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Promotional Flash Drives, Everyone wants them, We got the Best!

March 8th, 2013

Personalized Flash Drives

Across the last several years, personalized flash drives have raced to the top of favorite promotional items for companies to promote with. They are popular amongst companies because they are a favorite amongst people they are given to.

Very useful

In the old days, computer files had to be transferred with bulky floppy discs, zip discs, or CD-Rs. All of those were inconvenient and subject to problems.

Luckily, flash drives were developed and instantly became extremely popular. A key to their popularity is their small size. Personalized flash drives can easily be carried on:

-            Key rings

-            Bracelets and wristbands

-            Lanyards

-            Phone Cases

… as well as in wallets, pockets, bags and more. This convenience has made them the number one way to transport files for people throughout the business and academic community.

People use personalized flash drives for a variety of reasons. Transporting pictures of friends and family is a common one; transferring work files from home to their place of business is another. Ultimately, there are almost as many uses for flash drives as there are people using them. That versatility also contributes to their tremendous popularity as a promotional item.

Great promotional value

Because personalized flash drives are used so often and in so many ways by people they are given to, those people see what is printed on them on a very regular basis.

This means that they will routinely see the logo, contact information, and anything else that the sponsoring company chose to have printed. They will see all of that information every time they handle their personalized flash drive, and it will be on display when in their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device.

Personalized flash drives come in almost every shape, color and memory size.  Farfromboring.com can even mold a special shape or logo just for your company or school based on your particular needs.  Need a particular color?  No problem.  We can make any USB memory drive in any color you like and if you really want to add value; we will download whatever information you like to each of the drives for free!

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