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The perfect tradeshow giveaway – the popular combo pen-highlighter

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My main intention in this post is to talk briefly about the importance of making your next tradeshow exhibit a success. One of the best ways you can achieve maximum ROI for the imprinted promotional items you will be giving away the week of the event is to consider the utility of the item as it corresponds to the intended recipient.

Now, of course you want your customers to think of your first whenever they need whatever product or service you are selling. In order to turn prospect into paying customer you will have to choose an item like a combo pen-highlighter. Why?

Because these promo items will be used every day in the office, creating multiple impressions throughout the day, for months and months. It’s as if these little guys are working on your behalf without any of the added extra cost involved for their advertising efforts.

So how can a little combo pen-highlighter drive pre-qualified traffic to your booth?

Easy. Along with your pre-event mailings, which will encourage customers and prospects alike to come and check out your new line of X products, you send a that combo writing instrument with an imprinted date of the event along with a USP, offer or some kind of message. Promotional products are not just for sitting on someone’s desk; you should be creatively using them in your advertising mix so you can generate the most ROI possible.

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