brand ambassadors. They are walking billboards so dress them for success, your success that is. Some of the most famous c...READ FULL POST

Make Personalized Pens Great Again
Personalized pens are a very common gift. In fact, giving pens may even be considered cliche. In fact, 50% of U.S. consumers use a promotional pen eve...READ FULL POST

Shine On and On and On: How Light Up Pens Showcase Your Brand
Lights, camera, action! That's exactly what we want to get out of a promotional item, action! It's important to get our company name in the hands of o...READ FULL POST

Holiday Gifts for Executive Clients That Are FarfromBoring
What do you give your busy executive clients during the holidays? Well, since we have yet to perfect the process of branding a day off, FarFromBo...READ FULL POST

Branding Your Craft Beer for Business
    It must be a dream to work and drink beer at the same time. For those who work in the brewery industry, it's an everyda...READ FULL POST

Promotional BBQ
Americans enjoy spending time with friends and family and grilling out in the backyard. It's a no brainer why so many Americans like hosting mouthwa...READ FULL POST

Promotional merchandise is proven to be the most powerful & effective marketing tool. Even though it's a traditional marketing method, promotiona...READ FULL POST

Promotional Headwear Products
We realize that not everyone is a “hat person.” In these hot summer months, it’s important to keep your head covered. That’s...READ FULL POST

FORE! Golf Tournament Promo Items
If you were wondering how to make this year’s golf tournament a hole in one for everyone, we’ve got the perfect promotional tools to hel...READ FULL POST

Now Available: Fidget Spinners
Spinning their way into people's hands across the world, this new gadget has gained a ton of popularity due to its immediate addictive nature. The...READ FULL POST

Eco-friendly Promotional Products
It’s time to put your paper-based marketing tools to better use. With the warmer months approaching, what better way to start than with a cou...READ FULL POST

Personal Care Promotional Products
Toasty temperatures and bright skies means re-applying lip balm has once again become a full-time job. Customized SPF-powered lip balms are one of the...READ FULL POST

Summer Marketing Survival Kit
Beat the summer heat with the cool promotional products. The Summer is full of creative opportunities to turn up the heat on your marketing and advert...READ FULL POST

Why you should buy USA Made Promotional Products
The economic growth rate in China, the world’s second-largest economy, slowed to a 25-year low of 6.9% in 2015, challenging its dominant trade ...READ FULL POST

Cool tips for promoting your brands hot summer events
Summer is full of unique opportunities you can use to stay in front of your customers and employees. If you’re looking for a way to use the sum...READ FULL POST

Health & Wellness Promotional Product Ideas for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
Farfromboring Promotions is supporting the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition in honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports ...READ FULL POST

Patriotic Promotional Products: Made In the USA by Union Workers
There are certain days of the year that we can count on Americans to feel and act especially patriotic - Memorial Day, July 4th, Veteran's Day and 9...READ FULL POST

Promotional Products for Treatment & Recovery Programs
As anyone who works in the industry will attest, the marketing of services related to drug and alcohol treatment centers requires a unique set of se...READ FULL POST

5 Corporate Holiday Gifts for a Mobile Lifestyle
Here's a stupid question - if your company could leverage the popularity of mobile technology to increase mindshare among your most important consti...READ FULL POST

Four Premium Quality Holiday Food Gifts
Once again, we turn around and find the holidays fast approaching! This year, go all out and you'll reap the rewards that come with thoughtful gift ...READ FULL POST

Your Brand in the Great Outdoors: Camo Promotional Products
Over the past handful of years, camo patterns have become trendy, and this is one trend that looks like it's here to stay. This fun camouflage pat...READ FULL POST

7 Cool Promotional Products to Increase Your Holiday Party ROI
When done right, your company's holiday party has huge potential for creating unity, loyalty and a sense of appreciation among employees. Cool promo...READ FULL POST

5 Fabulous Promos for Creating Trade Show Engagement
As anyone who's ever exhibited at a trade show will attest, the right promotional product makes a huge difference in creating engagement. Smart prom...READ FULL POST

Strengthen Your Brand Immunity This Winter
It's that time of year again. The kids are back in school and so are the germs. Doctors suggest washing hands frequently; avoiding sick people and get...READ FULL POST

Your Brand Deserves a Great Warm-up Act!
As the weather begins to chill, it's time to think about promotional gift items that keep your crowd warm and cozy. As we say often, the best promos...READ FULL POST

Tailgating Promos Announce Your Logo at the Big Game
The urban dictionary defines tailgating as "Drinking lots of beer or makin' food in the parking lot before a sports or other large event, (usually a...READ FULL POST

Is Your UVP a Secret?
When you discuss your brand with a marketing professional, one of the first questions you'll encounter is, "What's Your UVP?" I usually say 150 over ...READ FULL POST

The Power of Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let the Power of Pink illuminate your Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign The pink ribbon firs...READ FULL POST

Promotional Products for Real Estate Brokers and Agents
According to Bloomberg news, the residential Real Estate market is on fire! With the housing market recovering and lending banks regaining their...READ FULL POST

Can Yoga Strengthen "the Core" of Your Brand?
It's hard to ignore the recent rebirth of Yoga. Lately it seems easier than ever to find Yoga classes being offered at convenient times by fitness c...READ FULL POST

6 Automotive Promos to Get Your Marketing Motor Running
Since the first Fords rolled off the assembly line, cars have represented something more than a faster way to get from here to there. For most of us...READ FULL POST

Custom Musical Instruments Hit The High Notes
Whatever the genre, music manages to touch our souls and make life richer. Companies that leverage the personal connections we feel for music are li...READ FULL POST

7 Essentials to Land Your Brand on The Beach
In some parts of the country, such as Florida and Southern California - it's always beach weather. In more northern areas, while Labor Day may mark th...READ FULL POST

Heading Back to School: Smart Supplies
Back to school season is in full swing, which means it's time to shop for new school supplies. Pencils, pens, erasers, markers, binders, and notebook...READ FULL POST

Marketing on the Fly: The Power of the Flash Mob
Over the past decade, flash mobs have been employed by brands of all sizes to generate interest and excitement online. From holiday carols to highly...READ FULL POST

Handsome Bastard: Offline Marketing for Online Companies
As an online company, you're likely spending thousands, if not millions, in electronic media - Web, radio and television - and supplementing it with...READ FULL POST

Highlighter Promo Video
Hey dude… I was just reviewing your special prices contract and was making it easier to read by underlining the changes from last year. Check...READ FULL POST

Seven Spa-themed Gifts to Ease the Daily Grind
With today's fast-paced lifestyle, it's becoming harder and harder to set aside a bit of time to pamper ourselves − even when we know it's in ...READ FULL POST

Smile Wide: 6 Smart Promos for Dental Offices
Dentists don't always have the easiest job. Yes, there are those people who enjoy visiting their dentist for a regular cleaning, but many children a...READ FULL POST

Should Your Company Offer Unlimited Vacation?
Companies offering employees unlimited vacation time might sound crazy, but it may also be highly productive! A small but growing number of organiza...READ FULL POST

Sensational Seating and Perfect Product Placement
It's hard to imagine life without chairs, the furniture of choice for work, play, and relaxation. Thanks to the ubiquitous comfort and convenience t...READ FULL POST

Back to School: Perfect Promos for College Career Fairs
University and college career fairs are an ideal way for recruiters to meet hundreds of bright, ambitious students in one place. Many career fair at...READ FULL POST

Soft Sustainability: Why Organic Cotton is the Latest Craze
The organic cotton trend is growing, and with good reason. Organic cotton clothes and accessories are made from cotton grown without the use of syn...READ FULL POST

Make No Beans about It: Coffee Addicts Will Love These Gifts
Everyone knows (or is) someone who borders on fanaticism when it comes to his or her morning brew. Whether the recipient makes a daily pilgrimage to...READ FULL POST

10 NEW Promotional Products that Excite Us
When you've been around the block a few times as we have, not every product that comes along will blow your skirt up (especially if you're a pants k...READ FULL POST

7 Promotional Products Worthy of a Nickname
As any sports fan will attest, great performers earn the nicknames worthy of their talents. LeBron "King" James, "Iron" Mike Tyson and "The Great On...READ FULL POST

8 Unique Promotional Products for Making a Big Impression
Sometimes your brand needs something extra special to get a foot in the door and differentiate yourself from the competition. Bringing our clients t...READ FULL POST

5 Gifts for the Book Lovers in Your Life
Know someone whose nose always seems to be stuck in a book? Most people do. Reading is one of the developed world's favorite pastimes. Despit...READ FULL POST

Have a Banner Day: Putting Outdoor Advertising to Work for You
Thought banners were only for birthday parties and pep rallies? Think again. Banners are simple yet visually dynamic outdoor displays that ad...READ FULL POST

Branded Blankets Create Cozy Customers
Few things are more soothing than a warm blanket. After a long day at work, running errands, on the slopes, or meeting their numerous responsibiliti...READ FULL POST

Hats Off to Your Marketing Campaign
Hats have become a ubiquitous accessory for men and women over the years. In their various forms, they provide warmth and protection from the elemen...READ FULL POST

4 Reasons Office Workers Shouldn't Eat Lunch at Their Desks
On average, Americans eat lunch at their desks 4 out of 5 days per week. Often, employees use this time to catch up on personal or professional matt...READ FULL POST

Guy Favorites: Top 10 Manly Promos
If your brand appeals to a target audience highly saturated with men, you'll appreciate this handpicked list of promotional products that are certai...READ FULL POST

Why People Still Love Handwritten Letters
When was the last time you received a handwritten note? If you can't remember, don't be surprised. With the advent of electronic communications like...READ FULL POST

What are the best Eco-friendly promotional products for Natural and Organic brands?
To dial in on a strong answer, I conferred my close friend, Captain Obvious. Here's what he said, "The best promotional products for natural and org...READ FULL POST

3, 2, 1 - Launch! Grand Openings that Impress
Starting a business takes a significant amount of work. From securing premises to ordering (or manufacturing) inventory to maintaining a budget, ent...READ FULL POST

Give Them a Doggone Good Time: 10 Promotional Products for Dog Lovers
According to the American Pet Products Association, over 83 million dog parents live in the United States alone! That doesn't account for household...READ FULL POST

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Product
No matter how long you've been in business, you understand the importance of staying on top of your marketing game. Customers locate and patronize c...READ FULL POST

The Top 5 Promotional Gifts Attorneys Should Give to Clients
Attorneys in any practice area are well aware that their clients represent the lifeblood of their business. Clients often approach lawyers in times ...READ FULL POST

10 Branded Coffee Mugs to Wake Up Your Promotions
We enjoy few things more than knowing that our clients' brands are already at work, creating impressions, first thing in the morning. A unique impri...READ FULL POST

Top 7 Trade Show Giveaways that Will Make People Stop at Your Booth
Reserving a booth at a trade show is a bold business decision. This will pave the way to a higher profile in your industry. But if you really...READ FULL POST

When "Made In America" Became a Family Mission
How often do you check products before purchase to find out where they were made? If the answer is "not that often," you may be surprised by what yo...READ FULL POST

Why a Watch Is Still a Classic Retirement Gift
Watches may seem old-school because they are, and in many cases, that's a good thing. For generations, companies have given watches to emplo...READ FULL POST

Liquid Assets: 10 Top Brand-able Tumblers
In 1983, when Boy George and his British new wave band Culture Club sang, "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" it's unlikely that they were singing the praises of bra...READ FULL POST

Mobile Phone & Tablet Accessories Keep Brands Visible
When was the last time you left home (or the office, or anywhere else) without your smartphone or tablet? Was it on purpose, or did this occurrence ...READ FULL POST

Environmentally Sound Water Bottles
Water, water everywhere . . . but is it safe to drink? Our body weight consists of about 60 percent water, which must be replenished on a re...READ FULL POST

Promotional Gifts that are Hits for Realtors
When it comes to selecting a realtor to help buy or sell a home, consumers have a plethora of options. Because customers drive a realty business, re...READ FULL POST

Why Personalized Promotional Items Make Memorable Gifts
What's in a name? In his pivotal leadership tome "How to Win Friends and Influence People", Dale Carnegie observes that "a person's name is to that...READ FULL POST

How do Stress Balls Relieve Tension?
It's no secret that stress constitutes an epidemic in the United States. No matter where people work (if they work) or their family, social, or fina...READ FULL POST

Go Team Go! 7 Sporty Items for Your Next Office Athletic Event
There's a reason sports are so popular in America. For players, they provide a much-needed outlet for energy and an opportunity to achieve physical ...READ FULL POST

Make Promotion a Picnic with Customized Coolers
Summer is almost here, and you know what that means: picnics and cookouts! After being trapped indoors all winter, people are excited to catch some ...READ FULL POST

10 Really Cool Red, White and Blue Promotional Products
Summer is officially in full gear, so it's time to flex your brand's patriotic muscles! Here are the top 10 promotional products that will place your ...READ FULL POST

"Board Meetings" Get Literal with Bulletin, Dry Erase, and Chalk Boards
When you have big ideas, sometimes you need somewhere big to display them. Depending on your office culture, your primary method of communication mi...READ FULL POST

Working it Out: Tips for Staying Fit in the Workplace
With sedentary (desk-based) jobs increasing every year, a greater number of Americans face the health risks of prolonged sitting, including obesity,...READ FULL POST

How do I best promote my brand with the July 4th Holiday?
What's more American than good ole fashioned brand promotion? Francis Scott Key and Betsy Ross were two of the best brand ambassadors this nation ha...READ FULL POST

You're So Gifted: Gift Baskets for Every Occasion
Gift baskets and sets are thoughtful presents to give on many occasions. Whether shopping for a birthday, holiday, housewarming party, or other eve...READ FULL POST

Getting it Together: 10 Desk Essentials for an Organized and Attractive Office
When you work in an office, your desk is probably where you spend most of your days. What could be more depressing than a space that contains nothin...READ FULL POST

Baby, it's Cold Outside: The Top 5 Promotional Items to Beat the Elements
Depending on where you live, weather can be highly unpredictable. Just when you thought you could get away with wearing a light jacket to work, a co...READ FULL POST

They Say it's Your Birthday: Do's and Don'ts for Honoring Your Coworkers
In the everyday office hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget that our colleagues are human beings with feelings, families - and birthdays. No ...READ FULL POST

Getting out of Dodge? 5 Stellar Venues for Your Staff Retreat
"All work and no play . . ." Well, you know the rest. Putting in long hours at the office day after day can become exhausting. Your team work...READ FULL POST

Reaching for a Challenge: Fun with Mindbender Puzzles
Are you experiencing mental block? Maybe it's time to try a puzzle. Puzzles, mind-bending devices that come in various forms, are fun and use...READ FULL POST

5 Reasons Employees Love to Wear Promotional Apparel
Workplace dress codes can be complicated. Where do you draw the line between "casual" and "sloppy?" What does "business casual" really mean, anyway?...READ FULL POST

The "Wow" Factor: Creating a Trade Show Booth that Commands Attention
Attending a trade show is an excellent way to raise your company's profile in your industry. It exposes you to potential clients, investors, and pe...READ FULL POST

What's the best way to promote my business during travel season?
The summer season makes us think of getting away. Travel, like everything else, makes us think of promotional products - particularly travel related...READ FULL POST

Light It Up: Promotional Products that Glow
You've probably seen glow-in-the-dark products in a number of places, all of which you associate with enjoyment. Luminescent jewelry, accessories, ...READ FULL POST

To the Rescue: Survival Kits to Get You through Minor Malfunctions
It always happens at the worst time: while driving to work, you spill coffee on your shirt. Half an hour before an important presentation, a button ...READ FULL POST

Are You Packin'? The Case for Bringing Your Lunch to Work
We get it - you're a busy person. Between work, family, social events, and other responsibilities, sometimes the last thing you want to worry about ...READ FULL POST

Working It: Items to Help Promote Your Brand at an Industry Event
Attending or presenting at an industry conference or trade show is an important way to increase your professional profile, position yourself as a th...READ FULL POST

Good to Go: Lessons Learned From the Food-Truck Craze
No matter where you live or have traveled, you have probably run into a food truck on the street. Highly mobile and eccentric, food trucks have been...READ FULL POST

Keep Your Shirt On: Stepping Up Your Logo Apparel Game
If you are ordering logo apparel for your company, chances are you're hoping your employees will wear it not only at work, but out in public as well...READ FULL POST

What's Hot: Top 10 Promotional Products Trending Now!
We say often that the best promotional products satisfy needs. Consumer needs tend to associate with lifestyle trends. For example, when hand saniti...READ FULL POST

Supersize Your Brand
Promotional products vary in size and impact, and the two are not always correlated. In fact, there are a ton of promos that fit in a pocket and con...READ FULL POST

It's In the Bag: Creating Superstar-Worthy Swag Bags
Few material things take us on a greater emotional roller-coaster than the swag bag. If you have ever attended a major event where vendors were givi...READ FULL POST

Blast Off: Using Rockets to Launch Your Next Marketing Campaign
We're not sure if there is any scientific research to back this up, but foam rockets might be the best way to bring people together, working better ...READ FULL POST

Cookies are an Anytime Food, If You Ask Us
"Mmm, cookie!" Is anything more satisfying or delicious than a cookie (or a few)? Whether you prefer them soft, crispy, bite-sized, or garga...READ FULL POST

Top 10: Stress Relievers
Custom stress balls and unique stress relief products are among the best promotional items that help our clients get a leg up on the competition. He...READ FULL POST

Entrepreneurs and Green Thumbs: More in Common than They Realize
It's not exactly possible to cultivate plants and flowers that bear the name of a company or a business logo. However, there are plenty of ways to c...READ FULL POST

Give Your Marketing Strategy a Vacation - Don't Forget the Flip Flops!
Flip flop weather is on its way, so it's time to get prepared and stock up for the summer. Cool, comfortable, and convenient - most people can't res...READ FULL POST

Magnet Magic: How They Conserve and Advertise
Although not many people purposefully seek to harm or negatively impact the environment, most manage to do it unconsciously and accidently through i...READ FULL POST

Are Americans Hungry for Low-Tech?
We think yes. The Internet is wonderful. It's brought us tons of opportunity to connect − with more people, more often. Yet we remain cognizant...READ FULL POST

Tell Your Marketing Strategy to Take a Hike with Promotional Shoelaces
Not a lot of thought goes into shoelaces. They're the type of thing people don't really appreciate until they're gone…or broken. They sure do ...READ FULL POST

Camping Essentials: How to Make Roughing It a Bit Less Rough
An upcoming camping trip is the perfect excuse to invest in an assortment of fun and intriguing gadgets. Flashlights, backpacks, grills, space heate...READ FULL POST

The Value of Ribbons: Recognition and Reward
Employee efforts and achievements should be recognized. Bestowing ribbons upon the highest quarterly earner or the staff member who displays exempla...READ FULL POST

Always Time for a Little Fun: Boosting Morale with Games and Activities
All work and no play does little to boost team morale. Hard workers deserve opportunities to relax, connect, and enjoy some lighthearted fun with on...READ FULL POST

Keeping It Clean with Hand Sanitizer
Ink pens, doorknobs, shopping carts, restaurant menus, tables, sinks, and water fountains are all likely to be covered in germs. While some bacteria...READ FULL POST

Beyond Hard Hats and Protective Eyewear: Safety Equipment for Everyone
Workplace safety is a phrase often relegated to factories and construction sites. Yet, even the safest office setting should expect the unexpected. ...READ FULL POST

Why am I seeing my logo on every promotional product I view on your website?
It's magic! Actually it means that you used our new "Add My Logo to Everything" button or you tried uploading your logo to see a virtual proof of on...READ FULL POST

No More Lost or Forgotten Flash Drives
Flash drives contain a plethora of valuable information, yet they are small and can be easy to lose. Countless crises can occur if you leave flash d...READ FULL POST

Sunglasses, Caps, and Visors - Promotional Sunware
The more that is learned about the adverse effects of the sun, the greater appreciation we have for protecting ourselves from harm. Your company can...READ FULL POST

Identifying Your Brand to the World Through Bumper Stickers
Bumper stickers have long been a way for drivers to express themselves. But, how exactly did the concept of the bumper sticker begin? Furthermore, w...READ FULL POST

The Many Applications of Promotional Lanyards
Lanyards are commonly used for hanging ID badges or passes around the neck so as to identify the wearer and determine their position. However, lanya...READ FULL POST

A Memorable Memory Aid
On office desks throughout America, from those of telemarketers to CEO's, you will find notepads. These often include to-do lists, memo pads, or a p...READ FULL POST

Promotional Koozies: Keeping Your Drinks Cool
Keeping a drink cool on a hot day can be difficult, especially when that drink is in a can or a bottle. Ice cubes won't fit and would make the drink...READ FULL POST

Toys to Relieve Stress
Office toys found on desks can be excellent promotional items. These simple toys are great in the hands of hard-working employees because they give ...READ FULL POST

Make Your Mark with a Bookmark
A significant problem facing our society today is the rate of illiteracy. Millions of Americans are living without the capacity to read, which is se...READ FULL POST

Shuffling Away the Boredom
Every experienced traveler knows to never leave home without at least one book and a deck of playing cards, especially when traveling somewhere with...READ FULL POST

Customize Your Year
One item that can be found in most gift shops in nearly every tourist location around the world is the calendar. Usually these calendars feature bea...READ FULL POST

The Very Best Real Estate Is Inexpensive
How fortunate are those businesses that acquire prime real estate? For retail brands, the exposure of being in a high-traffic location is invaluable...READ FULL POST

The Grateful Dead, TD Bank and Your Company
Growing up in a suburb of Manhattan, I've seen an incredible number of talented musicians and bands. Over the years, it's been amazing to see some m...READ FULL POST

Sign Here: The Omnipresence of Pens
Pens are the perfect way to take notes, sign contracts, or create a simple reminder. No wonder they're used by virtually everyone and can be found a...READ FULL POST

What is the best cheap promotional product for a trade show?
First off, please tell me that this question is mis-stated. Surely you're not seeking a "cheap" item to represent your brand (I am seeking a cheap i...READ FULL POST

No More Landfill Plastic: Reusable Water Bottles
How many water bottles would you guess are thrown away in the United States every hour? Ten thousand? Fifty thousand? One hundred thousand? What if ...READ FULL POST

A Breath of Fresh Air: Mints for Business Meetings
Have you ever been in a business meeting and noticed the other person (or group of people) looking away? If so, did you assume they just weren't int...READ FULL POST

Find Your Urban Zen
The office and home office are two of the most stressful places where we spend our time. There are usually deadlines, challenges, and a variety of t...READ FULL POST

Pedometers and Promoting Health
There are numerous strategies for promoting health and fitness, such as personal trainers, exercise programs, buddy systems, and much more. But one o...READ FULL POST

First Aid Kits: Always Be Prepared
It is easier to stay calm in an emergency if a well-stocked first aid kit has already been prepared. First aid kits make it easier to treat common i...READ FULL POST

Put a (Key) Ring on It
What better way to advertise your brand than with something most people use every day? Whether used for your home, workplace, car, or locker at the g...READ FULL POST

Bright Colors for Safe Business
Anyone working in an environment with large equipment should equip themselves with highly visible vests. This is also true for those working near he...READ FULL POST

"Totes Adorbs": Adorable Totes for Everywhere
Tote bags sporting your company's name and logo are a great way to advertise your business, but they also have a number of other uses. Both practica...READ FULL POST

How Coffee Became a Workplace Staple
That classic scene of a businessperson stopping to pick up a to-go mug before an important client meeting or of an employee getting a manager's morn...READ FULL POST

Kitty Cat Catchphrases
Increasingly, households in America are taking on the care and responsibility of a beloved pet. One promotional product that reflects this notion i...READ FULL POST

Blow Up to Rock Out
Who among us has not had at least one air guitar jam session in our lives? Take air guitar to the next level for your brand with literal guitars fil...READ FULL POST

Passports and Propaganda
In today's globalized world, customers are coming from an increasing number of countries worldwide. The increase in multinational businesses also b...READ FULL POST

The Sip and Sell: Drinking to Success
Nothing says success like the celebratory free flow of good champagne. Let's talk more about why we started drinking champagne at parties as well as...READ FULL POST

Bean Bag Buddies Bolster Business
Bean-stuffed toy animals have been gracing the shelves and toy cupboards of households for many years. Do you remember the Beanie Baby craze in the ...READ FULL POST

Give Your Office The Google Treatment
Let's face it, for most of us, the atmosphere of our working environment could use some improvement. It's a natural state of affairs. When we first...READ FULL POST

The Influence of Luxury on Loyalty
Clients or potential clients who receive elegant gifts are often impressed. A beautiful diamond watch, for example, is a gift sure to be admired and...READ FULL POST

There is a Potty Going On!
Nothing says "take all the time you need to figure this out" like a memo attached to a stress-relieving toilet. Where else can a person achieve an u...READ FULL POST

Picture Perfect
Picture frames often encase a photo of someone or something we hold dear. These keepsakes remind us of some of our greatest memories, including wedd...READ FULL POST

Promotional Awards and Recognition in the Workplace
Any good company will recognize its employees for a job well done. Often, companies choose to reward employees with plaques, beautifully engraved pi...READ FULL POST

Talking Trash on Earth Day
April 2014 saw its first radical uptick in trash talking as the NBA Playoffs began this past weekend. As a precursor to Earth Day on April 22nd, the...READ FULL POST

Swedish Fish Help Catch Customers
Swedish Fish are a well-known staple of many American childhoods. What better way to market than to associate a brand with a much beloved snack? Wh...READ FULL POST

Fashionistas: Calvin Klein, Nike and YOU
Head out to any golf course and have a look around. Thanks in large part to Tiger Woods, the Nike swoosh is everywhere. It's on hats, shirts, slacks...READ FULL POST

10 Terrible Ways to Purchase Promotional Products
There's a science to everything. For some people, the good news is that even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you'd like to fail miserably ev...READ FULL POST

Plan Your Next Pool Party like a Pro
Pulling off an unparalleled pool party takes proper planning. Being a great host comes down to anticipating the needs of the party goers and setting...READ FULL POST

Keep Your Company Cool All Summer Long with Branded Customizable Sunglasses
How does your company represent its brand? Which colors, symbols or designs complement your team's unique personality? With summer just around the c...READ FULL POST

Flyer Promotional Products Help Your Brand Soar
Place your company's logo on a branded flyer promotional product and align your organization with cool outdoor fun. For many of us, our fondest memo...READ FULL POST

No One Can Resist Lipbalm: The Essential Summer Promotional Product
Let's face it: People need their lipbalm. Whether you're out on the beach in the summer sun, enjoying a day on the slopes, or simply suffering from a ...READ FULL POST

Branded Umbrellas - A Promotional Product with Priceless Value
Few products can deliver loyalty as well as a branded promotional umbrella. As we state often, necessity is what makes a unique promotional product ...READ FULL POST

Promotional Headphones: The Perfect Branded Product for Your Target Audience
Do you follow the latest fashion headlines? Whether you consider yourself a trend setter or you're just deep into the normcore (fashion for those who ...READ FULL POST

Blow Your Business Up with Branded Beach Balls: A Unique Promotional Product
When it comes to clever marketing, it's hard to beat the value that comes from having your brand on a beach ball promotional product. Beach balls ar...READ FULL POST

Branded Promotional Sunglasses Keep Your Company Cool All Summer
Put your company logo on branded promotional sunglasses and land some cool recognition all summer long. After all, everyone loves sunglasses! They p...READ FULL POST

Branded Phone Chargers, a Smart Promotional Item
Quick: What's your number one complaint about your smart phone? It's gotta be that it's always running out of juice at the worst times -- usually when...READ FULL POST

Make a Healthy Statement by Putting Your Company on a Branded Water Bottle with Infuser
The very best promotional products are those that people genuinely desire to own, such as the awesome-looking 27 ounce branded H2go® Water Bottle...READ FULL POST

Beautiful Imprinted Pens are Effective and Popular Promotional Products
A pen is just a pen…unless it's a really great-looking Imprinted Pen with your sharp promotional message. And when such a cool looking branded...READ FULL POST

Personalized Glow Sticks For Cocktail Drinks: A Great Promo That Causes A Stir
Your brand gets promptly into the mix when a Personalized Glow Stick delivers promotional messaging where it can't be missed - in cocktail glasses e...READ FULL POST

Branded Phone and Tablet Holders Are A Unique Promotional Item
When it comes to handing out promotional products, daily-use items take the gold. They are the best way to build brand recognition for the long-term. ...READ FULL POST

Branded Foam Football - A Fun Unique Promotional Product
As the weather gets warmer and outdoor fun becomes a more prevalent pastime, companies who choose a cool unique promotional product, such as a Brand...READ FULL POST

Recycled Materials Make This Branded Flash Drive An Eco-Friendly Promo Winner
Despite having a plethora of smart green promotional items to choose from, the Recycled Shell Drive GS is one Eco-Friendly promo that's hard to beat....READ FULL POST

Recycled Spiral Journal - A Considerate Eco-Friendly Promotional Product
At Farfromboring, Eco-Friendly promotional products such as the Trash Talking Recycled Spiral JournalBook, hold a special place in the hearts and min...READ FULL POST

Branded Dog Bowl - A Doggone Smart Promotional Product!
Here's the scoop on this scoop bowl! Interestingly, great marketing and great pets have much in common − and when you combine these two loyalt...READ FULL POST

Customized Large Cooler Tote is a Clever Promotional Item
As the weather outside becomes hotter, cooler promotional items − like the customized Journey Large Cooler Tote - present huge possibilities fo...READ FULL POST

Lighted LED Wine Glasses - A Bright Idea for Unique Promotions
Wine glasses are often appreciated for the elegance they bring to celebratory occasions, but Lighted LED Wine Glasses give a boost to unique promoti...READ FULL POST

Customized Fiesta 20-oz Ball with Straw − A Unique Promotional item
If you're planning an awesome event complete with unique promotional items that make a big impression, you'll want to give serious consideration to ...READ FULL POST

LED Backlit Auto Window Decal
If Window Decals are the promotional item you are interested in, if you want to place your logo on the road, then place it in cars! This Promotional L...READ FULL POST

​Business Card Magnet and Calendar
Magnets are great because they hold things up, yes, that much we know. In almost any home, you will see magnets, with useful need-to-know information...READ FULL POST

Saturday Evening post Spiral Appointment Calendar.
Can we talk Calendars? When are they useful? Appropriate and exactly what you needed? The answer is always. For any person who has work to get don...READ FULL POST

Choose this Custom Tea Infusion Tumbler 16 oz
Your clientele is health conscious; your customers take excellent care of themselves. Perhaps you have a yoga studio, health food or something of the ...READ FULL POST

Use a Custom Stainless Travel Kit
There is no limit to the useful nature of this product. It allows you to take warm beverages with you and keep them hot, it is spill proof as well as...READ FULL POST

Custom Drawstring Sports Pack
When promoting your company, there are insider tricks that are tried and true. The goal is to remind customers of your company. There are promotional...READ FULL POST

Trail Loop Drawstring Backpack
If you are looking to impress your clients, we recommend this useful product. The Trail Loop Drawstring Backpack is a great way to promote your compan...READ FULL POST

Branded Nike Golf Shirt - Dri-FIT Heather Polo
If you're charged with sourcing a great looking golf shirt for your company's golf tournament, look no further than a branded Nike Golf Shirt âˆ...READ FULL POST

Branded Sunscreen Spray is a Great Health and Safety Promotional Product
Health and Safety corporate branded items like branded sunscreen spray send a clear message that traditional advertising simply can't. As consumers, ...READ FULL POST

Custom Branded Light Up Pens Are Dazzling Promotional Products
When it comes to promotional products that immediately grab attention, there's none more exciting than branded light up pens. Let's face it; we all ...READ FULL POST

Branded Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Amazing Sound Quality
If you're looking to make sweet music with your company's messaging, place it on a high quality branded Bluetooth multipurpose speaker. Due to the e...READ FULL POST

Branded Mini Basketball and Hoop Set is a Unique Fun Promotion
Why not use a big event like March Madness to promote your brand! With March Madness and the Final Four kicking off this week, basketball fe...READ FULL POST

Recycled PET Sling Bag Is A Great Eco-friendly Promotional Product
Eco-friendly promotional products, such as sling bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, are as useful as they are thoughtful. If your c...READ FULL POST

Promotional Branded Teddy Bear
You know your brand has made it BIG TIME when adorable teddy bear promotional products begin wearing clothing that "bears" your message. Put a smile...READ FULL POST

Corporate Promotional Mugs and drinkware go where your clients go and are an inexpensive and useful reminder for any marketing message.
I recently noticed why Branded mugs and corporate drinkware are such popular promotional products. First cup of coffee in the morning is usually e...READ FULL POST

Unique Promotional Products Made In The USA
The fact that there are tons of great promotional products made in the USA may come as surprise to some people. While we've obviously seen a significa...READ FULL POST

Desktop Promotional Products and Office Supplies Branded With A company Logo Capture the Attention of Your Target Market All Day Long.
At Farfromboring Promotions, We Believe Getting Your Name On Products People Use All Day is The Best Way To Stay Top Of Mind. Promotional Power at...READ FULL POST

Food Gifts, Branded Candy, and promotional Beverages Are a Popular and Tasty way to Advertise A Message or New Product Launch.
Promotional Snacks and Candy are a Trade Show Favorite and an Instant Hit at All Events and Occasions. Branding These Well Received Treats Is The ...READ FULL POST

Personalized Glow Products Take Your Party Higher!
Try adding promotional products that glow to your nighttime occasions and see what happens, because there are parties and then there are PARTIES - and...READ FULL POST

Health Promotions and Safety Programs are increasingly on The Rise. Save Time and Money By Adopting Health And Safety Awareness Programs into Your Corporate Culture.
Some Of The Biggest Corporate Costs are Absent Employees Due To Health And Safety Issues. Programs That Include Branded Health And Safety Tips Show...READ FULL POST

Branded Apparel, Company Uniforms, And promotional T-Shirts Have Been A Favored Way of Showing Off A companies Brand Since Companies Had Brands.
It Is Amazing How Many People Will Rock Your Brand When Given A cool Promotional T-Shirt, Embroidered Polo Or Any Of The Other Unique Promotional We...READ FULL POST

Automotive Promotional Products Lead The Way When Marketing To A Captive Audience.
Almost Any Company Can Benefit From Branding Promotional Products For People On The Go. Americans spend an average of eighteen hours a week in ...READ FULL POST

Custom Branded Bags And Totes Are At The Top Of The Promotional Products Most Popular List Because They Have One Of The Most Cost Effective RIO's In A...
Promoting With Logoed Tote Bags And Other Types Of Branded Bags Help Your Message Travel Far and Long. In today's information-driven world so...READ FULL POST

Awards And Plaques Are The Best Way To Show Employees And Clients That You Appreciate Them And All Of Their Hard Work And Loyalty.
Recognition Programs And Award Ceremonies Have Been A Great Way To Keep Employees And Grow A companies Client Base. And this year's award for...READ FULL POST

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