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How Pro Hand Got The Upperhand

September 11th, 2013

Everyone knows that a plant must be watered to sustain life. And, most people realize that you don’t water a plant with a fire hose. Stay with me here. The point is that for small business, advertising expenditures must be doled out judiciously. Zero advertising equals no water – and zero business growth. Too much advertising and you will bleed a small business dry.

What’s the answer? Well, that depends on the question…what’s the question again? Oh yeah, how does a small business make healthy advertising choices? The simple answer is this − by developing advertising campaigns that are measurable and provide high value for every dollar spent. Waste not, want not, we like to say. We also say, “Who brought these donuts? They’re delicious but full of fat, get them away from me.”

How a Smart Small Business Does it:  Pro Hand

Pro Hand Promotional Products

Pro Hand is short for Professional Handyman. They are a reliable South Florida company with a crew of very skilled workers that do it all, indoors and out. Pro Hand was working hard and slowly growing the business, but having a tough time competing with larger companies that advertise on local TV and other mainstream media. When we first met, they were considering a newspaper ad that would have been a one-time shot – and would have cost $700. FarFromBoring helped them spend their money wisely, outfitting the crew so that the company looks like a larger, more substantial business, by donning sharp-looking professional uniforms. The hat and dry-fit shirts not only make the crew look great, they’re functional too. It’s hot in South Florida!

Crew members hand out stylish business cards, lending an air of professionalism that places the workers on a higher rung than other “handy workers.” They also hand out pens and keychain flashlights – and these useful promotional products keep the Pro Hand phone number handy and accessible for clients. The crew feels sporty giving out these cool products to neighbors, friends and prospective clients as well.

Pro Hand paid for all of these promotional items with their first new client! Now they’re thinking about holiday cards, end of year “thank you” gifts and 2014 calendars, to make sure that Pro Hand is always top of mind!

How are you feeling about your advertising ROI? Call FarFromBoring and pick our brains. We’ll bring your up to speed on the latest promotional products and ensure that you’re advertising budget is spent brilliantly.

Like Farbo Shapinsky Says…

“Spending millions on advertising is for large companies. Spending nothing on advertising is for dead companies.”  Call 866-751-7766

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