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Case Study - 4th Generation

» Posted to Promotional Products recently had the opportunity to work with 4th Generation, a food market consisting entirely of organic items! Naturally, they wanted to promote their business in the most Eco Friendly way possible. Enter us, We pride ourselves in being a leader in environmentally friendly products. Ever see a bamboo USB drive? We’re the ones that pushed to get those out there. We’ve also been known to have incredibly unique Eco Friendly products, such as our EcoSphere (a self sustainable living system within a glass water-filled orb) or our Logobean, which sprouts leaves with your company’s logo on them.

We helped them load up on a bunch of Green products. Everything our model is sporting is 100% organic; the shirt, the jotter, the natural color bag. Even the black grocery bag is completely reusable, along with the stainless steel water bottle that we placed an original “be organic” design wrap around. 4th Generation plans to sell these to shoppers in their store as well as give some away to promote their business.

Getting your company’s name out there doesn’t have to be a chore on your list of things to do this year. With the holidays and preparing for a new fiscal year, we understand how busy you are. Promoting your company isn’t something you can take a break from; it’s something you should hand over to experts who can find you great quality items in your time frame and within your budget. Whether its Eco Friendly products for an organic grocery story, or the perfect item to represent your business at a trade show, is here to take care of you, your company, and the image you want to present!

So what were we able to do for 4th Generation? Check the pictures:



Dec 3, 08 09:31 AM

Happy Healthy Holidays

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Let us at amaze you with our ability to intensify the creativity of your environmentally friendly holiday gift giving ideas.

With so much concern for the environment and the threat of potentially hazardous effects some products may have on our health it’s wise to stay well informed and up to date on the current facts about some products to which we should all be paying strict attention.

For instance, items containing Bisphenol A (BPA).  Bisphenol A is a hormone imitating chemical used in polycarbonate plastics and resins regularly used in manufacturing shatterproof baby bottles.  In animal testing Bisphenol has shown to cause numerous health problems. 

The plastic containers we use to store liquids or foods can leech Bisphenol into the contents they’re holding and heating these plastics increases the leeching of this contaminate.  All of us are at risk of ingesting this chemical by consuming any products that have been stored or heated in these containers and the possibility of it leeching into our water system by way of landfills still remains a serious concern.

At we care about the environment and we care about you.  Our experts are more than ready, willing and able to help you get an early start this holiday season on choosing or designing any eco-friendly item(s) you would like to share with those who are most important to you.

24oz Stainless Steel Bottle  - as low as $7.99


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Successful Promotional Marketing Methods

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Promotional commodities carrying your company name or logo attract customer attention and serve as helpful reminders of your organization.

In 2007 the Advertising Specialty Institute conducted both online and in-person surveys in major cities and discovered that promotional products made up a $19.6 billion industry.

While we are currently experiencing such a tumultuous economic environment it’s important to make smart investments that are low cost yet are certain to produce a high return on investment.  

Writing utensils, T-shirts, hats and bags are all items considered to be useful and are more likely to be kept and used by recipients.











Marketing novelties and promotional products such as these will help to provide you with a viable means to achieving measurable results of your marketing efforts.

Nov 3, 08 09:38 AM

Basic Marketing Tools

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These days, we are all tightening our belts and looking for ways to stretch every precious dollar.  We want to make sure you know that has many ways to help you successfully market your business by using cost-effective personalized promotional products.

Promotional products have proven to be ideal advertising choices.  Even the simplest promotional products can help your business achieve and maintain name visibility throughout your target market base. 

Prominently display your name on items that your target audience will use again and again!  For instance this note pad is convenient for taking meeting notes, writing daily to-do lists or reminder notes.  Its compact size makes it easy to take it along where ever you go.

Promotional Jotter - as low as $2.75

promotional jotter

Oct 28, 08 01:08 PM

Promotional Antibacterial Gel

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Infectious diseases can spread through the air or by direct contact.  When you cough or sneeze be sure to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue and then immediately throw it away.  Be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize your hands every time you cough, sneeze or may have come in contact with germs.

It can start with a simple handshake.  Direct transfer (person to person) of bacteria, viruses and germs is the most common way for infectious disease to spread.

You should also be aware of the possibility of contracting germs by indirect contact.  Germs can linger on doorknobs, faucet handles, hand rails, etc.  If you touch the same surface previously touched by a person who is infected with a cold or flu then it’s possible for you to pick up the germs that person may have left behind.

1 1/2 oz. Antibacterial Gel with Carabiner - as low as $2.39

promotional antibacterial gel

Oct 2, 08 12:33 PM

Saving the Environment & Healthy Commuting

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Use public transportation - Driving produces about three times more pollution than taking public transportation.  The average two-worker household can save nearly $6,251 every year by taking the bus or riding the subway instead of driving themselves.  Be sure to bring along your hand sanitizer to use along the way.

Promotional Sanitizer -  as low as $2.25


If you drive, maintain your vehicle - Keeping your engine properly tuned can save you up to 165 gallons of gas consequently saving you cash.  Increase your gas mileage by about 3.3% by making sure your tires are correctly aligned and properly inflated.

If your car has multiple drivers you should keep a pack of sanitizing wipes so you can wipe down the most common areas your hands come in contact with such as the door handle, steering wheel and gear shift to cut down on the amount of germs being spread.


Promotional Antibacterial Wipes - as low as $1.15


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Promotional Magnifiers

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Does struggling to read the small print of the daily newspaper, items and descriptions on menus in dimly lit restaurants or important warning statements on products or medicine leave you frustrated?

There are several eye problems that are more common among people as they age, although they can affect anyone at any age.

Failing eyesight and degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration can take their toll and make it difficult to perform simple tasks.  Dozens of different magnifiers exist that can help alleviate this problem.  There are credit card-sized magnifiers that easily fit in your wallet and larger ones you can place over sections of the newspaper.

Promotional Credit Card Magnifiers - as low as $1.09

promotional magnifiers

Aug 8, 08 11:43 AM

Items your should have in your car

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First and foremost you should always have a spare tire and a first aid kit.  But there are additional items that you might not think of and if you live in a hot climate some of these are an absolute must.

Always have some extra water, for drinking and/or for the car.  Use a steering wheel cover.  A cloth cover (not leather) allowing you to comfortably handle the steering wheel after the vehicle has been standing in the sun.  If you have leather seats and you don't have a windshield sunshade, place a small towel on the leather seat before leaving the car so you’ll be able to get in and sit down when you return.  Pack snacks such as granola bars or small bags of popcorn or crackers.

Invest in an emergency kit.  Items you should consider include a flashlight, flares, jumper cables, blanket, extra clothes and gloves, paper towels, and a few basic tools like wrenches, a ratchet and sockets, screwdrivers and pliers.

Fold-Up Emergency Flashlight - as low as $9.95

promotional safety

Jul 29, 08 01:19 PM

Promotional Auto Power Adapter

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Now with many airlines allowing only one checked bag, it makes sense for your wallet and the planet not to over pack when you travel.
The less you take on the plane, the less fuel it has to use.  Emissions from planes contribute to global warming at 2-4 times the rate of automobiles.

A while back, AirTran joined Continental, Delta, Northwest, and US Airways in charging customers who check more than one bag (United and American charge even for just the one).

Fewer bags mean less hassle.  Most hotels now supply simple necessities such as shampoo, conditioner and hair-dryers so don’t pack what you don’t need.
Packing light is easy.  Pick one base color such as brown, beige or black for all your outfits making it easier to mix and match.  Wear your comfortable or casual shoes on the plane and pack one pair of nice shoes that will go with everything else.
With this airline and auto power adapter you can power laptops, DVD players, and other devices with USB ports or AC/DC power jacks while traveling on an airplane or in a car.  To access the airline adapter simply remove the car adapter at the base.

Promotional Airline and Auto Power Adapter - as low as $56.67airline power adapter

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August is National Back to School Month

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August is National Back to School month.  In the United States some School districts and systems go back to school in August

Kindergarten and elementary students are experiencing this exciting time for their very first time.  Junior high and high school students are moving up in the world and are allowed more freedoms and choices they were not allowed in lower grades.  For those attending colleges and universities back to school often means moving away from home for the first time and having to be more responsible.

Promotional Backpacks - as low as $14.95

promotional backpacks








The back-to-school season means increased sales.  Students along with their parents are out in force shopping for new clothes and school supplies.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over $7 billion was spent at family clothing stores nationwide in August 2006.  Only in the holiday shopping months of November and December were sales significantly higher.

Promotional Fun Pen - as low as  $1.40

promotional fun pen

Jul 24, 08 11:18 AM

Unique Promotional Auto Ideas

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If you’re like a lot of people, your car has become an extension of your home.  We leave the house with more and more things than ever before.  Along with our morning coffee we now bring along our phones and Blackberry™, computers, iPod™ or MP3 players.  Fortunately there are devices that make it easier to have these extra items with us and provide convenient ways to keep them charged.

This Smart Mug is an advanced electronic device that has a thermostat that allows you to choose exactly how hot you want to heat your beverage and plugs right into your cigarette lighter.

Promotional Smart Mug - as low as $33.90

promotional smart mug









This auto power adapter also plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and is great for charging your iPod™, MP3 players, Blackberry™ or other USB charged devices.

Promotional Auto Adapter - as low as $3.25

promotional auto adapter

Jul 22, 08 02:44 PM

Car accessories that’ll help keep you organized

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This MP3/cell phone wedge organizer fits perfectly between the front seat and center console.  Conveniently organize your valuables so they are all in one easy-to-reach location.

Case Logic MP3/Cell Wedge Storage - as low as $11.50

mp3 cell wedge storage








The Bullet Clip - as low as $1.40

bullet clip

Jul 22, 08 01:48 PM

Summer Driving Music

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Before you head out to the beach or lake this summer don’t forget to make sure you’ve selected your favorite tunes to take along for the ride!  What could be better than relaxing in your best beach chair, sipping a nice cold drink and tapping your toes to the beat of a steel drum band playing island music or getting lost in some classic Jimmy Buffett that puts you in a Key West frame of mind?  Whatever your music pleasure, be sure you have it with you and in an easy to reach place before you leave your driveway.

Promotional Auto Visor Cd Case - as low as $4.19

promotional auto visor

Jul 21, 08 09:31 AM

Promotional Mini Vacuum

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Summer is a great time for outdoor fun.  But with all those trips you’re making to the beach or park, in the process of loading and unloading the chairs, coolers and umbrellas you are tracking all kinds of sand and dirt into your car making it difficult to keep it clean.

Vacuuming your car always seems to be such a hassle.  You find yourself dragging out the one from your house or having to stop at a car wash and spend money in order to complete the task.

Make keeping your car clean easy by using a mini vacuum to quickly run over the floor, trunk, and dashboard whenever needed.  It plugs into your vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet and can be conveniently stored in an out of the way place.

Promotional Mini Vacuum - as low as $14.67

promotional mini vacuum

Jul 17, 08 09:32 AM

Promotional Outdoor Summer Fun

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Vacation in your own back yard this summer.   With the price of gas soaring, you may need to revise your summer vacation plans and spend more time a little closer to home. 

It’s amazing how many of us travel out of our own hometown in order to check out the museums, state and national parks and restaurants in other states when we haven’t even toured or spent any time at the ones that are right around the corner from where we live!  Gather the family together and pretend you're tourists for a few days.

Keep active and organize some fun for the kids by including fun summer games such as croquet, badminton, swimming, or soccer.  Volleyball can be played in a pool, on the beach or in the shady comfort of your back yard or local park.  And never underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek, frisbee or running around catching fireflies at dusk.

Promotional Flyer - as low as $1.42

promotional flyer









Promotional Solace Outdoor Game Set - as low as $48.67

promotional outdoor games

Jul 15, 08 09:24 AM

Promotional Auto Accessories

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What’s in your glove compartment?

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find something when you’re looking for it and need it most.  If you’ve been in an accident, are broken down or have unfortunately been stopped by the police you don’t want to have to scramble and fumble trying to locate your vehicle information.

Keep your auto insurance card, registration, receipts and maintenance records handy and organized.  Conveniently store this organizer in your glove compartment.  This way you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly where all that information is if and when you need it.

Car Care Journal Set - as low as $14.83

promotional car care journal







In case of emergency this combo strobe and spotlight (red light flashes and rotates for up to 30 hours) is another useful little item that stores easily in the glove box.

Garrity 2AA L.E.D. Safety Strobe Lite - as low as $12.67

promotional safety strobe

Jul 14, 08 11:07 AM

Promotional Tire Gauges

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Proper tire pressure is crucial in the summer months!  Be sure to check your owner's manual for recommended tire pressure and be certain to check the condition of your tires.  Worn, bald or badly aligned or balanced tires can mean accidents.  Accidents and breakdowns are no fun and put your safety at risk.

Just think about the tire commercial that reminds you that you have a lot riding on your tires!  They’re right!  It’s you and your family and friends.

Tire pressure should be checked and air added when the tires are cold.  Tire pressure increases one pound for every 10-degree increase in temperature.  If you inflate your tires to the maximum pressure indicated on the tire sidewall, you risk tire failure from over-inflation, especially if the tire is worn or damaged.  If you are not sure or are uncomfortable checking your tires yourself bring it to a service station and ask for help.

With gas prices what they are today if you want to save money at the pump just stay on top of the air pressure in your tires.  Proper air pressure will result in getting better gas mileage.

If saving money isn't a big enough incentive, how about the added bonus of doing your part and helping preserve the environment?  Less fuel consumption results in less carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.  Every little bit helps.

Promotional Tire Gauge - as low as $2.29

promotional tire gauge

Jul 10, 08 09:07 AM

Promotional Gift

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This compact set is a thoughtful gift idea to use for your next employee or customer appreciation token.  Distribute these to employees at your next company or holiday function or send them out at the end of the year to your loyal customers.  Include a personalized note thanking them for their continued business and support with best wishes for the upcoming new year.

Roadster Gift Set - as low as $9.83

Auto Gift SEt

Jun 25, 08 11:42 AM

The Eyes have it!

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Don’t leave home without your sunglasses!

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) can be the cause of both short-term and long-term ocular problems such as cataracts, photokeratitis, snow blindness as well as various forms of eye cancer.  Experts often advise the public on the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV exposure.

Lots of people find direct sunlight to be way too bright!  In the outdoors the eye can receive more light than usual and wearing sunglasses can improve visual comfort and visual clarity by protecting the eye from glare.

Be sure to properly care for and store your glasses to help with their longevity.

Promotional Sunglass Clip - as low as $2.49

sunglass clip

Jun 24, 08 10:28 AM

Promotional Travel Accessories

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Do you travel a lot?  For business?  Or maybe you have a nice long spring vacation planned.  Have you ever found yourself trying to get comfortable on the long flight home?  This product is compact and easy to carry and can be used anywhere you go.

This efficient travel accessory provides three essential travel comfort items.  An inflatable comfort pillow, eye mask and earplugs.

Promotional Travel Comfort Kit - as low as $6.98









This luggage tag contains sewing components: 5 thread colors with needle, needle threader, safety pin and 2 buttons.

The name plate includes your name, address and phone number.

Promotional Sewing Kit Luggage Tag - as low as $1.85

promotional luggage sewing kit

Jun 18, 08 11:09 AM

Some Spring and Summer Tips

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The spring and summer seasons are bright, cheerful times with colorful explosions of blossoming buds accompanied by warm breezes breathing new life into the atmosphere.

These are the beautiful seasons! 

They captivate your senses with colorful images and enliven your spirits while wrapping you in the cozy comforts of summer heat.

Summer will soon be kicking into high gear across the country.  You can almost hear the constant purr of air conditioners ratcheting up -- with your home energy bills keeping pace.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based on electricity and gas usage the average household spends $1,900 annually on energy.

Cutting Back.  You can do right by the environment and your wallet without having to make major sacrifices or lifestyle changes.  You can decrease your bills by one-third or more just by making some relatively easy and painless adjustments.
Here are some easy ways to help you save not only during the summer months but some can continue to work for you all year long.

Upgrade Your Thermostat.  Invest in a programmable thermostat.  These are handy little devices that allow you to cool your home or office to different temperatures at times that best suit your needs and schedule.

Turn down the AC during the day or whenever you’ll be away then program it to start up again 30 minutes before you return.  You should also adjust it during the night or early morning hours when everyone is less likely to notice a shift in temperature.

Installing a programmable thermostat should only cost between $100 - $150 and the energy savings can prove substantial.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), it’s possible to cut your heating and cooling bills by 10% annually by turning your thermostat back 10% to 15% for 8 hours a day.

Go Green.  Planting shady trees around your house will not only help shave approximately $100 to $250 off your annual heating and cooling costs but they will help make your yard more beautiful and attractive.  Leafy trees will shield your house from direct sunlight, keeping temperatures down, while still allowing sunlight to hit your house during the winter months.
If outdoor gardening and yard work is too overwhelming or not your forte you can cut energy costs from inside your home by simply closing your curtains or pulling the shades down.

Keep Things Clean.  Keep your air-conditioning unit clean and in peak performance.  This is a big money saver.  Make sure your AC unit gets a professional tune up.  This may cost between $90 - $120.  Also check the air filters every month or so to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.
Dust off the condenser coils on your refrigerator to allow the unit to run more efficiently.

Buy a Better Bulb.  According to the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) require 75% less energy than traditional (incandescent) light bulbs, and last up to 10 times longer.  Look for CFLs with the Energy Star label. These bulbs now come in smaller sizes (subcompacts) that can fit into any lamp, and are offered in a wider color spectrum.  By replacing just four well-used 100-watt incandescent bulbs with equivalent 23-watt CFLs will help save you $120 to $200 over three years.

If you still have one of those halogen lamps hanging around do yourself a favor and throw it out!  These dangerous fire starters and their bulbs, which can generate temperatures of 700 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, are energy hogs.

The Fan Club.  Install a ceiling fan to balance out a room's temperature.  This will allow you to turn down the AC and still feel cool.
Unplug.  Even when all of your home electronics are turned off, many continue to suck energy.  The main culprits in household today are televisions, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, phones and microwave ovens.  Plug the items that can be turned completely off into a power strip and use that as the on/off switch.

Fight Leaks.  You don’t want your pricey, cooled air leaking straight out of your house. Leaky windows and ducts are two ways that cool air can be lost and make your air conditioner work harder.  Make sure your ducts are properly sealed and insulated.  According to the EPA this could save you as much as 10% in energy costs.  So have your duct system checked out by a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) technician.  Find one by visiting the North American Technician Excellence web site.

Savvy Shopping.  Look for the Energy Star label.  The biggest way to help you save is to invest in energy-efficient appliances.  There are more than 44 product categories that qualify.  Sure, replacing large appliances such as a refrigerator or dishwasher requires an upfront investment but you can recoup your costs quickly by replacing it with an Energy Star-qualified model which could cut your operating costs by 30%.

Put your gym membership on hold and try getting your exercise outside.  Beat power waste into submission. Gyms across the country overload on A/C and most training machines also use electricity.

Less of a thrashing on your wallet.   An average gym membership costs $55 per month while parks and trails offer better scenery than any weight room.  At this time of year you never hear anybody talking about the great indoors.  Locate a hiking trail near you.  Take a mat and do yoga poses at home, in the yard, or while you’re at the park.  Check out volunteer opportunities that get you moving such as cleaning up litter from parks, maintaining or clearing trails.

Allergies & Asthma.  After a long winter you’re probably ready to get outside to enjoy and soak up some of those glorious rays of sunshine!
Unfortunately with the arrival of spring also means the start of allergy season.  Millions of people suffer from allergies caused by exposure to agents such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander.  Many of these can also cause allergic problems such as asthma, nasal and sinus congestion, hives, and severe anaphylactic reactions.
What are allergies?  Allergies are bodily reactions to perceived threats in your environment. When your body is exposed to a substance you are allergic to your immune system tries to fight off the assault by producing antibodies.  These antibodies cause your cells to release proteins called histamines, which in turn can cause itching, swelling, runny eyes or nose and in severe cases, problems with swallowing and breathing.

What causes allergies?  Hundreds of different allergy triggers exist.  The most common causes include pollens, molds, dust mites, animal or pet dander and industrial chemicals. If you tend to get allergies in the spring, then it’s likely you suffer from hay fever, caused by pollen.  If your symptoms seem to come and go year-round, then it's likely you might be reacting to mold, mites or animal dander, all of which are common allergy triggers than people realize.
It is very important for you to understand the potential of developing allergies and asthma and be educated on the best forms of treatment for both ailments.

Solutions for Summer Fun.  Summer time can present planning challenges for working parents of young children.  With extra activities such as field trips and outings, swim lessons, special camps, amusement parks all requiring additional planning, transportation, work schedule flexibility and affordability.

Check Out Your Local Area Community Center. Many communities have taken advantage of recreation centers and parks to offer reasonable child care during the summer and weeks when children are out of school. Some cities promote summer fun child-care camps as a community service for its residents for a nominal fee.  A possible advantage to using recreation center care is if parents only need a few weeks covered and want certain summer fun days or activities for their kids.  Many centers structure the fees on a week-by-week basis, which allows flexibility for summer fun planning. Parents shouldn't delay in signing up since space is limited and fills up fast.

Start a Neighborhood Co-op.   Gather together parents of similar-aged children in your neighborhood and start a summer fun program for your kids.  Meet and agree to a calendar of activities and events.  Parents can alternate care and plan and carry out a fun outing for all participants for assigned days.  There typically is no money that changes hands.  Everyone equally takes turns and plans an enjoyable and safe day.

Jun 12, 08 10:40 AM

Keep your Content Fresh

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Regularly update your content and keep everything informative and interesting.

It is essential for you to acquire new customers and grow your business by being absolutely certain to only send customers relevant, targeted offers that they actually want to receive.

In an industry littered with competition and product variation, now is the time to re-evaluate the ways in which your data is collected and used as well as how you communicate with potential customers.  Recipients no longer tolerate irrelevant marketing materials sent via email or any other medium.
Make sure the URL of your website appears prominently on every piece of paper and all correspondence your business generates.  This is a brilliant approach to free advertising.

Be sure to advertise on items that people find useful.  This makes it more likely that the recipient will keep it or possibly even pass it along to someone else but at least it won’t get thrown away.

Photo Frame Calendar Magnet - as low as $.88


Jun 12, 08 10:18 AM

Maintaining Good Business

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Lately employees and customers seem to not only expect premiums and incentives but they’re getting them to boot! 

What’s the most important rule of good business?  Make sure to keep your employees and customers happy. 

Providing incentives for them to remain loyal to your business is a great way to keep your employees happy and your customers coming back again and again.  Set up a rewards system and offer cash back or discounts to customers for repeat or referred business.  Give gift cards, dinner or theater coupons to employees for increased sales or successful marketing efforts.

Promotional Download Cards - as low as $6.42

download card

Jun 9, 08 10:10 AM

Promotional Travel Safety

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Bet you just can’t wait to get on the road again!

If that’s true and you are on the verge of driving off to parts unknown here are some very important points you should consider before you start the engine.
Make absolutely certain you have current insurance and registration information with you at all times.  You should also bring along your car’s owner manual organized maintenance records.

Road Mate Organizer - as low as $10.66

promotional travel mate









Do a pre-travel check list before heading out on your summer adventure.
With all that hot weather driving you’re going to be doing take precautions now and assess the condition of the vehicle you plan to use on your trips.

Check all your lights and turn signals and be sure to check all fluids.  Change your oil every 3,000 – 5,000.  Summer months are extremely hard on a car's cooling system.  Inspect your radiator for signs of corrosion or leaking.  Flush the radiator and change engine coolant every two years.

Check and fill other fluids such as the power steering, brake, transmission, battery and radiator to recommended levels and don’t forget to top off the windshield washer fluid.

If your windshield has a chip or ding that damage needs to be repaired before "thermal shock" causes it to turn into a major crack. Thermal shock is what can happen when cold air from the air conditioning blows on a hot windshield.  Repairing a windshield is a lot less expensive than replacing one.
Intense summer heat can mean disaster for an older battery.  The average life of a battery is 31/2 years.  If your battery is that age or older then it's probably time for it to be replaced.

Tire pressure is critical in summer.  Check your owner's manual for recommended tire pressure.  Worn, bald or badly aligned or balanced tires can mean accidents.  Tire pressure should be checked and air added when the tires are cold.  Tire pressure increases one pound for every 10-degree increase in temperature. If you inflate your tires to the maximum pressure indicated on the tire sidewall, you risk tire failure from over-inflation, especially if the tire is worn or damaged.

If you’ll be traveling in remote areas, consider having a full-size spare tire instead of a temporary emergency spare.  Temporary emergency spares only have a 50-to-100 mile life expectancy and may be inadequate for your needs.
Check radiator, heater and vacuum hoses for cracks and bulges and inspect all belts for splits or damage.

Worn or misfiring spark plugs can affect how efficiently a vehicle burns the fuel/air mixture.  Worn spark plugs waste gas and increase exhaust emissions.  Check and replaced as needed.

Don't postpone needed brake work. It's dangerous to drive with poorly performing brakes and postponing brake service will only end up costing you more.

Car Escape Tool - as low as $21.66

promotional safety

May 20, 08 02:32 PM

Promotional Summer Safety Items

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Summer Safety

Summer is just around the corner!  It’s time for you to start preparing for that vacation you’ve been thinking about all winter.

Be prepared.  Before you leave on your trip pack extra radiator coolant and water, quarts of oil, safety flares and any tools you might need.

Emergency Gas Can - as low as $10.49

promotional safety









Always store a roll of duct tape in your car.  It has many uses and can be a life saver!

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere, while memorable, it does not make for a fun vacation and can be dangerous.

Promotional Safety & Tool Kit

promotional safety kit

May 8, 08 10:12 AM

Promotional Magnet Calendars

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Keep your content fresh!

Regularly update your content and keep everything informative and interesting.

It is essential for you to acquire new customers and grow your business by being absolutely certain to only send customers relevant, targeted offers that they actually want to receive.

In an industry littered with competition and product variation, now is the time to re-evaluate the ways in which your data is collected and used as well as how you communicate with potential customers.  Recipients no longer tolerate irrelevant marketing materials sent via email or any other medium.

Make sure the URL of your website appears prominently on every piece of paper and all correspondence your business generates.  This is a brilliant approach to free advertising.

Be sure to advertise on items that people find useful.  This makes it more likely that the recipient will keep it or possibly even pass it along to someone else but at least it won’t get thrown away.

Photo Frame Calendar Magnet -  as low as $.88

promotional magnets

May 7, 08 12:31 PM

Promotional USB Memory

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Do you want to learn how to use promotional USB Memory to increase your business? Learn all about USB memory and how to choose the correct one for your marketing campaign.


Listen to our Promotional Products Podcast on USB Memory Drives

Watch the Promotional Products USB Memory Video

May 7, 08 09:21 AM

Here's how to Keep Cool

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Beat the heat!  Cool off instantly with these portable mini-fans.
These electric handheld fans make great advertising giveaways!  If your business is planning to host an outdoor promotional event or any type of company outing during the hot months these unique and affordable fans will make ideal giveaways.  Personalized with your logo these promotional gifts will help build your brand identity with your target audience!  Having your logo added to promotional products is always a great way to make sure your company continues to gain exposure.

Cool Breeze Lighted Mini-Fan - as low as $2.25

promotional fans








When the going gets hot, mist yourself.  As the water evaporates, it’ll help cool you down.

Promotional Misting Fan - as low as $2.50

promotional misting fan

May 7, 08 09:14 AM

Help Your Customers Save Money

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Save money and cut down on waste.

44 million people eat lunch out instead of bringing it from home.  If you’re trying to save a little more money this might be an easy way to help make that happen.
By bringing lunch to work just four days a week (treat yourself with one lunch out during the week), you’ll be amazed how much money it’ll help you save.
You may not realize it but the savings can be substantial.
While take-out lunches are convenient and pretty inexpensive they still impact your wallet.

Let’s say that on average, buying lunch out costs about $7 making eating out five days a week total $35.00.

Whereas, if you bring lunch from home consisting of a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a jell-o or yogurt the cost probably averages around just $2.00.  As you can see there is an added benefit of having the ability to make smarter healthier choices about what you eat.  Be sure to always use a reusable bag to help cut down on waste.

Heavy Duty Insulated Bag - as low as $4.95

promotional lunch bag









So, eating lunches from home four days plus one day out averages $15.00 per week and eating out every day averages $35.00 the difference is a savings of $20.00 making a monthly savings of about $80.00.

When you do go out to get something to eat and bring back to the office use reusable utensils and bring a mug or water bottle from home instead of using Styrofoam or plastic cups for coffee and water.

Icon Cool Gear Freezer Stick Bottle - as low as $3.00

promotional sport bottles

May 7, 08 09:00 AM

Boost your Spring Sales with these Ideas

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Here are some affordable promotional ideas for spring and summer season activities!
If you have a small business and your marketing budget is limited make sure your promotional ideas are easy and cost effective.

Consider sponsoring local events or activities.  Set up a booth at a street fair or sponsor a local little league or softball team in order to display your product or company name.

Koozie(Tm) Stadium Kushion - as low as $3.99

Show your team support and help make stadium seating more comfortable for sports fans with this lightweight cushion.

promotional cushion








4-Color Process Koozie Jersey Can Kooler - as low as $2.59

Promotional Koozie








Baseball Yo-Y0 Stress Ball - as low as $1.48

promotional baseball stress ball

May 5, 08 09:03 AM

Advertising 101

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Most Common Types of Advertising

  1. Consumer.  Advertising of products or services sold to the general public.
  2. Business-to-Business.  When you advertise products or services sold by one business to another. Also known and referred to as trade or industrial advertising.
  3. Direct Response.  Advertising that seeks to get the reader to take an action.  Examples: fill out an order form, call a sales representative or clip and use a coupon.

Differentiate your product's or service's features from its benefits.  Features are valuable and can undoubtedly augment your product, but the benefits are ultimately what motivate people to make a purchase.  Be sure to convey how your product's or service's benefits pertain to least one basic human need.  Success, safety, good health/appearance, financial security and saving time, are some examples of the needs all people have.

Flashlight and Siren Pedometer - as low as $4.38

promoitonal pedometer









Manicure and Grooming Kits - as low as $6.29

promotional grooming









Promotional Piggy Banks - as low as $1.59

promotional piggy bank









Come up with a slogan.  The purpose of a slogan is to attract your target customer's attention. Be dramatic, compelling and convincing enough with a few words or a short sentence to get their attention and peak their interest.  Then spread it around and get it out in front of as many people as possible.

May 1, 08 11:42 AM

Creative Advertising

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You don't have to be a creative genius to create simple, yet effective marketing exposure.

Be sure you know what you want to accomplish with your advertising.  You want to persuade a person to act, whether it’s to get them to call an 800 number, send in an order form or visit a store location.

Promotional Business Card Holders

promotional business card holder






Promotional FarFromBoring Pen

promotional pen









Put together a company/product information kit.  This kit should contain all your current company and contact information, an employee contact sheet by department, copies of your product information, a price list, copies of testimonials from satisfied customers and samples of your product (if possible).

Promotional Folders - as low as $3.99

promotional folders

Apr 30, 08 08:41 AM

Promotional Golf

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Organize a company spring swing fling! 
A spring outing is a good way to give your employees a much needed boost coming out of the cold, dark winter months.

Titleist(R) Nxt(R) Pillow Pack   
Clear pack contains 1 imprinted Titleist(R) Nxt(R) golf ball with six 2-1/8" imprinted tee Includes: 1 imprinted golf ball and 6 imprinted 2-3/4" tees

promotional golf

Apr 25, 08 11:06 AM

Keychain Promotional Products

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We have a full line of personalized key chains for your business or personal needs.  Key chains last for a long time and continue their promotional duties throughout their lifetime.  Have your logo or slogan festooned on any of our custom key chains.  We have whatever you’re looking for: carabiner key chains, soft or hard, round or shaped key chains, flashlight key chains and keychain gift sets.

Car Flashlight Keychain - as low as $7.49

promotional keychain










Three Tone Keyholder and Cardholder - as low as $9.66

keyring promotional








We also feature a very cool logo projection keychain.

Logo Projection Keychain - as low as $3.45

logo projection keychain


Apr 24, 08 10:36 AM

Promotional Products for Spring

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Celebrate Spring!
Shake off the winter doldrums!

It’s time to get out and smell the roses and enjoy some warm gentle breezes for a change.

Fire up the grill (don’t forget the marshmallows) gather family and friends together in your back yard or at a local park to enjoy some quality time enjoying the great outdoors!

Solace 3 in 1 Outdoor Game Set - as low as $15.66

promotional games








We have Memorial Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day right around the corner.   All these occasions lend themselves to family occasions like a relaxing lake side picnic or barbeque, bike rides, long walks, and more!

The Park Picnic Blanket - as low as $9.50

promotional picnic blanket


Apr 23, 08 08:55 AM

Promotional Calendars

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We have wall and desk calendars that can be fully customized with your logo, slogan or photos of your choice.

Catch your customer’s attention with personalized calendars.  This promotional item is not only useful and affordable – it continuously promotes your business all year long!

Calendars are very effective for service related businesses such as health and wellness, restaurants, automotive industry or real estate agencies.

Promotional Calendars - as low as $1.89

promotional calendars








Promotional Coupon Calendar - as low as $1.43

promotional coupon calendar

Apr 22, 08 11:06 AM

Promotional Car Shades

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Another useful and affordable item that will do your advertising for you is this cardboard accordion fold sun shade!  How many people pass by your car while it’s parked at the mall, restaurant or movie theater or even right outside your office door?  You can get the attention of all these passersby by having your company name and logo in living color displayed across your entire front or back window(s) for all to see!

Promotional Car Shades - as low as $4.31

promotional card shades

Apr 22, 08 09:48 AM

Promotional Magnetic Calendars

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Get noticed and stay noticed without spending a bundle of money!
Promotional products are ideal choices for advertising.  Prominently display your name on an item that your target audience will use every single day! 
We can design a magnetic calendar for you in a variety of personalized sizes, shapes, styles and colors.

Your customers will appreciate having a convenient reminder of important appointments, meetings or errands right in front of them in the place that works best for them - on the refrigerator, PC or a filing cabinet.

House Calendar Magnet - as low as $.39

promotional calendar magent








We can also make your business card with all your company and contact information and custom logo into a calendar!

Business Card Calendar Magnet - as low as $.16

promotional business card magnet


Apr 21, 08 01:21 PM

Promotional License Plate Frames

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Put your company out there and in front of people!  The more people who see your company name or logo the better it is for your business.  Take your logo with you everywhere you go with a custom branded license plate frame.
These affordable and effective items are great promotional tools for tradeshow giveaways, customer appreciation gifts or can be included in new employee welcome packages.

Promotional License Plate Frame - as low as $.72

promotional license plate frame


Apr 15, 08 09:23 AM

The Importance of Relaxation

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Reduce the negative impact of stress on your body and experience a greater sense of calm in your life. 

Control tension and enhance relaxation in both your mind and body by learning and practicing relaxation and stress relief methods.

Promotional relief gift set with CD - as low as $16.37

promotional basket









Promotional Roller Massager - as low as $3.07

promotional massager

Apr 14, 08 11:49 AM

Happy Promotional Products

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Laughter is therapeutic and has several stress relieving benefits.

Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones and draws the focus away from anger and negative emotions in a beneficial manner!  It’s an easy way to release your tension and unhealthy negative emotions.

So, get laughing and reduce your stress level!

Promotional Laughing Pen - as low as $1.90

promotional Laughing Pen








Happy Stress Ball- as low as $1.30

Happy Face Stress Ball


Apr 10, 08 01:30 PM

Promotional Card Magnifier

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Wallet sized credit card magnifier (with a light) and printed logos make exceptional promotional items.  These credit card magnifiers fit easily in any wallet and are handy for reading in dimly lit areas such as restaurants.  This item is a great way to keep your company's name in front of customers every time they open their wallet, magazine or book.

Promotional Credit Card Magnifier - as low as $4.15

promotional card magnifier

Apr 10, 08 10:06 AM

Wedding Favors

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When you think of June you automatically think about weddings!

The large number of marriages is credited to the Goddess Juno for which the month of June is named after.  Juno is known as the protecting goddess of marriage and the couple's home.  This is how it has come to be considered good luck to be married in June.

This unique photo frame would make a great wedding favor.  It holds three photographs, one 2X3 and two 4X3 Photos

3 in 1 Brushed Aluminum Frame - as low as $7.76

promotional picture frame










Live potted miniature roses make nice center pieces.  Colors may vary and the flowers are bred to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Mini Roses - as low as $5.99

promotional flowers

Apr 3, 08 02:07 PM

Promotional Ergo Mouse Pad

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The goal of ergonomics is to enable humans to have more comfortable interactions with computers and machines.

Some desks and computer equipment have hard, angled edges that come in contact with a user's arm or wrist.  The stress created can affect nerves and blood vessels, possibly causing discomfort, tingling or sore fingers.

This mouse pad has a comfortable, cushy gel-filled wrist rest with a no-slip bottom.  It helps alleviate tension being placed on your wrist while spending time on the computer.

Promotional Ergo-Gel Mouse Pad - as low as $7.50

promotional mouse pad

Apr 3, 08 09:24 AM

Employee Safety

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Do you have sales and marketing teams constantly out on the road?

One of the most successful ways to maintain happy customers is in person, face to face on a routine basis. 

This direct yet personal approach is a great way to really get to know customers and allows you to be more in tune with their needs and expectations.  Highly satisfied customers who receive undivided attention and more personalized service are more likely to refer others, thus drawing in more new business!

For their safety, be sure to equip your traveling employees with some basic tools that may come in handy should they breakdown while traveling the highways and byways.

This 12-piece set includes 300-amp jumper cables, warning triangle, gas siphon, Mylar blanket, two bungee cords, two glow sticks, a pair of gloves with rubber grips and a flashlight.

Promotional Highway Safety Kit - as low as $29.00


promotional highway safety kit
Apr 3, 08 09:20 AM

Reward your Employees

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It’s April!

We’ve made it through the first quarter of a new year!

Do you have some employees who worked exceptionally hard with unwavering determination to meet or exceeded first quarter goals?

The diamond is April’s birthstone.

Now is the perfect time to reward or recognize employees who achieved stellar first quarter performance!  And this is the perfect item to give them to express your appreciation!

Small Diamond Award - as low as $35

small diamond award

Apr 1, 08 12:03 PM

Let us help you get organized

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Is the top of your desk there but you just can’t see it?

It might be time to clear away some of the clutter and give you back some usable desktop space.  But be careful, you know what they say…

A tidy desk is a sign of an untidy drawer!

Figure out how to use your space more efficiently.  Make things easily accessible and even more important make it easy to put them back where they belong.

Try not to bother with items that just take up space.  You want to have only the most useful and functional items at hand and ready to use.  Try to stay organized on an on-going basis, clear, straighten and de-clutter regularly.

This professional desk organizer has individual velvet-lined trays for storage and organization.  The trays double as coasters for desktop or coffee table use.  The integrated photo frame provides a 2.5" x 2.5" display.

Promotional Desk Organizer - as low as $20.06

promotional desk organizer









Desktop organizer has a digital alarm clock with calendar, date, day & temperature, two hide-away drawers and padded bottom.

Mar 31, 08 10:50 AM

Ocean Fest Dive & Adventure Sports Expo

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April 18, 19 and 20, 2008

Location of Ocean Fest:  Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida on Rte. A1A just south of Las Olas Blvd.

We have the latest in custom branded windbreakers and jackets for your next show or event.  Your custom logo will look great on our selection of windshirts and jackets!

Soft, lightweight and waterproof.  100% polyester shell, nylon mesh lining, polyester taffeta sleeve with lower body lining and hideaway hood.

Promotional Windbreaker

promotional windbreaker

Mar 31, 08 10:44 AM

Outdoor Events

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Whatever sport you engage in weather it’s for sheer relaxation and enjoyment or maybe it’s a more involved and challenging goal you’re determined to achieve -  make sure to never lose sight that your safety comes first!
From camping to rock climbing, hiking to biking, sea kayaking to skiing to snowboarding, there are several items you should never be without.

This compass has a solid rubber bumper to ensure protection.  Multiple functions include an alarm clock with snooze alarm, thermometer and month/date/year calendar.  A digital screen with backlighting enables easy viewing.  Durable powder coat, graphite finish.

Promotional High Sierra Compass - as low as $59.83

promotional compass









This PC hiking set is the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure!  A six piece set conveniently packed in a 1 Liter (34 oz.) polycarbonate bottle.  Set includes a multi-function knife, compass, LED light, carabiner and whistle.

Promotional Hiking Set -as low as $12.99

promotional hiking set









H2O Hydration Pack.  600D Polyester.  Sport design includes a 1.5 Liter reservoir with hydration tube and bite valve.  Padded airflow mesh back and adjustable straps with sternum belt.  Large zippered and gusseted U-Shaped accessory pocket.  Additional zippered front pocket and shock cord.  Reflective piping on front and back for safety.

Promotional H2o Hydration Pack - as low as $23.49

promotional hydration pack









For all your promotional outdoor needs give us a call at 866-751-7766

Mar 27, 08 10:10 AM

Informational Lead Bags

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All it takes for you to achieve a successful marketing profile is a little ingenuity and creativity that will enable you to wriggle truly remarkable results out of nominal expenditures.

Effectively work a two sided marketing campaign.  Create an attractive gift bag imprinted with your company logo with contents including your business card or company brochure (listing times of operation and location information), forms for interested potential customers to fill out to request more information, or to register in a prize drawing for a free product.  Distribute (with permission) the bags to other businesses within your community or surrounding neighborhoods.

Clear View Drawstring Bag - $3.11

promotional clear bag









You not only benefit from additional advertisement being spread throughout the community but you also gain highly qualified customer lead information, attention and feedback because people who have a serious interest in your company or services are the ones who have taken the time to fill out and submit the form.

Mar 26, 08 11:54 AM

Employee Welcome Kits

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Here are some great ideas you can include as part of your employee welcome kit!
When an employee first arrives it’s important to make sure they feel welcome.   As a new staff member it feels a lot like being the new kid in school.  With so much to learn and figure out be sure you offer a professional and organized plan to help guide your new employees through the learning curve.

Let them know you’re glad they are there by organizing an informative orientation and introduce your new employee to their supervisor and other staff members.  This will set them at ease and make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Express your creativity!  Along with your standard policy and practice manual, put together a welcome kit containing your custom printed company items as well.

Welcome Chocolate Bars - as low as $1.20

Welcome chocolate bar










Laughing Stress Ball - as low as $2.35

Laughing Stress Ball










This laughing stress ball has a sound chip inside, soft squeezable material and big imprint area.

Promotional Journal Book - as low as $3.01

promotional journal book









Give your FarFromBoring marketing specialist a call at 866-751-7766 to create a unique welcome pack for your new hires.

Mar 26, 08 11:27 AM

Energize your marketing campaign

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Marketing is, by far, the very best approach in order for your business to build awareness amongst prospective customers and to establish a brand within the markets you are directly targeting whether they’re local, regional or national!

Creativity and energy are what count!

Make an effort to show off your product everywhere! Take every opportunity possible to advertise or demonstrate your services or products.

Be diligent in distributing logo merchandise. Put your company name and logo (if you have one) on every, little gizmo, ornament or piece of cloth you can think of then hand them out like crazy!

Promotional Beach Balls - as low as $2.60










Logo light Pen - as low as $3.45












While being carried around on trips to the store, the gym or on errands duffel bags that are decked out with a big flashy logo get noticed and function like a traveling billboard! 

Promotional Duffel Bag - as low as $5.00










Promotional items that are useful and handy to use are the best avenue to get your company lots of free advertising. 

Mar 25, 08 10:53 AM

Promotional Travel Accessories

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There are so many reasons people travel.  Weather you're traveling for recreation or vacation, taking time to visit family and friends, relocating for work or attending work related conferences

Or maybe you're one of the thousands of people who travel to attend tradeshows!

If you're in the market for more practical promotional items we have lots of useful items that the traveling public will appreciate!











Multifunctional alarm clock with 1.5" x 1" display screen and functions like a PDA!

Alarm clock includes snooze function with different sounds for wake-up alarm or meeting reminders.  Store contact names and phone numbers.  Record and keep track of meetings.  Includes a calculator with memory functions, a stopwatch with lap counter and countdown timer.  Time mode displays hour, minute, and seconds, as well as date, day of the week, month, and year.  Switch between 12- or 24-hour display and has daylight savings function.  World time mode features times of 50 major cities, along with a map showing their location.


promotional travel wallet










Travel wallet with open front pocket, interior pocket for travel documents and currency, elastic pen loop and mesh ID pocket.

promotional travel kit










This promotional travel utility kit has a large easy-access opening, organizational pockets for toiletries and travel items, zippered exterior pocket for additional storage and attached hook for easy hanging.

Mar 25, 08 10:52 AM

Promotional Travel Accessories

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There are so many reasons people travel.  Weather you're traveling for recreation or vacation, taking time to visit family and friends, relocating for work or attending work related conferences

Or maybe you're one of the thousands of people who travel to attend tradeshows!

If you're in the market for more practical promotional items we have lots of useful items that the traveling public will appreciate!










Multifunctional alarm clock with 1.5" x 1" display screen and functions like a PDA!

Alarm clock includes snooze function with different sounds for wake-up alarm or meeting reminders.  Store contact names and phone numbers.  Record and keep track of meetings.  Includes a calculator with memory functions, a stopwatch with lap counter and countdown timer.  Time mode displays hour, minute, and seconds, as well as date, day of the week, month, and year.  Switch between 12- or 24-hour display and has daylight savings function.  World time mode features times of 50 major cities, along with a map showing their location.


promotional travel wallet









Travel wallet with open front pocket, interior pocket for travel documents and currency, elastic pen loop and mesh ID pocket.

promotional travel kit









This promotional travel utility kit has a large easy-access opening, organizational pockets for toiletries and travel items, zippered exterior pocket for additional storage and attached hook for easy hanging.

Mar 21, 08 02:05 PM

Promotional Luggage Tags

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Going on a trip? Don't forget your promotional luggage tags! has the best promotional luggage tags you can hope to find. Promotional luggage tags are great giveaways for travel agencies, airlines, cruiselines, and any company involved with the travel and vacation industry. Clients and customers are sure to appreciate a useful and reusable item such as this. At we have an excellent variety to choose from. From modestly priced tags, to the executive-type leather tags, you're sure to find just what you're looking for on our website of thousands of promotional products. Every item can be imprinted with your company name and/or logo. Just think of how far a luggage tag travels. Your company name and logo can be seen at every destination from Denmark to Delaware, Sydney to Singapore, and anywhere else in the world. Promotional luggage tags from are the smartest choice.

Promotional Luggage Tags


Mar 18, 08 09:47 AM

Get ready for your Company Spring Outing

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The first day of spring is March 20, 2008!

What better way to welcome spring than to start planning your next company outing?

Organize a fun and relaxing corporate outing at a conveniently located park or recreation facility.

Staff outings enable all employees to casually mingle and get to know each other better. This time also offers them the opportunity to interact with people in other divisions or at other levels which they normally might not have the chance.

Gather everyone together for a friendly game of softball, a simple barbeque, or a stress free game of miniature golf.

No matter what kind of event you decide, be sure to distribute a small token of your appreciation that will serve as a reminder of the event.


Fun Pack Combo - As Low as $3.40

Promotional Frisbee and Koozie 














Promotional Sun Kit - As Low as $3.21

promotional sun kit

Mar 13, 08 09:52 AM

Organization for the Person on the Go

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This sticky pad assortment with simulated leather binder is great for travelers, people on the go, or people who like really cool stuff! The assortment includes 5 different colored flags and 2 different size sticky pads. For orders over 1,000 pieces we can even imprint the sticky notes! Your logo gets debossed or screen printed on the cover making this a perfect promotional item for lawyers, doctors, teachers, accountants, insurance agents, and many more!

Contact us today for more information

Promotional Sticky Pad as low as $2.45


Feb 14, 08 12:03 PM

Promotional Products Tips

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Tips on how to maximize your promotional product investment by choosing the right item(s) to help you meet your promotion goals.

Set goals for your promotional product(s).

Define what it is you want to accomplish with each promotional item then make a decision as to what item will best get your message across. To build business and draw traffic to your business consider a direct mail advertisement that contains a valuable coupon that can be redeemed in-store. To thank customers for their patronage hand out useful complimentary items as they enter your store.

Make sure your giveaways are useful such as convenient household items:

Health and Safety Promotional Products

Or innovative computer accessories:

Custom USB Flash Memory

Computer Accessories Promotional Items

Create a marketing budget and stay within your limits.

Be careful not to overspend. Select an effective product to personalize with your logo that people will use and consistently identify with your company. Taking time to create and distribute imprinted promotional items will let everyone know you are breaking onto the scene.

Join forces.

Seek out others to work with that can help share expenses. Combined promotional efforts will strengthen rapport with suppliers and demonstrates your high level of commitment.

Calculate how much product you actually need.

Avoid purchasing more than you need. Do not date or purchase seasonal specific items so you can continue to use the product until the entire stock is depleted.

Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your promotional items' potential.

Ask us how to make the most of your promotional product budget. Give us a call today 866-751-7766

Feb 7, 08 09:29 AM

Customized Package Opener - New Product

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The Safe Alternative

The perfect alternative to traditional package opening methods! Box cutters, scissors and knives present an unnecessary risk of injury to your customers, employees and loved ones. This item is a great way to promote risk reduction and to show you care.

Portable Opportunity

Packs a lot of promotional power into a small package! Compact design, lightweight and flat, a perfect recipe to promote your company. Cheap to ship, easy to distribute and able to pack into any package. This item’s portability makes a great opportunity for you.

Super Functional

A mighty tool in a mini form! The patented design makes opening a wide range of packages a snap! Open any package sealed with tape, cellophane or paper. Attack hard to open items like cellophane wrapped DVDs and CDs with the powerful hardened resin blade and serrated teeth. It even performs as a letter opener!

Promotional Powerhouse

This item is affordable which means it works great for promotions of any size. Trade shows, safety campaigns, event marketing make this the ideal direct mail item. It’s thin profile and light weight allow it to tag along inside mailers without substantial change in dimension or weight.

Customized Package Opener As low as .65


Jan 14, 08 02:09 PM

Let's Tawlk

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Even though we are an online company, we here at pride ourselves on building strong professional relationships with our clients.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to find the perfect promotional products to suit our client’s needs. We take the time to do the research and source through hundreds of thousands of products to make certain the best item is matched with our customers. Catalogues can be very overwhelming. Trust our product knowledge and expertise to help you in the most time/cost effective way possible.

Plus, we’re loads of fun. And we like to reassure our clients with our industry experience and put a smile on their faces with some light and witty banter.

Check us out. Give us a ring. Ask us about a product.

Cheers from all of us at!

Dec 21, 07 10:28 AM

GSG Associates

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Cristina Corado with GSG associates turned to for help finding the perfect holiday gift.

After considering several options, they decided to go with a 6 pack insulated cooler.

Their gold emblem looked very handsome and sophisticated on the hunter green items.  Cristina and her associates were very pleased with their product, “I have received the shipment and we are very happy with the item. Thank you for taking the time for keeping me up -to-date on my order and calling today to make sure I had received the shipment, Greatly appreciate your customer service.”

Cristina was a pleasure to work with and is a valued client.  We look forward to a long business relationship with GSG Associates.

Dec 14, 07 08:41 AM

Travel Adventures Highway Kit

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Talk about “Don’t leave home without it!”

The Travel Adventures Highway Kit, is one thing your clients will not want to be without!

There will be no “shoulda, coulda, wouldas” with a Thermo Plastic battery charger, a can of instaflat, flashlights, extra batteries, and a distress flag in the car, camper boat etc.

When an emergency does arise, and your company’s logo is on the “life saver”, you and your company will be remembered as a hero!

The team at Farfromboring will work together with you to find the perfect promotional product for your event, giveaway, awards etc.


Dec 13, 07 10:09 AM

Promotional Mint Case

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Everyone seems to keep mints or gum in their desk, handbag, or pockets which make these mints a sensational promotional item. Mints have a great shelf live and a real life saver for meetings, trade shows or other social events. They are the number one consumable promotional item in the world according to research. Put your company name or logo on this small and compact mint case and it can be an easy way to substitute a business card which you can pass out as a creative marketing tool.

Promotional Mints


Dec 13, 07 10:01 AM

Promotional Magnets

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If you were in front of your refrigerator right now, how many business magnets would you see? 10? 20? Let’s face it – almost all of us keep these handy promotional magnets on our home and business refrigerators, file cabinets – even in or on our cars! Promotional magnets offer the small business owner a high return on investment: these custom magnets cost only pennies each and can remain in view of your customers or clients for weeks, months, and even years. Customized magnets are a great way to keep your company and products at the forefront of customers’ minds, while attracting new customers who notice them. Advertising magnets, when ordered in bulk, can cost as little as 10 cents each; for a few hundred dollars, you can get a large supply of these customized magnets (think: mini-ads) to send home with your customers. Business magnets should contain your company’s vital info: name, phone number, address, and Web site address, so the customer has the info at his or her fingertips immediately!!!

Promotional Magnets


Dec 12, 07 08:53 AM

Low Quantity, High Quality Promotional Items

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Promotional products don’t always need to be bought by the thousands. Sometimes, there may be a smaller, more exclusive group that you must shop for. Even in this instance, is the perfect place to turn to.

We have a large selection of tasteful and elegant gifts for that special Executive or especially appreciated client base.

Need help with ideas? We can help there too! We can source from close to a million products (including name brands like Cutter and Buck) until we have found the perfect product or products to impress your elite contacts. Reach out to a representative today to find out more.


Executive Clockclock







Dec 10, 07 09:15 AM

Automotive Safety Equipment - Show them you Care

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Winter is upon us. It’s time to put on the snow tires, salt the pavement, scrape ice, and make sure that you’re prepared to drive during treacherous winter conditions.

You can never be too careful though, and has a huge selection of automotive safety necessities to get your employees and clients through the dangers of winter driving. We have everything from flashlights to complete highway safety kits.

Speak with a representative today to find out more about these products.

Automotive Safety Promotional Products

Dec 5, 07 08:47 AM

Promotional Calendars - 2008 Here We Come!

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Want to get tremendous value out of your next promotional products purchase? How about an item that someone will see dozens of times a day everyday! Lets talk about calendars, one of the most visible and permanent items someone can have. Posted in an office or cubicle and watch your logo be a staple for an entire year! With hundreds of themes to choose from ranging from fishing to golf to puppies, the right calendar is out there for you! Contact us today to get your order in now!

Promotional Calendars


Dec 3, 07 08:36 AM

Promotional Luggage Spotters

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Your luggage won’t play hide-and-seek in a sea of black anymore!
These bright, durable and comfortable luggage handle covers stand out in a crowd and yell “Here I am, over here!” The Luggage Spotter Handler makes it easy to spot, grab your luggage and go!
There’s no more looking for the “needle in a haystack”.
Help prevent mistaken identity with your company’s logo and the person’s name printed on our LUGGAGE SPOTTER HANDLER.
Travel these days is all about getting where you want to go, with more comfort, quickly and easily.
Save your hands and your time!
Find your luggage fast!

Visit us at Farfromboring and let one our of product specialists help you help others get them where they need to go.


Dec 3, 07 08:29 AM

Promotional Sewing Kits

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Not now!
It’s the dreaded lost button / hem down crisis!
You’re just about to leave the hotel room for an important meeting, and pop, goes a button or stitch!
No worries. Your own personal and portable tailor will rescue you!
Our POCKET SEAMSTRESS is here! This happens to almost everyone, but not everyone is prepared! Be prepared and ready with our POCKET SEAMSTRESS
You don’t have to be Betsy Ross. No fumbling with threading needles. It’s all done for you, in a rainbow of colors. Just grab the color thread you need and stitch away.
THE POCKET SEAMSTRESS is also accompanied by the invaluable safety pin, and 2 buttons…..just in case.
Customized with your company’s logo, everytime the Pocket Seamstress comes to the rescue, your firm will be remembered as the hero!

Why wait! Please call us now at to see why we will make your promotions just that!


Nov 27, 07 02:32 PM

Interview with Paul Lage President of Norwood Proomotional Products

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Robert Stillman CEO of interviews Paul Lage President of Norwood Promotional Products.

Nov 27, 07 09:17 AM

Commuter Lunch Bag

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Give them lunch packed with style! Our commuter bag is handy and convenient, and features front zipped pockets and mesh side pockets. Its foam insulation keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, andits waterproof lining seals in the leaks. Customize this bag with your company name or logo and make it the perfect “thank you” for hardworking employees that are in and out, and on the go! To find the best lunch bag or tote to fit your needs, contact a knowledgeable salesperson today!

Commuter Lunch Bag


Nov 14, 07 11:19 AM

Some Scary Facts You Should Know

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Did you know that the average desk contains over 300 times more germs than a toilet seat?!?!?! All I can say about this is lets start disinfecting. Hand out these anti-bacterial sanitizing spray's and protect your employees from germs. By doing so you may protect your office from the more than 1 billion colds that Americans experience every year, this fact alone is responsible for approximately 50 million missed days of work. This item contains roughly 150 applications and kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Stop those nasty germs in their tracks and promote your business as the same time. Contact us today for more info and other great options.

Anibacterial Sanitizer - As low as $2.20
antibacterial spray

Oct 24, 07 10:11 AM

Fan-Ta-Stick Inflatables

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A sports crowd is a captive audience. A fanatic audience. An audience that will utilize freebies any chance they can get. Especially, when that promotional item is emblazoned with their favorite team logo. Just think of the branding you will accomplish when you hand-out the FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables to hundreds or even thousands of fans at your local sporting event. These customizable, inflatable “rally clubs,” are entirely customizable, not only with the local team logos and colors, but with your business or organization logo as well. Hand them out to the first 100, 500 or even 1000 fans at your minor league baseball game, high school homecoming game, or even a major league game. The fans will hold on to these FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables, and bring them to the game again and again, showcasing your logo each and every time. And the fans will appreciate it as well. Knowing that you support their team, they are likely to support you as well. The customizable FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables come in Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Green, Forest Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Gold, Silver, Maroon, Pink and Teal, so you are sure to get the right combination of team colors you need. Contact today, and see how you can gain new fans with the FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables.


Oct 23, 07 11:53 AM

Root N Toot Sport Horns

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Have you ever noticed how in sports, the home team always has that slight advantage? They have that little bit of oomph, that gives them an edge over their visiting opponents? That’s due to the cheers, screams and undying support from the fans surrounding them. Especially at school sports, like high-school and college. So, give the fans what they want, what they need to help their team march to victory…the Root n Toot Sports Horns. These customizable sports horns come in four varities, for the sport of your choice. We have football, baseball, soccer and basketball. (Sorry, no golf balls…these horns wouldn’t be welcome on the quiet course.) They make the perfect promotional giveaway for your local high-school or college, or even minor-league and major-league sports. Imagine how much school loyalty you will create get by handing these out to the first 500 or so fans at an event?! The fans will keep them season after season, to roon n toot their team to another victory. And they are fully customizable with your school logo or slogan. The horns come in a varity of colors including Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Gold, and Silver. brings you the sports promotional items that will bring you school loyalty year after year.


Oct 17, 07 08:31 AM

Promotional Stress Balls

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It seems like everyone has their own advice on how you should deal with stress. Do this, don’t do that, say this, don’t say that. But when all is said and done, the bottom line is, you have to let that stress out! Be it exercising, writing, screaming, or the ever popular, Promotional Stress Ball. These soft, durable, gluttons for punishment are the perfect for home, office, when you want to squeeze the snot out of something. They help you relax, get focused, and return to your daily life relieved and refreshed. offers a wide variety of stress balls, based on your profession, hobbies, interests, and sometimes, even the root of your stress! We offer those people people in the high-stress business of health care, we offer doctor stress balls or healthcare worker stress balls. And, for our brave civil servants, we offer the police officer stress ball. For the animal lovers, we offer a wide assortment of animal stress balls, and for the sports fanatic, a sports stress ball in nearly every American sport you can think of. Cell phones, which happen to be a major cause of stress for many, can be cradled in these cell phone holder stress balls. How convenient, when that call from the angry boss comes in? Of course, all are customizable with your company or organization logo.

Promotional Stress Balls
cell phone holder

Oct 15, 07 09:21 AM

Promotional Wallets

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Wallets were first developed almost immediately after the introduction of paper money in the late 17th century. Since then, they have become almost a necessity. Wallets are a highly practical invention and make great promotional products for a number of reasons. First of all, there's no denying that a wallet is a very useful item. People all over the world use a wallet or billfold of some kind. They keep your money, credit cards, and identification in order. Everything important that you need to take with you is always there at your disposal. Most people never leave their homes without one.

Also, wallets are usually a very affordable item because they are a mass produced product that is always in demand. As with most products, wallets do tend to range in price and quality. But generally, people tend to purchase reasonably priced wallets of decent quality. offers an excellent selection of promotional wallets. These promotional products are an excellent item for marketing your finance-related business, as well as great promotional gift items. Don't miss out on this perfect marketing opportunity!'s promotional wallets are clearly the right choice!


Oct 10, 07 11:38 AM

Promotional Magnets - The Family Refrigerator, Your Best Billboard

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Everyone likes to receive a free promotional product. But, the trick is, to find a product that is long-lasting, and a customer will want to hold on to, and not forget in the backseat of their car. So, for maximum exposure, you want a promotional product that will “stick around.” Enter, the magnet. Simple, cheap, and effective for weeks, months or years at a time, and usually on a family refrigerator. Think about your own refrigerator, and how old those magnets are! These are perhaps one of the best products for long-lasting exposure. Nearly everyone has a refrigerator, and nearly everyone needs a magnet. They are good for businesses like contractors, attorneys, and even veterinarians. Imagine how long this flexible cat magnet will stay on a fridge, displaying a vet’s information! Other companies that would benefit are high-volume businesses like food delivery services and lawn care professionals, who need to have their phone number easily accessible and in-sight at all times. They would benefit from the basic customizable business card magnet, the glow-in-the-dark business card magnet. For a personal touch, consider the Bic three-in-one picture magnet. There are plenty of different styles, shapes, and customizable magnets to choose from, so you will find something for any business in any industry. With, you can turn the family refrigerator into a long-lasting billboard.

Bic 3 in One Frame Magent on Sale for $.87 any QTY


Oct 1, 07 08:45 AM

I Like Ike…and Promotions!

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See? Campaign slogans long outlive the actual campaign, and it’s that time again!

Back your favorite candidate with the perfect promotional product. Whether he/she is running for District office or running for the Presidency, can help.

Bring attention to your candidate’s views and goals with buttons, pins, pens, hats, mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers…and so much more.

When dealing with campaigns, time is of the essence. You only have a small period of time to flood the market with as much advertising and awareness possible. Get all of the necessary advertising specialties and political accoutrements right now. A representative is standing by to help!

Sep 26, 07 07:48 AM

Wine Promotions - On Wine and Promotions

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“It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one's present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.”

-Latin Proverb

Looking for unique gift for the holidays? Sending a bottle of wine or wine gift set is a very sophisticated way to say, “Thank you, we appreciate you, and enjoy!” It is also great idea for company parties and weddings.

Many people are making a concerted effort to drink more wine since studies have come out and proven that wine in moderation can help prevent heart disease, cancer and other conditions.

Wine does this by increasing the amount of good cholesterol in the body and it can also lengthen the amount of time it takes your blood to clot.

According to Lana Christian at, “Drinking wine has grown in popularity—especially since 1992, when Renaud and DeLongeril presented the discovery of the "French Paradox." Although the French ate a diet high in saturated fat, their mortality rate from chronic heart disease was unexpectedly lower than other industrialized countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. And the most striking difference between the French diet and the diets of other countries is their consumption of wine.

Wine is fun, affordable, and a healthier alternative to sending over loads of sweets for the holidays. Find out more by talking to one of our sales reps today.

Cheers. Here is to your company’s success!

Promotional Wine Gifts


Sep 25, 07 07:58 AM

Promotional Picture Frames - A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

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A picture frame is where we hold our fondest memories. Our homes and offices are cluttered with photographs of friends, family, colleagues, vacations, and perhaps even our favorite pets. has a large and handsome collection of frames ranging from small and practical to large and elegant.

Picture frames make lovely gifts. They are useful and attractive and very versatile. They are perfect for party/wedding giveaways, holiday gifts, corporate gifts, or even awards.

Let the staff help you to find the perfect promotional picture frame to fit your needs. Call us today.

5 in one Radio Picture Frame


Sep 24, 07 08:28 AM

Promotional Magnet Clips

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Magnetic clips are a great promotional opportunity that many people may overlook. They're extremely useful. A magnetic clip is a great way to keep all your important messages and papers together in one secure place; it's an excellent organizational tool. They're also very inexpensive. A magnetic clip is typically well under $2.00.

It's this usefulness and affordability that has contributed so much to the magnetic clip's popularity. Magnetic clips are widely used and can be found in just about every office environment. They are also becoming a regular household item. Many people use them to seal food bags and keep messages on the refridgerator for other household members to see.

Promotional magnet clips come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. But they all have one thing in comon - an imprint area for a company name or logo. Every time someone clips a piece of paper with it, they're seeing the name of someone's business or organization. Even when it's not in use, it's still broadcasting a name or logo when anyone happens to glance at it. The magnetic clip is a great example of an excellent promotional product. has a wonderful selection of promotional magnetic clips. So if you're looking into marketing your business, and want to find an inexpensive, useful promotional product, come check out's promotional magnet clips.

Super Grip Magnet Clip On Sale $1.41


Sep 21, 07 09:00 AM

Promotional Baseball Caps - Our Favorite Headwear

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Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been wearing some kind of head-dress or hat. Today's most popular headwear in many Western nations, as well as Japan, is the baseball cap. Starting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, baseball brought this style of headwear into popularity. Now it's not just for playing baseball or watching sports - modern-day men, women, and children are all likely to wear caps. With an item like this in every store and on every head, it's no wonder it became such a popular promotional product. A useful hat is always a great marketing item. And just look at how a cap is designed... there's a large area on the front that's just perfect for a company's name and/or logo. Many promotional caps even offer an additional imprint area on the back. If there's any doubt as to the effectiveness of caps as promotional products, just look at any baseball team. Certain colors and a team's logo decorate their caps as they play the field. It's not just a uniform, it's a symbol of their identity, and team pride. offers the best variety of promotional caps of the highest quality. These caps can be embroidered or printed with your company's name or logo. They're great to wear at tradeshows, benefits, corporate picnics and events. They also make great give-away items. Your business doesn't need to be associated with sports or athletics to market with this wonderful product. Promotional caps are perfect for most companies. When it comes to promotional caps, has everything you need. Our experienced sales staff is waiting to help you find the perfect caps for your company or organization, and we're willing to go above and beyond to have these caps embroidered or printed to your specifications.

Nike Sphere Cap - As low as $16.65


Sep 21, 07 08:48 AM

It's Time for Promotional Watches

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Please take a moment to think about what you see on the wrists of most people in every day life. If a watch comes to mind, you're thinking about a great opportunity to promote your company!

Timepieces have a long history. It is believed that King Henry VIII had one of the very first portable clocks (a watch), which he wore on a large gold chain around his neck. However, his watch only had an hour hand, and timepieces have come a very long way since his time. In the modern world, watches are typically worn on the wrist and they come in countless styles and shapes. Wrist watches were originally designed and sold in the late 19th century as a woman's accessory. But when the first airplanes were being flown in the early 20th century, this timepiece became a very useful item for aviators - thus launching the wrist watch into popular culture. Now in the 21st century, all over the world, people of all nations wear watches.

This popular and practical invention makes an ideal promotional product. can help you find the perfect promotional watches for your business or organization. A watch with your company's name or logo is a great way to get your business into the minds of potential clients or customers. A useful and attractive item is always your best bet for a successful marketing gimmick. Men's watches and women's watches are readily available through our site. And with the holidays coming up, it's time to start thinking about corporate gifts. Wrist watches are always in demand. Let provide you with some excellent promotional watches from our holiday gift store.

Wenger Mens Promotional Watch

Sep 17, 07 09:19 AM

Promotional Products MADE IN USA

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It's something new and something old to talk about. With over 750,000 products offered on our web site, has had a number of customers interested in products manufactured in the USA! This blog has been written in response to a number of our customers interested in supporting American manufacturing. "Made in the USA” is something that the masses do not hear often. offers customers the opportunity to support American manufacturing through their purchasing decisions. "Made in the USA product content must consist of 51% or more of domestically produced or manufactured parts, labor, and or value-added content or any combination thereof," ( We carry products from apparel to sporting goods. According to Federal Trade Commission the "Made in USA" standard means that "all or virtually all" of the products were made in the United States ( To find out what products we can offer you, go to our home page and just type in USA.

Promotional Frisbees MADE in the USA - As low as .95


Sep 17, 07 08:44 AM

Corporate Holiday Gifts for $10 or Less

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Need to buy a lot of gifts, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Our holiday gift store has a nice selection of gifts that are $10 or less! (Depending on the amount ordered.) Maybe you have a large number of employees, and need to show your appreciation for their hard work this year. Consider the Hampton tumbler, which will keep their drinks warm or cold, all year long. We also have a five-in-one clock, radio, thermometer, calendar and frame which is suitable for everyone. Or, think “fun” and give the tumbling tower woodbox game.

If you run an environmental or charitable organization, and want to reward your employees and volunteers with an eco-friendly gift, then consider the live evergreen seedlings. It’s a gift that will “keep on giving” for many years to come, and won’t get any objections from environmental members of your organization. Who knows, maybe you just have a large extended family, and are tired of trying to find a different gift for each person, and don’t want to give boring cash. Consider a photo bookmark from Alicia Klein, or an elegant crosstown twist pen. As always, all of our products are fully customizable, with your company, organization, or even family name.

Promotional Seedling - As low as $1.99

Sep 17, 07 07:57 AM

Brand Loyalty, The Ultimate Goal

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Brand Loyalty is defined by a consumer's allegiance to purchase your brand. Despite the presence of competition, your loyal consumer will continue to support your brand, and promote your brand to others.

Brand loyalty can even exist in the fictional world. Take NBC's hit series "The Office," this show has generated it's own line of promotional products that represent an imaginary company. People's loyalty to the show has transformed into brand loyalty for "Dunder Miflin" a paper distribution company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Incentives, thank-you gifts, and the presence of your logo are all ways that we can help you generate brand loyalty. "We wan't to take promotional products to a level where what we deliver will position your business in a better place than your competition, we are not just fulfilling orders, we are creating brands" says CEO of Robert Stillman.

Even if you can't reach millions through a hit sitcom, taking the first steps to be visible and brand yourself the right way is key. Treat your customers and all potential client's in a way where they will return their loyalty to you ten- fold.


Sep 12, 07 09:59 AM

ASI Article on Breast Cancer Awareness Store

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Distributor Launches Awareness Site
At (asi/192001), pink is this month’s favorite color. Make that next month as well. Hardly three months into its first year of business, this online distributor has announced that it is donating 10% of sales made via its Internet charity program to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The program includes ribbons, bracelets, pens, picture frames, magnets, and all things pink purchased through the company’s Awareness Store throughout September and October. “Every member of our staff has been touched by cancer in one way or another,” says Senior Account Executive Susie Tucker on why the charity was formed. “Our goal is to create as much awareness as possible and contribute to organizations that need our help.”

The Awareness Store currently features nearly 50 breast cancer awareness items, all in varying shades of pink. Each month, the store highlights a different philanthropic mission, and CEO Rob Stillman says end-users can expect an expanded line of product offerings. The company is in the process of collecting data and input from clients to evaluate and build upon the program’s success. “This all fits in with our company philosophy,” Stillman says of the Awareness Store. “Have fun, exceed our customer’s expectations, and always be willing to give something back. This is our formula for success.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Store

Sep 12, 07 08:42 AM

Outdoor Promotional Products

» Posted to Promotional Products is your best choice for promotional products suited for the great outdoors. An enjoyable past-time like backpacking can become a golden opportunity for advertising. A trail takes a hiker from one place to another; sometimes great distances. Your company name and logo can travel very far on a backpack or cooler. A cantine with a logo on it can turn a refreshing drink into a golden opportunity to promote a business or organization. You see, with promotional products, you can turn a popular activity into smart marketing. Just think of all the gear a camper needs when bunking out in the wild... Tents, blankets, pots and pans, water bottles, bags... every one of those important items can bare your company name and logo. Swiss army knives and binoculars make great corporate gifts for your outdoorsy/sporty associates. So when you're thinking of sports and outdoors promotional products, check out what has to offer.

Aug 29, 07 08:28 AM

Promotional Breast Cancer Awareness - Think Pink

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Breast Cancer walks are more than just a benefit, they are a gathering of survivors, loved ones, and thousands of other women and men who want to help in the fight against breast cancer. There are hundreds of breast cancer walks across the country, the most famous being the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. And to thank the thousands of participants for their time, dedication, and donations, organizers look for promotional products that will serve as reminders that the fight against breast cancer is an on-going battle. has one of the widest selections of promotional items that can be personalized with your organization’s logo or inspirational messages for participants. Organizers might choose to hand out personalized water bottles to cool down the runners and walkers. Or take it a step further with a hand-held fan that they can carry through the race. See some dark clouds overhead? Include an umbrella in the swag bag, to keep the participants dry and happy.

Even after the race, you can provide items like an aroma therapy heart candle to light while they rest their sore muscles in the tub. And don’t forget a personalize photo frame to showcase their race photos for years to come. has anything and everything to make your Breast Cancer walk memorable.

Visit our Think Pink Breast Cancer Store


Aug 28, 07 07:23 AM

Don't Stress- Stress Reliever Promotional Products

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Ever have one of those days at work? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... People hassle you for no apparent reason, and nothing seems to go right for you. Eventually, you get to the point where you feel like your stress levels are starting to hinder your job performance. That's when it's good to let that tension out. Whatever you do, don't take it out on your co-workers, take it out on a stressball! Stress relievers are an ideal way to get rid of unwanted tension, and they come in just about any shape and color you can imagine! can offer you a seemingly endless variety of promotional stress relievers for your business or organization.
Did you know that squeezing a stress reliever is also good exercise for your hands and fingers? Typing all day can take its toll on your hands. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis can be very painful. By squeezing a stressball, you keep the joints and muscles in your fingers and hands flexible.
Stress relievers are a fun and useful promotional product. The recipients of these items will be happy indeed. Most offices have them, so they're a great way to get your company name out there! Here at, promotional stress relievers are one of our many specialties.


Aug 27, 07 07:44 AM

Sport and Outdoors Promotional Products

» Posted to Promotional Products is your best choice for promotional products suited for the great outdoors. An enjoyable past-time like backpacking can become a golden opportunity for advertising. A trail takes a hiker from one place to another; sometimes great distances. Your company name and logo can travel very far on a backpack or cooler. A cantine with a logo on it can turn a refreshing drink into a golden opportunity to promote a business or organization. You see, with promotional products, you can turn a popular activity into smart marketing. Just think of all the gear a camper needs when bunking out in the wild... Tents, blankets, pots and pans, water bottles, bags... every one of those important items can bare your company name and logo. Swiss army knives and binoculars make great corporate gifts for your outdoorsy/sporty associates. So when you're thinking of sports and outdoors promotional products, check out what has to offer.


Aug 13, 07 08:37 AM

College Promotional Products - Back to the Books

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It won't be long before the class of 2007 starts their first college semester. Young men and women all over this country will be entering through the doors of academia. It is important for them to take pride in the fact that they have made it this far and that they have the opportunity to further their education. These students should be rewarded for their hard work and good decision making that has brought them to this point. This is where school spirit enters into the picture.

Promotional products are a great way for a college or university to attract new students and boost the morale of students already in attendance. can provide your college or university with promotional products that students and faculty will not only enjoy, but find practical. On our all-new website, we feature everything from bags and booklights to pens and padfolios. Check out our promotional products specials section, you may not have to look any further. Once you've found the perfect items, our highly experienced staff will make sure the artwork of your choice (i.e. school logos, mascots, etc.) is imprinted on them. With thousands of promotional products available, is the smartest choice for any institute of higher learning.

Aug 11, 07 10:11 AM

Promotional Umbrellas - Summer Showers

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We've talked about dozens of promotional products so far. As you probably know by now, a logo or company name can be printed on any item with a surface. That's the beauty of promotional products, they can be anything! Since it's that time of year again when it rains cats and dogs, this entry is dedicated to that useful invention that we all take for granted; the umbrella. When it's hot and humid, a summer storm can appear out of nowhere. It's important to be prepared for such an event. has an excellent line of diverse promotional umbrellas. A product that's used by people all over the world provides a perfect opportunity to promote a business or organization. Wind-proof, miniature, and Promotional golf umbrellas are just a few varieties we have to offer. But a rainy forecast isn't the only reason to use an umbrella. Keeping those intense summer rays off your skin is just as important as staying dry. That's why can also provide you with top-quality promotional beach umbrellas. Just think, a day at the beach or poolside could mean having your company name and logo right in plain view of the public. It's great advertising! We're also ready to help you with custom patio umbrellas for your outdoor cafe or restaurant. Whether it's sunny or raining, when it comes to promotional umbrellas, the sky is the limit at


Aug 3, 07 12:31 PM

Promotional Auto Shades

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Don't you just hate getting into a hot car in the summer time? It's literally like opening an oven and sitting down inside. The worst part is when you have to touch that hot steering wheel, and seat belt. Furthermore, extensive sun and heat exposure can damage the plastic and upholstry inside the car. A sun shade across the inside of a car's windshield can greatly decrease the amount of heat the driver and passengers have to deal with in summer time. It also helps to preserve the quality of a car's interior when it's frequently parked outside.

Auto sun shades are widely used (especially during the hottest months of the year) across the U.S.A. and in many other nations as well. They're seen in every parking lot as well as many driveways. A helpful and useful item such as this provides an ideal way to promote and advertise your business. is the right choice for promotional auto sun shades. As always, we will help you find the perfect promotional product that meets your needs. Don't miss this golden opportunity! Get your company name and logo on auto sun shades today!


Aug 3, 07 08:41 AM

Fun Promotional Products

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Finding new and interesting products for customers is a challenge that we take very seriously at, but our main objective is to find the most effective promotional products within our customer’s budget. For example, the mutual fund division of a large Bank was looking for a promotional item with a stress relief theme. These items were being distributed to financial advisors as a gesture to help with the ever changing money market aggravations. has a complete selection of stress relievers but wanted to propose unique items that would retain desk real estate. Our suggestions; fun puzzle games that everyone will keep at arm’s length! So we created a custom imprinted Rubik’s Cube and a six piece interlocking puzzle ball. These promotional provided function and fun for our client’s and their target audience!


Jul 25, 07 11:57 AM

Automotive Promotional products and safety

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Show them you care about their safety and keep a client forever!

It’s always fun to bring home a new car especially when you know the dealer you just bought that car from has your best interests in mind. With all of the advertising and price cutting in the auto business these days, it makes sense to appeal to your car buying clientele on another level. Show them you care about their safety and wellbeing and keep a client forever!

These thoughtful and potential life saving Automotive promotional products will let your clients know you want the very best for them and if an emergency should occur, you are going to make sure they are covered. The imprint on each and every item you give a client will be imprinted with your company name, contact information, and a tagline that really sends a message. “We care about your safety” or “taking care of our clients all the time” are a couple of good ideas that can be imprinted on these promotional safety items right next to your company name.


Jul 18, 07 10:23 AM

Back to School Promotional Products

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Fall is here, hear the yell
back to school, ring the bell
brand new shoes, walking
blues climb the fence, books
and pens I can tell that we're
going to be friends

-The White Stripes

Ok, Fall isn't here yet, but it is fast approaching! Whether you are looking for promotional products for the PTA, Freshman Orientation, Homecoming, or just to promote school spirit, Farfromboring can help you to find the perfect promotional magnet, school supply, promotional mug or cheering prop.

Getting incoming students excited and involved in their school early will help them focus and succeed throughout the year. Spread the word about your school's athletic, academic and social clubs. Help them organize by supplying them with day planners and organizers.

Start off this school year on the right foot by reaching out to a Farfromboring representative to talk about how we can provide you with the essentials to promote your school properly for 2007-2008.


Jul 11, 07 11:25 AM

Promotional Products at 30,000 feet

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Everyone travels, some dread it, some love it but everyone needs great travel items. Promotional travel items are a great way to get your logo featured and can be a great conversation piece. Check out our essential travel luxury set promotional product, sure to make other passengers jealous! On your way to a meeting and need a button sewn on? How about a sewing kit luggage tag, this is a great item for families that are always on the go. Hand these items out and be sure that your logo will be all over the skies, Happy Travels!

sewing kit luggage tag

Jul 6, 07 03:24 PM

Hey Urbanites!

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Are you tried with the same old tchotchkie promotional items? Looking for something that not only promotes your company’s name, but something that also has the ability to convey your company’s style and image? As someone that has worked and lived in New York, I understand that people that live in cities have different accessory needs to those living elsewhere. But please know that whatever your needs are, can meet them. We have all sorts of urban friendly items in stock. From hip and trendy apparel wear to other stylish and functional urban accoutrements such as sling back bags, messenger bags, attaché cases, totes, day planners, umbrellas, iPod accessories, etc.

messenger bag

It is a win/win when you outfit and reward your employees with functional promotional products that will get your company’s name seen en masse by everyone on the street and on the train. Your employees will appreciate the effort you have put into offering them products that they can be proud to strut around the city in. And those sleek and attractive items will give you the edge you need to impress and lure in new customers.

Speak with a representative today to find out more. Call us at 866-751-7766

Jul 3, 07 11:14 AM

Promotional Can Coolers and Koozies

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I used to live with 5 male roommates. Every time I opened the cupboard for a glass, a beer koozie avalanche would ensue.

I always knew which sport season it was. Not because I’d pay attention to the games, but because in the summer, I’d have a coffee table full of beer bottles in baseball koozies. In the winter, the bottles were wearing football jerseys. Cute, right? It actually was.

Those were colorful times; and with life being so colorful, why should your advertising palate be limited? has promotional can coolers that are available in a 4 color process.

As long as men walk this earth, the can cooler will always be a hot ticket item and we have promotional can coolers and koozies for every type of man and occasion. From sophisticated metal koozies to more fun and sporty to everything in between has what you are looking for.

Metal Koozie as low as $3.15


Koozie Can Cover Promotional Product as low as $1.55


Jul 3, 07 10:07 AM

Promotional Products that are Sweet!

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For all you chocolate lovers out there, is the perfect place to find chocolate gifts and promotions! Have a look under our Food and Beverage category, and you'll see we have an extensive variety of tasty gift packages. We can provide you with personalized chocolate bars and other items for any special occasion. Do you want to thank someone or send your congratulations? Do it with a special message on a chocolate bar!

Chocolate isn't the only option, send a gift package of assorted nuts, cookies, pretzels, chocolates, and other candies! I

n the event that sweet treats might not be appropriate or to your liking, just check out our gift packages of fine meats and cheeses. At, there's something everyone will love.


Jun 29, 07 09:11 AM

Summer Time Promotional Products That are HOT!

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Need help finding the perfect promotional item for summer? We’re here to help!

cooler-promotional-product has brainstormed great ideas for all our client’s summer time promotional needs. For all price ranges, quantities, and themes we have the right item for you. Been to the beach lately? (Luckily I live in beautiful sunny Florida) I noticed that everywhere you look people have imprinted beach towels, beach chairs, coolers, to name a few. Everywhere you look on the beach is a great opportunity to advertise. This is prime real estate! There are also some great BBQ items like sauces, rubs, and even hot sauce if your company is feeling a little spicy! Trying to keep your clients safe from the sun? How about sunscreens, SPF lip balm, or a big bucket hat to block the rays. Now is the perfect time to place these orders, don’t miss out on these great items!

Jun 27, 07 01:37 PM

FarFromBoring can Brand Your Business with Color

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What color is your business?

Science has long been able to prove that colors can evoke emotion, inspire people, and a new study by Wohlfarth and Sam proves that color can actually affect people physically. Determine the message your business is trying to send and relate it to a color scheme. Here are some examples:

Green- Healthy Lifestyle
Black - Sophistication
Red & Yellow - Attention Grabbers

Start a color scheme for your business and see how fast people associate that color with you! (Think UPS, Google, McDonalds ) Farfromboring has done recent self-promos in an array of bright neon colors and we have gotten a fantastic response!

Click here to see what we suggest.

At we can find the right item in the right color that will perfectly fit your needs. Contact us today at 866-751-PROMO or email

Jun 26, 07 01:17 PM

Advertising on a Tight Operating Budget

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We all know that advertising is necessary for any business to succeed. You must get your company’s message out there and to the right people. And for most start-ups, small businesses, and underfunded non-profits, hiring an advertising agency and public relations team is just simply not in the budget. Don’t worry, because even if hiring the same firm that has created all of those Geico commercials that everyone seems to know and love of is not an option for you, it doesn’t mean that effective advertising is unattainable. Hardly! Promotional products/ad specialties are an excellent way to advertise your business on a tight budget! Circulate your company’s information and reach your target audience. can help.

According PPAI, a recent study indicates that 76.1% of respondents could recall the advertiser’s name on a promotional product that they had received in the past 12 months. In addition, 75.4% of respondents said they kept their promotional product because it was useful. Allen and Goel Marketing Company agrees that promotional products are the way to go by stating that they are an excellent way to make certain that “a bulk of your advertising dollars are considered an investment not an expense.”

Cost effective marketing and promotion is just a mouse click or a phone call away. Speak with a rep today and start your new business off on the right foot or rejuvenate your old business with new, fresh, and exciting opportunities.

Jun 6, 07 03:37 PM

How Will You Celebrate National Hot Dog Month?

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After my last post, I just couldn't leave this one out of the bunch. July is also National Hot Dog Month! This is a great excuse to have that company BBQ or family reunion you've been putting off. Hand out a farfromboring item that will keep people talking and waiting to see what you do next.... hotdog22.bmp

Jun 6, 07 03:18 PM

Celebrating July Awareness Holidays

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Surely everyone knows that July is a month to head out to the beach and enjoy a BBQ, but it's also packed with reasons to celebrate and promote your business. July is also known as: Mental Illness Awareness Month, Family Reunion Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Grilling Month, National Make a Difference to Children Month, National Parks and Recreation Month, and let's all try to support this one; Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Can your business benefit from promoting these occasions? These are great opportunities to find a fun, creative, and farfromboring promotional product. Contact us today! 866-751-PROMO

Jun 5, 07 09:37 AM Promotes Hurricane Safety Through Promotional Products

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The 2007 hurricane season started off with a bang! Tropical storm Barry gave us a glimpse of whats approaching. According to the Red Cross one of the most important things you can do is be prepared with a disaster kit. The great thing is that most of the items on this list are everyday promotional products. A great item is our hand crank radio/flashlight/cell phone charger. Turn the crank 1 minute and the flashlight can light up continuously for more than 10 minutes. When fully charged, the flashlight can work continuously for 6-8 hours. This is great for emergencies and a must have for survival kits. can find the perfect item for you to hand out to your customers, employees, or anyone that may be affected and in need of these supplies.
This is a great way to show everyone that you care, being prepared is the best way to "weather the storm."
Contact a Farfromboring specialist today. 866-751-PROMO


Jun 4, 07 05:00 PM

Dress For Success- Corporate Apparel

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Why not dress for work in style? When you look good, you feel good... and when you feel good, it shows! Wearables are an excellent way to boost morale, create a sense of unity, and advertise your logo. Whether it’s an office, a restaurant, a warehouse, or at a family reunion we can find the right item for you.
Cotton? Denim? Fleece? Our wearables are not only available in a wide variety of contemporary fashions, but we also provide only the highest quality in corporate apparel. If it looks good, it should last!
Name a color, while you're at it. Colors say a lot about the nature of a business. Sport shirts in regal reds and sunny yellows are sure to energize, while long-sleeved shades of grey and black may invoke a sense of prestige. can find the perfect color to compliment your logo and present the right image.
Comfort is also extremely important to the success of any team. Here at, we don't believe in "One Size Fits All". That's why our catalog includes all shapes and sizes. When it comes to corporate apparel, can fit the needs of any team player. From casual T's to executive threads, has exactly what you're looking for.

Contact a Farfromboring representative any time! 866-751-PROMO


May 29, 07 05:52 PM

What's New at Promotions

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It is a very exciting time for We are in our final stages of launching our new technology and just moved into our new office space. We are very excited to finally launch our new site after a year of hard work from the whole team.

Every month you can expect to see some great features that are in development to make choosing and buying promotional products for your business a piece of cake. is not just another online promotional products company, we are here to learn about your business and give your company FarFromBoring promotional ideas.

We are very excited to work with you and feel free to call us at 866-751-PROMO (7766). Just because our website is not up doesn't mean we can't find that perfect idea for your next promotion.

Feb 19, 07 04:43 PM

Tote Bags - FREE Advertising

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The Ultimate Goal of every retail store is to have customers buy their products. When they do, you now have a perfect way to get free advertising for your store. Instead of putting their purchases in a plastic bag, that will eventually pollute the environment. There is a much better way. Tote Bag Promotional Products That's right. Put your customers purchases in an attractive tote bag with your stores name, address and website on it. Statistics show that people use these bags over and over again. For shopping, going to the beach, ballgames, picnics, to the gym and many other daily activities. Best of all your investment in totes bags will become a walking billboard giving your store free advertising. Another Promotional idea you could offer your customers is to give them a discount off there next purchase when they bring their tote bag with them to the store. This way you will further guarantee they are going to be walking around town exposing your stores name to new potential customers, over and over again. Free advertising, Happy Customers, Environmentally friendly packaging - Now that's a winning combination for Everyone!Give a call at 866-751 PROMO (7766) for a large selection of totes and other promotional items.