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When a promo pen doesn’t work to your advantage

February 10th, 2011 No comments

If you operate any kind of business you know all too well the importance of having pens around. Your customers need to sign those credit card slips, right? But oddly enough I see the WRONG branded promo pens in people’s hands time after time. Occasionally they even end up in my hands. What do I mean?

Let me put this into perspective with a real story that happened to yours truly the other day:

I just finished a wonderful meal at my favorite restaurant when the waiter handed me a pen to sign my C.C. slip. Well, the logo on the pen was from – of all things – a different restaurant. WOW! I wonder what the manager or better yet the owner would say to the waiter who handed me that pen? Probably wouldn’t go over so well.

Look around your office right now. If your customer’s are signing C.C. slips or filling out forms with branded promo pens you better make sure they have your logo and contact info on it.

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