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True Story: Trade Show Game Changer

March 19th, 2013

I’ve been a FarFromBoring customer for a number of years and the company always does a terrific job in helping me find great promotional products for my clients.  The staff is incredible at sourcing just the right product, within budget, that accomplishes the goal at hand.  But this story isn’t about them, it’s about my client.  Butter Buds Foodservice is the maker of all natural dairy products that help food service professionals add flavor to their menus while reducing fat, calories, cholesterol and cost.  The company is extremely successful, especially in school food service, where Butter Buds is known for “Making Healthy Happen.”

Every summer, Butter Buds is one of 800+ exhibitors at the SNA-ANC (School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Convention), mingling with 3,000+ school food service professionals in attendance.  About four years ago, the company’s Director of Foodservice, Jim Dodge, decided that reusable supermarket shopping bags would be a smart promotional product to distribute at the annual conference.  Attendees sample lots of new products and are given plenty of samples to bring back to their colleagues who couldn’t make it to the conference.  So, pretty much everyone could use an extra sturdy bag.

That year we placed an order for a simple but attractive blue bag with the Butter Buds “Making Healthy Happen” logo imprinted front and center.  People appreciated the thoughtfulness of these bags and they said so as they grabbed one or two.



The following year, we decided it was time for new bags, and this time we said, “Let’s step it up” and give a bag that’s more attractive, imprinted with great-looking photos of healthy recipes made with Butter Buds products.  So, we did, and they were a big hit.  We still give away these bags and people are thrilled to receive them.


Everyone agrees that these bags make a winner of a promotional product.  Many attendees saw others with this bag and then immediately stopped by our booth, just to make sure that they got one too!

Last year, we challenged ourselves to “step it up” a bit more.  We considered the fact that most of the attendees at this trade show are women, and it’s primarily women who deeply appreciate the attractive bags that we bring each year.  But what if we came up with a bag that’s not only attractive, it’s actually beautiful?  Something you look at and think, “I’d pay for that bag.”  So we challenged our designer and she came up with this.

Butter Buds bags at airport following day after trade show

Well, the attendees were truly impressed and they let us know it.  It seemed as if everyone wanted to visit our booth to hear about our healthy, tasty, cost-saving all natural products.  And, of course they were more than happy to receive our gorgeous promotional product while spending time with us.

Our bags weren’t the only reusable bags given away at last year’s conference, but at times, if you walked the floor, it sure did look that way.  This year, we’re “stepping it up” again and we’ll keep you posted on the outcome.  Thank you for allowing me to share my FarFromBoring experience.

-Keith G. —   twitter: @essful

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