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Hand Sanitizers – The ultimate choice of lazy promoters

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When it comes to promotional products, imprinted hand sanitizers are one of the best mobile advertising vehicles available on the market today. How so? Well, for starters think about all the different germ-ridden surfaces your customers come in contact with daily. From the gas station pump to the retail store door handle to the shopping cart to the playground and sick children, hand sanitizers can be carried easily and comfortably on your customer’s person.

Second, each time your customer squeezes or mists the hand sanitizer your message makes another impression. And third, hand sanitizers can help prevent the transmission of pathogens carrying viruses. Keeping your customers healthy and on-the-go means they won’t be missing work or that all-important school play.

If you operate a business where your customers come in contact with germ-ridden surfaces, than positioning hand sanitizers around the workplace is a good idea.
Ideal for those in the following professions:

  • medical professional
  • automotive care and towing
  • construction
  • landscape maintenance
  • recycling and garbage
  • grade school teachers
  • gym owners, athletic teams and trainers
  • trade show exhibitors, seminars, etc.
  • restaurant and food service operators
  • And any professional where proper hygiene is promoted

Promotional hand sanitizers also make for great promotional giveaways: receive your “free gift” with any purchase of $X or more. Antibacterial hand sanitizers are available for as low as .92 cents. For more promotional hand sanitizer ideas contact a Far From Boring Promotional Products Specialist today. Call 866-751-PROMO now or click the link for more information on hand sanitizers.

How a stress ball can get you more testimonial letters

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If you aren’t actively seeking positive testimonials from your clients I’ll tell you why you should: your competition already does.

Testimonials go on direct response marketing collateral, web sites, brochures, sales letters – basically anything and everything. But sometimes it is difficult to get your clients motivated to write a little testimonial about your business. Encourage them with a branded promotional gift like a stress ball. Why? Because some people don’t like to write and actually find it stressful to do so, especially when they have to write what it was like to do business with so and so. By giving them something to squeeze and play with your stress relief ball accomplishes two important things:

  • Your imprinted message and contact info will be seen multiple times a week, furthering the fond feelings your client already has of you
  • It will help to eliminate writer’s block while your client is crafting their testimonial

If you just closed a big deal here’s what you do to ensure your testimonial gets written.

  • Send a gift basket thanking your client with a small note.
  • Send your testimonial request a few days after they have received the gift basket, along with your branded stress relief ball.

The thinking goes like this: The client at this point should feel some sense of indebtedness for all the gifts he received that he will be more than willing to write a positive testimonial. Make it even easier by providing a sample of questions you would like them to address. Remember: your clients are busy…walk them through the process

If you need help with any product ideas that will help you get easy testimonials allow a Far From Boring Promotional Products Specialist to help. Call 866-751-PROMO today.
Click the link to request more information on these promotional stress relief balls.

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